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July 29, 2011 by Maryea 28 Comments I’m just bursting with excitement and have been dying to share the news with you! I had no feelings whatsoever about whether I was having a boy or girl, so I was completely surprised when the ultrasound tech pointed out the unquestionable parts that make this baby a male. I don’t think it matters if it is your first baby or fifth baby, seeing your child inside of you via ultrasound is nothing short of amazing.
Thank you for all of your reassuring comments last week when I talked about my feeling regarding exercising while pregnant.
I still have a large appetite, and trying to make smart food choices to fill up my tummy and keep me satisfied. I think hearing the baby is very big would make me feel a bit nervous, too… But I am sure it will work out fine. By 19 weeks, the uterus is developed in the female and the testes and penis are easily identifiable in males. I’ve added a few new topics to shake things up below, but first check out a belly shot and new ultrasound pic of our little boy!

This is my set up in the kitchen to write when my desk gets overwhelmed with the rest of life. My friend bought me these little orchids on the day in this pregnancy my water broke with my twins last year.
Our military post has a small splash park by all the shopping, and after dinner one night we stopped there and let Bella play. There are moments when I am a bit envious of how simple and carefree life is when you're 3. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Delivered right to your inbox, get pictures and facts onwhat to expect each week of your pregnancy. Inside your baby’s brain, certain areas are being specialized for smell, touch, taste, hearing, and vision.
19 weeks and 4 days was as far as my last pregnancy was able to hold, so that day had a pretty big impact.

I love it and yet part of me cringes wondering how this shirt will look at 35 weeks - if it even still fits? I left her to her own devices for a few minutes, heard her get quiet, and found this when I went to check on her. I feel so sad that’s what I crave but happy there are about 3 within close driving range.
I know there isn’t a magic week for a healthy pregnancy or baby, but I have my own milestones because of what I went through when I lost the twins.

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