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Among all the arguments given against women using an egg donor at age 50 to become pregnant, safety can’t be counted as one of them. Egg donation is the process by which women who are unable to use their own eggs due to diminished ovarian reserve or menopause, can receive IVF treatment using the eggs of a selected egg donor. While there are risks with every medical procedure and all women who become pregnant at older ages (35+) have increased risks for complications – there is no reason why a woman at 50 cannot do what is already being done for women at age 42. Women who have delayed starting a family until later in life have become one of the fastest growing groups seeking assisted reproductive treatment, such as egg donation, in order to become pregnant.
The 23-year-old is due to give birth to the Czech Republic’s first ever set of quins tomorrow.

TWENTY-THREE-YEAR-old Alexandra Kinova is pregnant with the Czech Republic’s first set of naturally conceived quintuplets. She is to due to give birth to her five babies by Caesarean section tomorrow at a hospital in Prague.
Kinova, who already has one son, defied odds of around one in 60 million by becoming pregnant with five babies without the use of IVF treatment.
The gorilla’s death received extensive media coverage worldwide; the deaths of the 1000 migrants, much less so, writes a dismayed Julien Mercille. Mark Sauer of Columbia University Medical Center, women who use an egg donor at age 50 are no more at risk for pregnancy complications such as diabetes and preterm labor than women under the age of 42.

As noted in the recent New York Magazine article, “Is She Just Too Old for This?”, which displayed a white haired pregnant woman on the cover, there are social, financial, and emotional risks to embarking on pregnancy at older ages. Richard Paulson who is the director of USC Fertility, referencing the physical, emotional and financial costs of child rearing while approaching retirement age.

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