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Throughout the duration of my pregnancy, I decided to embrace the new texture and try to style my hair accordingly.
It’s been about 15 months since I was pregnant and my hair is still growing out densely and super thick. Previously, I would only use castor oil on occasion for my hot oil treatments, but I’ve recently added it as a hot oil treatment staple since it heavier than coconut oil or olive oil; and it works better with my new-growth texture. I never expected to have to re-learn my hair’s likes and dislikes after years of being natural. During pregnancy, higher levels of estrogen prolong the growth phase, resulting in less shedding of hair and thicker tresses. Not all pregnant women notice dramatic changes in their hair before and after giving birth, though.
I know this post is old but I’ve been searching the net to find someone with an experience similar to mine.
I’m in that same predicament with a total hair texture change, which my hair went from a thick relaxed texture to not being able to hold a curl at all. Throughout the last few weeks of pregnancy and during the first six weeks after a baby is born, women do not always feel comfortable having sex. Does Vagina Size Matter?Although this question is normally associated with men some women do worry about the size of their vagina and how it affects sexual pleasure for themselves and their partners.
When a new baby enters a family, this can be a very exciting time for young couples; however, there are also stressful factors involved with the addition of new family members. Bethanie Alys may have been only 20 years old, but she harboured ambitions of becoming a teacher before settling down to start a family of her own.Fast forward a year, however, and she is mother to a four-month-old.
The trial - published in the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care - discovered that just five women in every 1,000 experience an accidental pregnancy within a year of using the Natural Cycles app, compared to three in every 1,000 who will get pregnant in 12 months when using the Pill.With no hormones to ingest and minimal expense, it is easy to see the appeal of an app. Bethanie, pictured with partner James, was working as a languages teacher in Spain when she started using the app. Lucy Phenix, 31, a bank cashier from Willesdon, Cheshire, is six months pregnant, having also conceived while using an app as contraceptionHowever, last April, Bethanie experienced stomach cramps. Lucy, who is already mother toA Preston, three, and Prudence, 22 months, says she and husband Richard had only planned to have two children. Sara says she was sceptical at first but did not want to go back onA the contraceptive Pill.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp jets out to Copa America for Argentina vs Chile - but who was he watching? However, when I went to massage the shampoo into my scalp, my roots felt thicker and sort of dense.
It was something I didn’t feel like being bothered with while trying to bond with my son, so I opted for another round of twists.
I even had to change the way that I detangle my hair because my Denman brush, which I used for detangling, was literally ripping my hair out.
On wash day, I would wash my hair with a VO5 shampoo (cheap, but my hair loved it), condition with cholesterol conditioner and apply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil as a hot oil treatment.  I also used to use a combination of Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk, raw shea butter and Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel on my twist outs.
As a graduate of Rowan University, Portia has an insatiable craving for natural hair, beauty, and fashion, but she also enjoys traveling and home decor.
My curl pattern didn’t change much, but my hair is certainly thicker and a lot more dense.

My sweet pea will be 10 months on Friday but this hair is a mess.I am going to begin trying some twists again to hide this hairline.
The further along you are, mostly 2nd and 3rd trimester, your body changes to make you look more attractive.
After the resting period, this hair naturally falls out (often while you’re brushing or shampooing your hair) and is replaced by new growth. Some women also notice that their hair becomes shinier during pregnancy or that it changes in texture (curly hair might become straighter, for example). Before pregnancy, I already had really thick hair that was very curly (think Rachel True), but my roots got much thicker after giving birth, and it looks like it sits far off my scalp. There are compound reasons behind the lacking desire for sex that are not based upon any actual desire for a partner. Many women find it difficult to feel very sexual when a baby is born while their breasts are sore from feeding, sleep is disrupted at night and when their bodies are not back to the pre-pregnancy levels of hormones that they are used to.
Her career aspirations are in tatters and her sentences stilted through sleep deprivation.The cause of her derailment? But she says she felt let down when she found out she was pregnantA Bethanie, 21, delights in baby son Lake but his conception was certainly a shock. This was as the contraceptive Pill had left her moody and prone to weight gainMore advanced apps also require users to enter their daily basal body temperature (BBT) - your temperature immediately on waking.
She chose a free appA that catalogued her cycle by the dates of her periodDespite the hardship of her surprise pregnancy, her relationship with James has strengthened, and the pair hope to marry next year. Speaking exclusively to Mirror Celeb, the friend of Steph's has admitted Jez's persistent denial that he's not the father of her unborn child, is causing her upset. Granted, the experienced women in my life gave me a wealth of information regarding what may or may not happen during my pregnancy, but for the most part everything was a surprise. I’m assuming because my hair was super stretched, that’s why I didn’t feel the density prior to washing.
My usual products and techniques, weren’t working on my entire head like before.  My twist-outs would look how they normally did, except my roots were so thick that they looked like they were sitting an inch off of my scalp (at least to me anyway). Before my next set of twists were put in, I washed, conditioned and blow dried my hair as usual.
This wasn’t just a little bit of hair that was coming out in the brush; whole curls were being torn out of my head. Now, that my hair is a different texture, I’ve had to change a few of the products that I use.
To help with drying time, I either sit under a dryer after twisting my hair on wash day or I air dry overnight while sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It’s growing back but I cannot wear a bun because my edges are too short and will not even comply with Fantasia IC gel which used to work well on my hair.
This lady better be thanking her god that she wasnt left with only two strands for her twists. I’ve been natural for 5 years and am now having to find new products that will work for my hair. I am really excited about it and I want to see what it will be like a few months from now after my delivery.
A a€?fertility appa€™ she installed on her smartphone to avoid getting pregnant during a fledgling relationship. I heard for years that pregnancy can cause your hair to grow significantly, but I didn’t expect for my hair to change texture.

