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I knew I was in for it when the first thing he asked me was if I knew how much weight I had gained already. I sat on my fists and let the raging blood pump loud enough to drown out his saccharine voice. Since that dismal day when I learned I gained too much during pregnancy, I’ve hashed it out with a bunch of peeps. Special thanks to all my friends who have encouraged me and made me laugh at the experience. Pregnancy is such a trying time, physically AND emotionally. The true irony was reading a book she lent me from her library by Ina May Gaskin who specifically said to be wary of any healthcare provider who encouraged gaining LESS THAN 25-30 lbs.
I gained A LOT during pregnancy and somewhere halfway, my female obgyn gave me some dvd-rom about eating healthy during pregnancy. Glad it made you laugh I think the women who actually only gain 25 lbs are in the like 2% of all pregnant women.
So when I started to feel uncomfortable one night after dinner I didn’t necessarily ignore it, but I did chalk it up to a normal pregnancy “thing,” be it indigestion, acid reflux or just growing pains.
The attending physician attempted an examination of my upper abdomen but stopped short, telling us, “It may be appendicitis or an infected gallbladder and you need to be seen at an emergency room. An emergency room visit in any situation is scary, during pregnancy it is downright terrifying. I had about thirty things going through my mind when I found my husband and went straight into his arms.
I can’t tell you how many times my wonderful amazing husband stood up for me to my midwife.
I know that there are some wonderfully sentive male doctors out there, but always manage to run into the one’s who should have been veterinarians instead of OBGYNs! It was clearly meant for foreign people with only very little knowledge of my mother tongue and a totally different cultural background.
I had several drs like this until my fourth pregnancy I finally got a Dr who told me flat out – we would never talk about my weight until it was a serious problem.

Round ligament aches, nausea and vomiting, and the true pain that can only be known when you experience your breasts leapfrogging three cup sizes in a month. I’d been getting used to these types of maladies becoming more common as I neared the end of my second trimester. And as the day progressed I went from wincing any time I moved to outright moaning from the pain. This is my first pregnancy and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was normal “wear and tear” and I was simply being too sensitive.
Now.” Until this point I had tried to be tough, but hearing this caused pure panic to set in.
But I didn’t once worry about me, my only thought for my body was how it would affect my son, and if it would be able to keep him safe. While my condition was uncomfortable (okay, excruciating) for me, my baby was healthy and I was able to go home. And I know it’s only a tiny indication of what motherhood has in store for me, but it sure is doing a good job of preparing me. I know it’s not the same but when I was five months along I took a bike ride and as I was getting off to stop at a stoplight I fell off and split my eyebrow wide open.
I asked some of my blog friends to weigh in with what they would have said were they in my shoes. Before I was pregnant, I was underweight, so I gained quite a bit once I was starving every moment of the day. They were easily treatable and often resolved on their own, so I went to bed assuming I’d feel better in the morning. It was the weekend and I couldn’t see my doctor, so my husband wanted to go to the emergency room. He was kicking and moving around as normal, and the pain was radiating from my ribcage, well above the baby danger zone. I was keenly aware how badly the streets of San Francisco needed repair as each bump and dip sent me into a new pain spiral.

I spent the drive reading as much as I could on the treatment of my potential diagnoses with pregnant women, hoping knowledge would empower me. The farther I get away from the realities of pregnancy and childbirth, distant memories now, the more in awe I am of all women who endure this universal, in a feminine universe of course, challenge.
I’m so grateful my incident was minor and I went home, and I think of the superhero women who have faced even more. I’m trying to be better to myself and grant permissions and forgiveness whenever necessary. Blood was everywhere–and pregnancy does weird things to you, so I was crying hysterically, because head wound plus bumping the bump means panic and wondering if kidlet would be all right.
I agree, just as all people and children are different sizes at the same age, so are all pregnant moms and their babies after they are born. And my heart was aching with fear that my baby could be in danger from whatever was ailing me. Pain medication was offered but not recommended (I refused) and we were at last discharged. A kind stranger drove me to the urgent care and they stitched me up,…suffice it to say that the panic is real and it was several years before I could bring myself to ride a bike again.
I felt like that was pretty good considering my mom gained twice that when she was pregnant with me as a 19 year old formerly on her high school swim team. I stopped him in his tracks, told him to work on his bedside manner, got off the table and went to reschedule my appointment. There was a wide expanse between the possibilities of what that answer meant, all too great for me to comprehend at that moment.

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