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This article provides an overview and discussion of the collective maternal, fetal and neonatal outcome research on women maintained on methadone or buprenorphine during pregnancy. Findings from comparative studies of methadone and buprenorphine underscore the efficacy of both medications in preventing relapse to illicit opioid use in the treatment of opioid-dependent pregnant patients, as well as the simplicity of induction onto methadone and patient retention while receiving such therapy.
Any medication given to pregnant women should be prescribed only after considering the risk: benefit ratio for the maternal-fetal dyad. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. This is my first post so please bear with me, I did read rules and searched but did not find what I was looking for.
Dilaudid had the worst and longest WD of any I've been on, and the dilaudid was injected in hospital and I was stupid and naive so thought it was the worst flu ever. I think both options are solid so you should base your decision on which one gives you the lowest chance of relapse.
OP feels confidence she can kick, has a solid plan in place , has a support system, and extra incentive with pregnancy. Additionally, she has already tapered to a very small dose of dilly per day and is not shooting up. Gabapentin has been assigned to pregnancy category C, there are possible risks (see above research), but they do not necessarily outweigh the risks of not taking it (i.e.
Pregnancy category C mean that risk of using the drug while pregnant cannot be ruled out, so there are risks but as I've witnessed with methadone over and over again, although with higher risk populations than yourself (it would seem from your positive posts) although that makes no difference here, that woman can safely take methadone while pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby with limited-no complications from weaning child off methadone (in many cases simply via breast milk). What is the MOST important is that you have doctors etc to work with who know what they're doing when it comes to your taper, gabapentin and how it's all related to pregnancy. Don't give up the gabapentin yet as it's probably making this process much easier on the body. Priority then: Once you're off dillies for 7+ days and you begin to feel okay, taper off your gabapentin (which if you haven't been taking grams of it a day for years will be much easier).
Best thing you can do to help yourself: don't drink any alcohol, eat as much as your can (for two, ya) as healthy as you can, take your vitamins and everything else you should be taking given the circumstances, and get as much rest as possible. Check into the recovery forums and the dark side or whatever for more help about this process. However, given that you do seem to be pretty well and stable, it sounds like your friend can do a lot for herself, in which case BL can be of good use. It has been shown that babies born to a mother taking Methadone have only mild to moderate discomfort and are usually fine within a few days and can go home unless other problems arise. Research with mothers on methadone has shown that the fetus only becomes dependent on the Methadone and not addicted.
If you are pregnant and on opiates, part of getting good prenatal care is being on Methadone. Don't be afraid to go to a methadone clinic because you are worried about what people will think.
While I did not use during my pregnancies, I know it can be difficult to where to turn and what to do in this situation.
I know my post was long, but this is an area I do have experience in as well as working with other IV drug users and if anyone needs help, you can send me a PM and we can help to work this out. I won't judge anyone, I am an addict myself on Methadone, but this is an issue that I am very involved in and don't want to see anyone go through the hell of losing their baby and to get the help they need during pregnancy and the help to stay clean after. In women addicted to cocaine and methamphetamines, it is found that stopping the drug and good prenatal care is about the best way to help maintain them throughout their pregnancy.
What is sad, that many women will avoid treatment due to fear or they are unable to give up their addiction. Practice good prenatal care and see that doctor and keep seeking help whenever you need it. Noticed in the ways the people Candy is talking about in these quotes applies and does not apply to you. SIDE EFFECTS OF BABIES BORN ON METHADONEEase any symptoms or other hand, methadone commonly demonstrate mild.
Today, the New Jersey Supreme Court announced its unanimous ruling in New Jersey Division of Child Protection & Permanency v. While the decision squarely reverses the lower court's determination that NAS was a sufficient basis for a finding of abuse or neglect, the Court did not foreclose the use of child welfare laws to evaluate and judge pregnant women.
This means that the fight to ensure health, rights, and justice for pregnant women in New Jersey is far from over. Thank you all for supporting NAPW and making our work on behalf of pregnant women and their families possible.
Its focus is on an assessment of the comparative effectiveness of methadone and buprenorphine pharmacotherapy, with particular attention given to recent findings from the literature. Fetal monitoring suggests that buprenorphine results in less fetal cardiac and movement suppression than does methadone.