My roots were crazy thick at this point, but I figured since I just had the baby that it would take a while for my hair to grow normally again. It was becoming difficult for me to pull the brush through my roots, even though I already detangled the ends of my hair and worked my way up. I used to wear a satin bonnet and air dry overnight, but the bonnet began to leave my hair damp in the morning. These hormonal changes can leave a woman feeling uncomfortable during sex due to having a dry vagina after pregnancy.When babies are born, it is important for couples to realize their intimacy will have to be put on hold for a few weeks. She downloaded a version called Period Diary, for 66p and bought a thermometer to test her BBT.Her app marked the predicted date of ovulation on a calendar with a star, and the four days on either side of that date were coloured green, to signal she could get pregnant. The mother to Preston, three, and Prudence, 22 months, is overwhelmed by the prospect of a third baby. Users of the app also enter the results of an ovulation test which detect levels of a luteinising hormone present in urine prior to ovulation.
I assumed that my hair would return to normal once I had the baby, so I wore a protective style (twists) for the rest of my pregnancy. My hair now needs something heavier than Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk, so I switched to Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Even without the bonnet, I still have to pray that my hair will be dry enough for me to have frizz free hair the next day.
By pinpointing the date of ovulation - when an egg is released from the ovary - it identifies the timeframe of around six days every month when sperm can fertilise the egg.When she starts using an app, a woman enters the date her period begins into a calendar. Dont forget to moisturize your edges every night and tie them down to stop friction while sleeping, even on satin. Ovulation typically occurs 12-14 days afterwards and the idea is that after a few months of monitoring a pattern will emerge. Although it can be upgraded to a version that tracks BBT for A?30 a year, Lucy chose the free basic model that catalogued her cycle by the dates of her period. She took a job as a retail assistant and she and James, who is joining the Army after he graduates, rented a one-bedroom flat.
It was noted the width of the vagina varies throughout it's length in all women."Perhaps most important is the fact that nerve endings which control the pleasurable feelings during sex only cover less than the first 2-inches of the vaginal cavity. As a result width of items inserted into the vagina matter more than length.It's also important to note that as the vaginal area becomes aroused it becomes responsive to whatever it put into it.
If you feel your vagina has become too loose, allow your partner to get you aroused, then have them insert a finger.
Your vagina will constrict around the finger and make for a more sensual night for both of you.Getting The Feeling BackYou'll Both Know When The Feeling's Right!!When couples reach the six week mark, after a baby is born, it is usually safe to have sex without worries about complicating the healing processes. However, the levels of various hormones often regulate the amount of moisture that is found within the vagina.
For a few months after the birth of a child, women often prefer to use a high-quality vagina lubricant while participating in intercourse with their partner.Dryness and itchiness are common uncomfortable feelings in sexual regions for females, throughout the pregnancy process. Lubricants that are made from natural ingredients are used to allow body parts to move together freely, without uncomfortable consequences for the woman.
It is important to choose a lubricant that is made from natural ingredients so that the possibility of chemically caused infections are kept to a minimum.

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