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Old Navy has announced a sale of up to 40% on its Maternity Collection for the styles you need for a chic 9 months. Lemon Meringue, a hip little clothing boutique in Greenwood that sold women's, maternity and children's clothes is now closed.
Now that my body has officially taken a new shape, I’ve started to purchase key pieces to update my wardrobe.
I bought a pair of nice black leggings at Marshalls, which have zippers at the ankles, so they’re my go-to “dressy” pants right now. I bought a couple of these last week (they were on sale for just $7) and love how they fit. My bra situation is a tad ridiculous right now (NONE of my old bras fit), so I finally caved in and bought a few new ones.
I have a la leche league nursing sports bra that I wore through the end of both pregnancies and for months after. I did the majority of my shopping at Target, though I was able to buy regular skirts and dresses, just a size up, for work. 3 – Saved some of the maternity clothing budget to buy up a size in the third trimester.
Since I know my body will continue to change over the next 4 months and beyond, I’m trying to resist buying too much stuff. They’re flattering with the scoop-neck and ruching on the side, so my body actually has some shape instead of looking like a big pregnant blob of woman.
I bought four (in gray, white, black, and navy) and have been wearing them non-stop under long-sleeve tops and sweaters.

They’re super easy to pair with a long tank top or t-shirt, jeans, maybe a funky necklace… and you’re good to go! I tried doubling up on my old sports bras, but I still had extra boob-age hanging out all over. I bet you are so much more comfortable now ?? I’m sure you could get away with wearing those black leggings ALL the time, as pants or under dresses and long shirts! The stretchy maternity tank tops because I feel like they hold everything in place and make me feel more supported. I also highly recommend buying a pair of jeans a size or two bigger than your normal size to wear right after having the baby. For me the bigger I got the more they kept sliding down and I ended up not liking them at all ?? just a thought, maybe keep tags and receipt.
Of course, I can’t make it all 9 months wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes (holy uncomfortable), so here’s what I have purchased (and love) so far in my second trimester.
I currently have three long cardigans in my wardrobe: thin cotton in navy (pictured below), chunky orange sweater, and a lighter sweater in deep red.
I have a few things from Target, a few pair of jeans from Kohls and love the tops and tanks from H&M. For me it was strangely comforting to wear regular clothes right after having the baby instead of staying in maternity clothes. I invested in a pair of full panel jeans after I popped and although it felt crazy to wear such a high panel so soon, the wide band is so much more comfortable than the short panel. Was really pleased to see that in between my first and second that Target started selling nursing bras and tanks.

I can’t believe I was squeezing into my old pants for so long when these comfy jeans were out there! I also wish I’d been more conscientious about getting pants with a lot of stretch in them.
After squeezing myself into my regular jeans for weeks and weeks, these are the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. The first two are from StitchFix and the deep red sweater is from Anthropologie, but I bought it a million years ago, so I linked to a similar style.
As soon as I tried on my first Moving Comfort bra, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for! GAP has these amazing maternity leggings that make it so I don’t ever want to wear anything else. You’d be surprised at how much less agile you get and doing the pant dance to pull up fitted skinnies gets harder and harder.
These pieces each have a large tan button that can be inserted into the elastic at two different spots to adjust the size. YOu can always roll down the panel until you are ready for them too – i Just hated the thought of buying pants twice during my pregnancy that I would only wear for a few months of my life. The material of these maternity pants is not listed on the tag although they feel like work pants.

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