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ToConceive is clinically proven to significantly increase Natural Conception Lubrication in over 80% of all women 90% of women over the age of 30!
This initiation of a woman's sexual arousal in the brain causes a chain reaction by the stimulation of nerves from the brain through the spinal cord, leading to direct stimulation of the pelvic nerves that innervate the vagina and clitoris.
The progressively increasing stimulation of the pelvic nerves causes these very specialized nerves to release small pockets of vaso-active intestinal polypeptides (VIP - first described from the intestines).
Both the small arteries (arterioles), that supply fresh blood to the tissue as well as the small veins (venules), that drain blood from the tissue become dilated.
With vaso-congestion the vessels that surround the vagina become permeable (porous) and allow the fluid component of blood to saturate the vaginal mucosa in-between the cells. It does not require medications or devices that could affect a woman's health or her fertility. Couples need to be committed and disciplined and should attend a natural family planning course to help them understand the physical signs and how to interpret them accurately.
Some couples use other forms of sexual expression during unsafe times instead of intercourse.
It turned out that the natural conception control has a potential for further use besides contraception. In the following years I have elaborated my method and now I offer 8 different calculation types for women.
They vary from the calculation of infertile days (natural contraception), through the calculation of fertile days and of conception of a viable child to gender selection.
The accuracy of my calculations has been proved during 35 years and is reliable in 98% of cases, which is the maximum in the field of natural sciences and medicine. At the moment I focus my research on calculations of the gender of the first child, which is determined already at the point of birth of the woman - future mother. If you are struggling to get pregnant or if you have tips to pass on for other women who are trying to get pregnant, do so now at our Conception Forum. We cover alot of information about getting pregnant, having a healthy pregnancy, and childbirth on this site. Measuring and charting your Waking Body Temperature (BBT), Cervical Fluid and Cervical Position will give you valuable information about your reproductive cycle and when you are most fertile. The easiest and most predictable way to do this is to start testing for your urine for luteinizing hormone (LH). Increase your chances of Getting Pregnant with Ovulation Testing for a quick overview of what we are talking about and how to test your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels.
ClearBlue Fertility Monitor , because it tests for both Estradiol (an estrogen) as well as for LH, both of which surge before ovulation. As women age, the length of time their body releases LH hormone decreases so it helps to test every four hours (noon, 4pm, 8pm) if you are over 40 so you dona€™t miss your LH surge.
Try not to lose patience and keep testing, you learn more about your cycle by beginning at the day given above and continuing until you see the LH surge or until your period starts.
Most women will ovulate between 12-48 hours after the LH surge is detected, with around 36 hours being the most common after the actual surge.
Ovulation Testing page, you should get more notice since it would be the earliest that you would see the reading. To increase chance of getting pregnant, the best time to have intercourse is the day of your LH surge.
If you cana€™t time intercourse for when you are going to sleep for the night, then plan to stay horizontal after intercourse for at least an hour or two to give yourself the best chances of getting pregnant. Arrington got pregnant after flying home early from half way around the world when her LH surge happened unexpectedly on day 11 of her cycle. Maria on the other hand had intercourse really early morning on day 13 of her cycle before hopping on a plane for a business trip across the country.
Monitoring your basil body temperature (BBT) is the second most important of our tips for getting pregnant. Many busy working women wonder why they should bother with measuring their waking body temperature.
Another reason that it makes sense to measure BBT is because women experience shorter LH surges as they get older.
Our favorite way to measure temps is vaginally since sleeping with your mouth open versus closed can cause changes in temps unrelated to ovulation. To get an even clearer picture of your cycle, it is a good idea to chart your cervical mucus and your cervical position at the same time you chart your temperatures.
Cervical fluid is produced by the hormone estrogen in the first phase of your monthly cycle.
Your cervical fluid will change during your monthly cycle starting off as sticky or gummy, becoming creamy and then becoming abundant, clear and stretchy (the consistency of egg whites). After the egg is released the drop in estrogen you experience coupled with the increase in progesterone following ovulation will cause your cervical fluid to return to the dry, watery or sticky state you should have noticed at the start of your cycle.