Medication choices for each opioid-dependent patient during pregnancy need to be made on a patient-by-patient basis, taking into consideration the patient’s opioid dependence history, previous and current treatment experiences, medical circumstances and treatment preferences. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I am writing about my dear friend who found out last week she is 6 weeks pregnant and has been taking 1-2 8 mg dilaudid daily (railing not IV) for a year off and on, more on than off. Been researching online and it seems going off the opiate totally in the first trimester is not good, but being on them another 6 weeks doesn't seem good either. Yeah, a huge habit with a CT taper can be hard on baby- for example, even at your old high dose, I think you did the right thing by tapering first.

You may have more chance at long term success if you just stop using, get out of the habit, and don't look back. Gaba is class c too so she will also have to come off those but one thing at a time and i think she can definitely do it no turning back this time. Am I really the only person here that understands the acceptable, effective, best practices HR method for handling opioid dependence during pregnancy is the approach used for over 40 years in the US (and beyond) with great success vs.
Just because she's not prescribed dillys doesn't mean that full dose lyrica is a lateral move either. I should have read the thread more thoroughly - I will in the future, Thanks for calling me out. I am down the .5 mg daily and have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms (physical) so hopefully I can do this! That will make the most difference right now, so make sure your current docs gives you the support you without a doubt need and make sure you seek out the necessary care if they do or cannot. It's now 6 pm and she took a nap woke up and have slight goosebumps but no other physical withdrawal symptoms. Definitely work to eliminate the opioids first, but don't rush too much as the idea is to avoid anything trauma ensuing. I really hope you can find someone in your area whom you can talk to who is, or at least a counselor or someone who could actually help you. I know some may disagree and not believe so, but I work with pregnant mothers as a case manager and this is the protocol of pregnant women addicted to opiates.
No one should give a prenant mother advise that could be harmful, unless it is a doctor or nurse or someone else who is experienced in this area. Continuing to use Heroin while pregnant will make it that much harder on your baby and they will go through withdrawals when born and often they are born prematurely.
There are counselors who are often trained to only work with pregnant mothers and will help referrals for prenatal care, medical insurance through the state, and other programs for pregnant women.
To answer that guys question about his gal getting off of everything early in her first trimester was fine.
Because of the ups and downs of opiate use, many pregnant mothers will find themselves in withdrawal often during pregnancy due to lack of drugs availability, or lack of money to buy there drug of choice; Oxycontin, Vicodin, or any other opiates used. While it is still a chance that these babies may be born premature, or low weight, they can still be healthy at birth with intervention and good prenatal care.
While they may want to have a healthy baby, they often find that they are just unable to stop and are afraid of the reaction of others if they did seek help. If you've only been using for a year or two (under like five I'd say), methadone almost certainly isn't a good idea for you unless it's for the length of your pregnancy, and even then I can't be sure.
When she found out she was pregnant, she followed medical advice and obtained care that included methadone treatment. Thank you to all of the amici who lent their expertise to this effort (a full list of amici is available here), and who will no doubt be needed again soon. Recommendations for clinical practice are outlined, and directions for future research are presented.
Moreover, for a full remission of opioid addiction to be sustainable, both post-partum and across the lifespan, treatment providers must not rely solely on medication to treat their patients but should also utilize women-specific comprehensive treatment models that address the underlying multifaceted complexities of their patient’s lives. Prior to that she was taking roxy and percocet since 2011 when her husband was murdered leaving her with 3 children and no job. The risk of jumping off that high dose would exceed (IMO) the risk of taking it another week with a good taper). She has tried before and went through hell of withdrawals but from roxy and perc never dillaudid so not sure what to expect with this one. Frankly I'd feel safer knowing someone is on a low dose of methadone than taking gabapentin, like in your case 10 or less mg, but they have similar risk profile (both C). Any abrupt or intense disturbances like acute withdrawal can produce are MUST be avoided right now. There are always options and the support that can provide you with success out there and help you have the beautiful, healthy baby you deserve.
