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If you’re considering this question right now, here are a few things you should know. While there are some moms that fall very strongly on one side or the other of this question, the majority of moms agree that this is a personal decision you make based on your unique situation. If you think you want to try for an unmedicated birth (or even if you’re on the fence), take a class on the subject. Epidural side effects can include a drop in blood pressure, headache, backache, itching, and shivering. Getting an epidural will almost always mean you’ll need to stay in bed for the remainder of your labor.
The benefits of un-medicated childbirth include an easier time pushing and a faster recovery. Whatever happens during your labor and delivery, stay focused on a good outcome (healthy mom, healthy baby) and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
Big thanks to Raeanne Brazee from Boston Baby Beginnings for fact-checking this article and giving it her stamp of approval!
Kim K has used her pregnancy to take more fashion risks — but her maternity outfits aren’t always flattering to her growing frame! But the empire waist accentuated her growing frame, especially with the feathers starting right under the bust. She was photographed leaving her home in the unflattering pants with a tight-fitting black turtleneck. Kim also made a bold move when she chose a tight-fitted geometric tribal print maxi dress paired with the black leather jacket, but the dress hugged Kim’s curves in all the wrong places.
I'm Not Obsessed offers work-safe and family-friendly insight into the a vast array of the latest celebrity gossip, paparazzi photos, and up-to-the minute pop culture news. During one such promo event, Jennifer was asked to address ongoing rumors about her personal life, such as being pregnant with her first child and making wedding plans with Justin. So, all that talk about how the matching rings she and Justin are wearing constitute pre-engament bling is unfounded. As far as marriage goes, Jennifer was burned once and she doesn't know yet if she wants to give it another try just now.

Aniston also addressed rumors of a pregnancy, saying she wasn't with child, but was only carrying some extra weight from quitting smoking. People stresses that this is not the first time that Jennifer opens up like this for the press on her plans for motherhood. In a recent series on Twitter pics of One Direction rehearsing, Zayn and his bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are seen goofing around. But realizing that my mom had been able to do it and hearing her many points in favor made me want to try it. I’ll spare the details, but in the end I finally took the epidural, with both my mom and my husband cheering the anesthesiologist on.
The drugs are injected locally, and a very negligible amount (if any) will cross the placenta.
This means that you cannot easily change positions, and you will need to push lying on your back. Also, the stress hormones produced by the body in response to the pain of labor are present in the placenta and umbilical cord, which may be evidence that these are useful in preparing the baby for life outside the womb.
The top sheer embroidered bodice was also unflattering for her bust, especially since Kim’s cup size keeps growing with her pregnancy. 22, Kim hid her four-and-a-half-month baby bump behind snakeskin-patterned peplum pants, which actually made her legs looks a little bigger. The high-waisted pants also pinched at her waist in an unattractive way, and the overall tight outfit didn’t do her pregnant figure justice.
Is it just me, or does it seem like Kim Kardashian finally look like she’s pregnant?! She sure has a different imagination as to how maternity clothes are supposed to look like, right? While Perrie has been cozying up to Zayn’s mom, Zayn has been wearing a sweater with her initial on it. It looks like there are no rumors or scandals can get in the way of Zayn and Perrie’s love! We took a 12-week class in the Bradley Birth Method, since I liked the idea of my husband learning how to be a really integral part of the experience.

Maybe you have some other extenuating circumstances that make an epidural impossible (or absolutely necessary). You’ll get to practice relaxation techniques and your partner will learn some massage and pressure points. Some studies show that babies whose mothers have had epidurals have a more difficult time latching on to the breast, but this is not universally true. Sometimes this can lead to more interventions (like forceps, C-section and vacuum delivery), particularly if the baby is not positioned well and you can’t move around to try to get the baby to relocate. The reality star was spotted leaving her home to run a few errands while she was in Beverly Hills, Calif.
While certain celebrity couples we could name spend months dragging out the drama from a cheating scandal, Zayn and Perrie are already past it!
Zayn had previously been in a spot of hot water, as Australian waitress Courtney Webb claimed that she slept with him.
By the time we finished that class, we had an airtight birth plan and a no-epidural attitude. My next two births, I went with a different doctor at a different hospital, and things progressed much more according to plan. The One Direction hunk was spotted wearing a jumper with a P for Perrie on, and she got a kiss from his mom.
He and Perrie seemed to move on from things pretty quickly, and now they’re looking cuter than ever! Both of those were incredibly intense, painful experiences, but for me, the benefits of mobility during labor and the quick recovery time more than made up for the discomfort.

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