The same way your cervical fluid changes during your cycle, the position and opening of your cervix will also change. Your cervix will start out in a low position in your vagina with the cervix itself feeling hard (like the tip of our nose) and closed. At this point you are probably imagining that you are going to be spending your entire day trying to figure out when you are most fertile.
You only need to spend 3-4 minutes in the morning with your BBT thermometer and BBT chart followed by another 3 minutes in the afternoon with your fertility monitor to test your urine. Here is the most effective way we have found to learn about and document our fertility status. For older women in particular, this is one of our most important tips for getting pregnant because the LH surge gets shorter and weaker.
Set the thermometer aside and insert your fingers into your vagina and feel for your cervix. We want to stress here that there are no a€?perfect answersa€? when it comes to tips for getting pregnant. If you havena€™t already requested our cycle chart in Excel format (.xls), do so by filling out the form above and indicate a€?Cycle Chart Requesta€? in the field with your first name. All that remains is for you to collect some urine and use your fertility monitor to test it during the time you have set into your monitor by following your monitora€™s instructions. If you are using this method, you may prefer the Excel version of our cycle chart (request above)as you can easily modify to include additional rows for additional ovulation tests at noon, 4pm, 8pm, etc. Thata€™s it, by doing the above every day for two months, you will have a whole lot of information about your cycle that you can give your Acupuncturist to turbo-charge your chances of getting pregnant. Before we talk about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, lets first talk about the most important of our tips for getting pregnant - eat for a healthy pregnancy. In addition, you should ensure that at least 80% of what you eat is organic, free range and unprocessed food. How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods a great article packed with tips for HOW to avoid GMOa€™s. You should also minimize your consumption of soy products as that will also result in a detrimental estrogen-to-progesterone balance.
Of all our tips for getting pregnant, this one is the most effective one for ensuring your ovaries are releasing strong healthy eggs as well as for helping to regulate an irregular cycle. If you are over 35 or have an irregular cycle, the fastest way we have found to get pregnant is to invest in acupuncture.
Of our tips for getting pregnant, this is especially important if you have been taking birth control pills for any length of time. If you cana€™t afford acupuncture, or if the thought of needles is just too terrifying, a less, but still effective way you can benefit (tips for getting pregnant), is to do acupressure to stimulate the same points and meridians often used during acupuncture treatments. Acupressure for Fertility or consider purchasing an ebook like The Maternity Acupressure Guide . While we arena€™t big proponents of taking any kind of medication, the Chinese culture takes their research into herbs very seriously, therefore we are including them in these tips for getting pregnant.
Unfortunately due to Chinaa€™s tremendous trouble with pollution, particularly of all their major waterways, you need to be careful about purchasing Chinese herbs from China. We only recommend taking herbs under the supervision of someone educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine because determining which herbs need to be used is a highly individualized process.
One of the major reasons that women do not get pregnant after following all of the advice already presented is stress.
Natural Conception Forum to ask your questions and to read tips for getting pregnant and stories about how other women have gotten pregnant.
I used an ovulation test kit and got strong positives for Luthanizing Hormone 2 days in a row. If you wish, collect a sample of the cervical fluid (mucus) with toilet tissue and observe the mucus between your finger and thumb.
As the cycle progresses and more estrogen is secreted by the growing follicle, the mucus increases in amount, becomes thinner, cloudy, slightly stretchy. There are 4 main factors that affect natural conception and can cause the troubles women have when they are trying to get pregnant. The Pill contains artificial hormones which inhibit ovulation and make your body unfriendly to pregnancy. The Pill very successfully overrides your body's natural menstrual cycle and natural hormone production. When you stop taking the Pill it can take your body some time (conservatively, anywhere from 3 to 12 months) to cleanse itself of the remnants of the Pill and re-start normal natural hormone production and regular menstrual cycles again. And the longer you've been on the Pill, the longer it may take to resume your natural, regular menstrual cycle. So if you have recenty come off the Pill expecting to fall pregnant immediately you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

It is worthwhile to consider the advice of many natural fertility experts who recommend that you give yourself 3 -12 months grace free from the expectation of getting pregnant to allow your body to get in prime pre-conception condition. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have them checked out as they may be an indicator of an underlying physical or hormonal imbalance. To conceive and carry a pregnancy to full term you need to be in the best shape you can from a fertility point of view.