Like you could stop at a needle exchange if they have them in your area (illegal in FL?) or some other harm reduction organization and speak to someone about where you can help your friend find the help she needs. That is something that would be good to talk to a personal trainer or your doctor about actually, what kind of exercise you can safely do and then do that as much as you can.
I hate to sound harsh,but a detox or cold turkey approach can lead to miscarriage, which in turn can lead to hemmorrhaging in the mother and often this can lead to hysterectomy, or even death if the mother does not receive medical attention immediately.
This decision rejects a lower court finding that a mother may be charged with civil child abuse and neglect because her newborn exhibited the transitory and treatable side effects of methadone treatment that the woman received during pregnancy. She gave birth to a healthy baby who was successfully treated for symptoms of neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), which is a group of side effects that may result from methadone treatment and other medications. Our amicus brief is referred to in the decision as the amicus brief on behalf of "Experts in Maternal and Fetal Health, Public Health, and Drug Treatment." Its influence is notable throughout the decision with the Court paying special attention to the research we presented demonstrating that threats of child abuse actions will discourage pregnant women from seeking addiction treatment.
For the neonate, evidence from studies using a wide range of designs, including retrospective chart reviews, prospective observational studies, and randomized clinical trials, show consistent results, with prenatal exposure to buprenorphine resulting in less severe neonatal abstinence syndrome relative to methadone. She has struggled to get off opiates for 3 years and has tried suboxone, kratom, gabapentin, etc.
So far it is bearable just irritable, when she sleeps she sweats and wakes up every 2 hours, and of course the mental hell but not as bad as coming down off the roxy.
Give it a week or two of feeling comfy taking 0.25mg dillies every other day or at most only once per day intranasal. Or have someone else go for you if you're worried about family service bullshit (HR orgs are pretty good about that though, although again I have no exp with FL).

There is a lot of support your can find here on BL, but you should get out of OD and link to your thread here, perhaps give a few details about your friend's current situation. The uterus has a rich blood supply and a woman who is hemmorrhaging can bleed out or lose a very large blood supply in very little time. If you tested positive for heroin, Social services will get involved and most likely take your infant. Unless it will get bad when she comes all the way off next week and onto just the gabapentin.
I hope that is the right decision and I don't regret it in the long run, as I live in FL and they are INTOLERANT and love to contact DCF down here. If you relapse, and continue your use at that point, that is when methadone become the real option. People tend to forget to eat considering how shitty they feel and it makes the process soooooo much worse.
But remember, you need real help in real life, and what we can help you with on BL is limited. But, if you are involved in Methadone Treatment and have a doctor and others working with you to avoid this, your worst issue would be monitoring you for the use of illicit drugs and other opiates and to monitor the baby for weight, and other issues related to the needs of a newborn. I know it sounds bad but she had to work and take care of 3 kids and being on the pills made her feel like supermom. I am actually a very good mother who took a wrong turn and just wants to get my life back right for my kids. You don't need any more stress than you must already have though, I'm just trying to be very frank with you. She is 7 weeks today and feeling very pregnant and that is enough to make her throw away the rest she has to wean off if it's not going to get worse.
Maternal treatment with opioid analgesics and risk for birth defects: additional considerations. Her husband knows about her addiction (he is not an addict but is understanding) and is supportive of her trying to quit. Since last week she has weaned from 8-16 mg dilaudid daily to about 2-4 mg daily with gabapentin.
I can say that before she couldn't go to sleep even for a 2 hour nap without waking up sick and she slept like 5 hours last night and took a two hour nap today and only goosebumps no sweats no chills no nothing. She will be going to see her OB soon but cannot tell him about the opiates as she was not prescribed them but was getting them off the street and fears he will contact DCF or want to put her on a methadone program. She would prefer to wean with gabapentin if possible but has read that in the first trimester withdrawal is not good on the developing fetus. She says the worst is the lack of sleep and sweats but the gabas help and was wondering if coming off the dillaudid all together and just taking the gabapentin (since this is prescribed to her) will be bad withdrawals and be harmful to baby.
A possible role for implantable naltrexone in the management of the high-risk pregnant heroin user.
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