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Virginia Petrucci is a freelance fiction and non-fiction writer, and a former model and actress. We all know Donald Trump is going to say some of the most racist things while campaigning to be president. I've been pretty obsessed with Dutch ferry boat rides since doing research for my first trip to Amsterdam. She has a bachelor's degree in Theatre and English, and is pursuing further education in Psychology. Almost everyone, not matter how misinformed, will relay “helpful” tidbits that they heard or read somewhere regarding pregnancy. Try, if you can, not to engage in tasks or situations that require much effort on the memory front. Even during the second month of my pregnancy, I found it unbearable to do anything but sleep, nap, lie down, and whine when I wasn’t doing any of those things.
Milkshakes, bacon, Lucky Charms, pizza, steak, French fries, baked potatoes, squid, whatever floats your boat is fair game, and those around you have no business arguing with you. No matter how pretty or charming you already are, prepare to be pampered and coddled by absolutely everyone.
Otherwise known as decorating, nesting is the most comforting thing you will do while pregnant. Prepare to projectile vomit in a Denny’s bathroom after eating a depraved amount of scrambled eggs and sausage.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stared blankly at people who I allegedly met when pregnant.
When you think about how much energy your body is investing in growing an entirely new body, it shouldn’t be that surprising that you can’t walk more than two blocks without wanting to call it quits.

Do yourself a favor and shop around for everyday, loose clothing that will flatter you while keeping you comfortable. Doing yoga is rumored to help, as is keeping your weight within the healthy range suggested by your doctor. Or maybe it did … like I said, my memory is forever shot by those not too distant nine months.
Force yourself to eat your greens whenever you can bear it (if you mix some kale in with your mac and cheese, I think this counts as “salad”). But your friends and family are at your hormonal mercy, which means that any seemingly irrational behavior will be politely tolerated. It’s definitely a good idea to get light exercise (with your doctor’s permission) and make sure you don’t gain more than forty or fifty pounds, depending on your natural physique. People will let you skip ahead in lines at the bathroom, and more importantly, at the bakery.
You get to paint your baby’s room, buy cool furniture and stock up on adorable stuffed animals, books, and blankets.
If you do find out, then you can start getting excited about expensive, gender-specific outfits.
Your child-less friends will be envious and people you haven’t heard from in years will be stalking your Facebook page for updates and photos.
Be sure to make a registry of items that you will actually need, such as diapers, wipes, burp clothes, bottles, pacifiers, and that divine entity known as a Diaper Genie.
When you think about what is really going on inside your body during pregnancy, it is impossible not to be moved to tears of joy as you envision your offspring developing from genetic whatnot, to fishy mystery, to sleeping cherub.
You are also going to be vehemently enraged at the smallest annoyances of your friends and family (and especially your partners).

Even experienced mothers or otherwise respectable family members are wont to dish out advice that is far from helpful. If you feel miserable in your own stretching skin, don’t fret: a good fifteen or twenty pounds of that weight is accounted for by your baby and all of the resulting fluid. Everyone will hold doors for you, and strangers will insist upon helping you carry even the lightest of loads. Sometimes your baby will stretch out his or her arms or legs, and your ribs will have to bear the weight. You will be pleasantly surprised when you step on the scale for the first time after childbirth. The downside of this is that by the time you are responsible for carrying around a large, screaming weight, you will be so spoiled that your arms will be burning around the clock.
But this really won’t be much of a bother since the movement is the first perceptible evidence that there really is a living person inside of you. The only people with any authority over a woman’s pregnancy are her doctor and of course the woman herself. Coffee will become a necessary staple in your daily life, rather than something to be enjoyed during a leisurely catch-up with your best friend. Finally, and most importantly, don’t ever let a man try to tell you what’s what about pregnancy or going into labor. Drinking will involve pumping and dumping, if you breastfeed, and chances are you’ll be far too exhausted to even think about all of those unopened congratulatory champagne bottles anyway.

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