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It is also sometimes referred to as PCO (polycystic ovaries) or PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease). In a normal menstrual cycle with ovulation, a mature follicle - which is also a cystic structure - develops. The basic difference between polycystic and normal ovaries is that although the polycystic ovaries contain many small antral follicles with eggs in them, the follicles do not develop and mature properly - so there is no ovulation. Women with polycystic ovaries often have an excess amount of the male hormones testosterone and androstenedione - resulting in high testosterone levels in the blood.
It is estimated that polycystic ovarian syndrome affects about 8-10% of women of reproductive age.
Some women with polycystic ovary syndrome will ovulate (release a mature egg) occasionally - others do not ever ovulate.
The good news is that the chance of getting pregnant with polycystic ovarian syndrome using fertility treatments is very good.
For young women under age 35 with polycystic ovaries, the real question is more about which treatment will be effective - and not so much whether any treatment can ever work. As far as the chances for pregnancy with PCOS - pregnancy statistics are difficult to give without knowing the details of the individual case.
In a polycystic ovary, the numerous small cystic structures, also called antral follicles, give the ovaries a characteristic "polycystic" (many cysts) appearance on ultrasound.

Undergoing expensive and invasive fertility treatments, in many cases after struggling with years of infertility, and then having an abortion is something that must shock even the most staunch pro-choicers. When I opened the news report, my first though was that this was about selective reduction a controversial practice that eliminates one of more unborn babies from the uterus after IVF with twin or higher multiple pregnancies. One woman who opted to have an abortion after IVF treatment told the Times that her marriage was on its last legs: I couldn't cope with bringing up a child on my own and I didn't want any link that would force me to stay in touch with my husband.
I am not anti-choice, but decisions like this shock me, and make me think that anyone wanting IVF should go through extensive counseling before being approved for the procedure. The United Kingdom is considering approval of a new method of in vitro fertilization (IVF) that would allow for the correction of certain currently untreatable mitochondrial diseases.
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Women with PCO and high testosterone can have increased facial and body hair growth - called hirsutism. The great majority of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome will be able to have a baby with fertility treatment. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Selective reduction is essentially the abortion of one child, to increase chances that the remaining child or children will be viable, and to avoid high-risk pregnancies.

While I understand her wish not to be linked to a man she no longer loved for the rest of my life, I am sure nobody needs reminding that life is unpredictable.
Just this once, I find myself agreeing with the quirky Conservative former member of the British parliament Ann Widdecombe, who said to be outraged by people treating their unborn children as designer goods, and said that people would not be able to have abortions simply because they had changed their mind, if laws were appropriately enforced.
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Abortions after IVF take place least 80 times a year in the United Kingdom, a new reports says.
Just what would this woman have done if she and her husband had decided to get a divorce after the birth of their IVF child?
While I find selective reduction after IVF shocking, the new research from the UK is not about this. Not for medical, but for social reasons, according to the report from the British Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority.

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