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LAND O'LAKES a€” Old friends and long time opponents gathered at the Land O'Lakes Recreation Complex on Saturday to re-create rivalries of Jamaican and Caribbean youth soccer from decades before. The event was the inaugural Tampa Albion Masters, an over-40 tournament for teams from around the country that have some former players from the Albion League of Jamaica.
The tournament was composed of four teams from Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and the Bronx, N.Y.
Santos FC, the Bronx team, bested their rivals from Fort Lauderdale in the final, winning 4-2 on penalty kicks. Photos Back   Photo: 1 of 7  Next Over Forty Soccer Club members converge at the goal line during a playoff game Sunday. John Goelz of Atlantic Beach played soccer at Fletcher High School and at the University of Florida.
Eric Ellisen of Ponte Vedra Beach began playing soccer at age 7 and is still playing at 46. They're members of the Over Forty Soccer Club, a Beaches-based club for serious male soccer players age 40 and over. The club is looking for more men age 40 and older who love playing soccer and who aren't ready to face the reality that the sport can be hard on the body.
They divide themselves into four teams, and at the end of each season everyone plays in the playoffs and winners get bragging rights. Goelz, Hank Osborne and Russell Sidelsky founded the club in 2002 because it's the kind of club they were looking for.

They'd played in high school and college and on adult leagues, but at the time, there was only an over-30 league in Jacksonville, said Osborne, 53, of Atlantic Beach. The Over Forty members play standard soccer, but with a few changes to make their games mellower, friendlier and slightly easier on the knees. As with regular soccer, goalkeepers are the only players permitted to use their hands or arms to move the ball down the field, and other players can only use their feet, and occasionally their heads. Dues are $80 per season, which pays for equipment, field maintenance and insurance; leftover funds are donated to Fletcher High's soccer team.
The guys change teams every season to sustain camaraderie, so everyone gets a chance to play with everyone else.
Sunday, players demonstrated support for each other as those on the sidelines encouraged teammates on the field. Osborne said they're always looking for new players, because muscle pulls and aching knees force some players to leave the sport. They come from all around the Beaches, Jacksonville and beyond, including Mandarin, Vilano Beach, St. The organizers a€” Carrollwood FC Masters player Greg Phillips, who lives in Odessa, and Roger Gordon-Martin, a Land O'Lakes resident who once played internationally for Jamaica a€” plan to make it a yearly gathering.
The teams usually play in masters leagues in their hometowns, where the quality of play is high enough to sustain their interest. Lamar Duja, an American who plays with Phillips on the Carrollwood FC team, said the veterans still have the ability to play an entertaining match.

The event also was about preserving old friendships and passing on the ideas of one generation of Caribbean people to another. They change teams every year, and wear reversible blue and white shirts to distinquish teams.
Nice guys," Ellisen said early Sunday morning during the club's fall season playoff games in Jacksonville Beach. He'll soon turn 63, but he plans to continue playing soccer because it keeps him fit, and because "I just love the sport," he said. Co-organizer Gordon-Martin said camaraderie was one of the most important reasons to put the event together. Back   Photo: 2 of 7  Next Over Forty Soccer Club members, who range in age from 40 to 62, play a play in Jacksonville Beach on Sunday. The Beaches-based club plays fall and spring seasons and is looking for new players age 40 and older. Back   Photo: 4 of 7  Next Over Forty Soccer Club player Eric Ellisen of Ponte Vedra Beach applauds a teammate Sunday. Back   Photo: 6 of 7  Next Soccer players John Goelz of Atlantic Beach (left) and Gonzalo Oliva of Jacksonville Beach race for the ball Sunday during the playoff game in Jacksonville Beach.

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