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But what if you’re one of the millions of guys that has trouble growing an even, healthy beard?
However, it’s important to realize that there are products out there that will help correct the hormonal imbalances and additional conditions that can lead to a patchy beard. Some products out there on the market today may well be able to help stimulate hair growth… but only through the use of dangerous chemicals that aren’t good for your hair follicles, your skin, or your overall health.
Beard Growth Spray, on the other hand, uses only 100% natural ingredients to deliver the amazing results everyone is talking about.
Beard Growth Spray contains a potent cocktail of organic ingredients that helps to correct the genetic predispositions and hormonal problems that can lead to patchy, scruffy, unsatisfactory facial hair growth. In other words, it doesn’t matter what the underlying reasons are in regards to your beard growth problems. Scruff founder Johnny Skandros spoke to HuffPost Live about the resurgence of beards and other facial hair within the gay popularity. Skandros said the spike was partly a reaction to the clean-cut look of many gay men, at least as they were represented in popular culture.
Of course, it isn't just gay men who are bringing facial hair back into the mainstream, Skandros added.

Hollywood juggernauts and best friends, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, are no strangers when it comes to gay rumors. Damon proclaimed: "I never denied those rumors because I was offended and didn’t want to offend my friends who were gay. Whether a guy opts for a sexy stubble that will drive the ladies wild, a well-groomed goatee, or the rough and rugged look of a luxurious full beard, a beard adds character to a man’s face like nothing else. They send any man’s inherent masculinity and attractiveness factor soaring through the roof to boot. On the one hand, genetics do have a hand in determining whether or not you’re predisposed to patchy beard growth.
Your beard on the whole could also be spending far too much time in the dormant phase, but not the active growth phase. Why should you choose Beard Growth Spray over the hundreds of other products out there on the market that claim to help you grow the lush, healthy beard you’ve always dreamed of?
Simply apply it to clean, dry skin twice a day anywhere your facial hair needs a little assistance. It would be nice if every product for sale out there really delivered the results it promised, but that’s just not the world we live in.

Its all-natural, highly effective ingredients have all been proven to work the way we tell you they will. Their seemingly more than a bromance, which stems from their Boston upbringing, had never been denied, causing people to further believe the gossip until Damon decided to speak up about it in December 2012. Some men even will have whole areas of their face where hair doesn’t grow at all – the biggest nightmare of them all! Make short work of every beard related issue from slow growth to bare patches in less than 5 minutes. That said, there are a lot of gimmicky products out there that will claim to help you grow your beard without actually delivering. Just take a look at the many positive product reviews and testimonials from men just like you out there!

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