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You are what you eat… chances are, if you want to have a baby, you want to provide the best of everything you can to your future child.
Back to the timing and knowing your cycle: have lots of sex a few days before, during, and a few days after ovluation (just in case, because you just never know).
Trying to conceive, especially if it’s not a quick journey, can get almost routine and tiresome for some couples. Keeping track of your cervical mucus and using a basal body thermometer will give you a wealth of information! Sometimes I still want to send a letter to my insurance companies demanding back the copays I paid for YEARS for birth control pills… because as it turns out, I really never needed them.
Having lots of sex when you have the right cervical mucus can be fun and may just give a happy ending!

Look for something designed to welcome those little swimmers so they have a chance to reach the “golden” egg! If you don’t know what cervical mucus (CM on most any message board anywhere relating to fertility) is, exactly what it sounds like.
Astroglide TTCâ„¢ is made especially for couples trying to conceive because it has a similar viscosity to cervical mucus, helping to support favorable conditions for conception. Men are usually “ready” to go early in the morning, physically speaking, so take some advantage, and who knows? I had miscarriages and chemical pregnancies and it was a struggle for several years but ultimately, I’m one of the very, very lucky ones who had a happy ending. Mucus-like fluid that is released from the glands near the cervix that either help move things (sperm) along towards the egg (generally referred to as EWCM or egg-white cervical mucus- this is what you WANT to have when you are looking to get pregnant) or (SCM- sticky – which impedes movement of the sperm).

Drinking lots of alcohol and using recreational (or other) drugs can inhibit conception as well. For most of us, CM not only helps the sperm to get where they need to go but it also helps to let US know when our bodies are at the right time to make a baby.

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