If everything seems OK with your Fertility History in this area, then there are three other factors that may affect how quickly you get pregnant. It tells you everything you need to know to pinpoint your most fertile time so you can time intercourse perfectly.
The Information on this website is not intended to replace proper medical advice and we caution visitors not to use this site as a substitute for professional medical care. The initial stimulation of the pelvic nerves causes an enlargement of the blood vessels that supply the vagina and clitoris. These vaso-active peptides (proteins) cause the blood vessels that surround the vagina to dilate (causing more blood flow). What results is an increased amount of blood arriving at the tissue, while at the same time even less blood being allowed to drain away.
This fluid component of blood accumulates in the lumen of the vagina and provides the lubrication. However, ovulation can occur within 4 to 6 weeks after the birth, or not for several months and an egg will be released before the next period starts.Different vaginal mucus (or lack of mucus) and the absence of periods while breastfeeding can make it difficult to tell when it is unsafe to have sex.
Eugen Jonas discovered his first thesis in the field of natural conception control and he devoted his discoveries to Virgin Mary on the very same day, as it is the Day of Assumption, to help women and mothers, who ask for a calculation.
The reliability is so far only 70% and therefore this type of calculations is not yet on offer. The best thing that you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally is to figure out when your body is about to ovulate and therefore when you have reached peak fertility. By staying horizontal and falling asleep immediately after intercourse you ensure the maximum amount of sperm remains inside your vagina where they have the opportunity of fertilizing your egg instead of ending up in your underwear. If you know which way your uterus tips (forward or backward) or if you do cervical testing as detailed below, you can either lie on our stomach (forward tipping uterus) or back (backward tiping uterus) so that gravity helps draw the sperm down thru your cervical opening. Perhaps you are currently consuming the very best foods for getting pregnant, but that is unlikely. The hormones, antibiotics and other toxins present in conventionally raised and grown foods are harmful to both your health and efforts to get pregnant. Sign up for our Natural Newsletter, (top right of this page) so that you receive all of the latest information about getting pregnant and pregnancy. If pregnancy does occur whilst you are on the Pill, the hormones affect the womb lining so the embryo is aborted. You may be having regular (breakthrough) bleeds but these should not be confused with a natural normal menstrual cycle.
Many hormonal imbalances (which often accounts for cycle irregularity) can be treated quite successfully through diet, and other natural alternatives eg, acupuncture, herbalism, naturopathy. Genital stimulation creates the sensation of pleasure in the brain, which then acts to increase electrical action of the pelvic nerves to increase vaginal and clitoral blood vessel changes.
This method is thought to be about 94% effective, depending on how well the woman interprets her physical signs and how disciplined a couple are at abstaining from sex. Generally, changes in the cervix (becoming soft, open and high in the few days just before ovulation) is the most reliable predictor. To get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy, you need at least 80-100 grams of protein per day. For example, meat raised in the US by conventional methods has hormones (estrogen) and antibiotics in it as well as toxins from the pesticides in the feed the animal consumes.
Over time, this causes the ovaries to get lazy from lack of use so that they will often either not release an egg or release an immature egg that isn't capable of leading to a successful pregnancy. Sometimes the mucus is so watery that there is no mucus to pick up, and the women will only notice a very wet, slippery sensation. This is called vaso-congestion, and it is the basis of all sexual arousal both in the vagina and in the clitoris. The vaginal lubrication is medically referred to as a transudate because it transverses across the vaginal mucosa into the vagina. You also need to consume a lot more healthy fats (omega 3) and cholesterol (egg yolks) than you are likely to be currently consuming. Just like how a car rolling down a hill builds up speed with time, a woman's sexual arousal builds in intensity over a period of time.

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