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Information on this site is meant to inform and educate people about the issue of pregnancy and medicine, but does not constitute medical advice, opinion on or promotion of treatments.
Being pregnant doesn’t increase the risks associated with general surgery, suggests a new study.
Daphne Meganck and her husband were ecstatic when they found out she was pregnant with their second child.
Our partner Mummy’s Star, a UK charity supporting women diagnosed with cancer in and around pregnancy, is launching its second “Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week.” Last year’s awareness week helped heighten awareness of how a cancer diagnosis, either in the midst of a pregnancy or soon after a birth, can impact families. Lode Dewulf has studied and practiced medicine and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years. Please know that many women take prescription medication during pregnancy for necessary reasons like diabetes, seizures, depression, anxiety, and other medical conditions.
Each medication has a risk factor classification associated with potential risk factors during pregnancy. Category B:  Animal studies show no risks, but there are no controlled studies on pregnant women. Category C:  Animal studies have shown risk to the fetus, there are no controlled studies in women, or studies in women and animals are not available. Category X:  Studies in animals or human beings have demonstrated fetal abnormalities, or there is evidence of fetal risk. You or your health care provider can explore the Natural Medicines Database to find out information about herbs and their use during pregnancy. You should never start or stop taking medication while pregnant without first consulting your health care provider. Be aware of side effects – Consult your health care provider or the pharmacist about potential side effects. Organize your medications – Be careful to not mix up your medications to avoid overdosing. Ask Questions – It is appropriate to ask questions about medication safety for you and your developing baby. Check Pregnancy Medication Registries – The FDA has a new pregnancy and medication registry that you may find helpful. Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors.
The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you. Paper 1: Fatal ruptured ectopic (tubal) pregnancy masquerading as homicide -Examined under Sec.
Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology [serial online], 2010; Vol. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy is one of the causes of sudden and suspicious death in women revealed at autopsy .This paper reports and discusses a fatal case of ruptured ectopic (tubal) pregnancy in a young female masquerading as homicide. Fatal rupture, ectopic pregnancy, sudden death, married female, homicide investigation, autopsy.
In India any unnatural death of a woman within seven years of her marriage is investigated by a magistrate according to the provisions of section 176 of Code of Criminal Procedure, (Cr P C). Autopsy revealed an average built moderately nourished body of a fair complexioned female subject.
The present case reported is important as it presented as a sudden suspicious and unnatural death of otherwise healthy normal young woman within three months of her marriage. The objective findings of a thorough autopsy ascertained the cause of death as ruptured tubal pregnancy.
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy is usually spontaneous and thus death as a result of it is natural.

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy are associated with domestic violence where physical force is resorted to by the intimate partner In the present case the hemorrhage was intraperitoneal but there was no extrusion of the conceptus from the tube.
Against the backdrop of patriarchal society, where cases of dowry related deaths (even blatant and heinous homicides) are not uncommon, every unnatural death must be investigated thoroughly to identify and establish the cause and nature of death. For advice on managing a medical condition in conjunction with pregnancy, please refer to expert medical opinion. But will these findings make some headway in clearing up the long-standing debate over the safety of undergoing general surgical operations while pregnant? It’s hard to think of last Thursday’s Cancer and Pregnancy conference, organized by our partner Mummy’s Star, and not have this feeling come back over and over again. But that happiness quickly turned into fear - for her family and herself - when she received a diagnosis of invasive cancer. Frederic Amant is at the forefront of cancer and pregnancy research and a member of the Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative advisory board.
You might be trying to get pregnant and wonder how current medication use could affect your efforts to conceive.
Some pregnant women take medications to help with common discomforts of pregnancy such as heartburn, morning sickness, or headaches. When you are pregnant, your blood volume increases, and your heart and kidneys both work harder. Your health care provider may switch the type of medication you are on to take care of your medical needs while lessening any risk to your developing baby. These ratings, along with an evaluation of the risks and benefits of using a particular medication in your situation, will help you and your health care provider determine what steps to take. A medication gets this classification if there is insufficient data on its use during pregnancy. She might look to change the course of treatment by incorporating other methodologies such as acupuncture, herbal medications, or behavioral techniques. Some medications cause side effects like sleepiness, headaches, or vomiting which may be enhanced because of pregnancy hormones.
Ask about the medication name, generic alternatives, benefits and risks, and problems to watch for.
Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. Deaths due to ruptured ectopic gestation can present in sudden and suspicious condition in an otherwise healthy normal female. Though amenable to treatment by surgical intervention, early diagnosis of ectopic is of utmost importance.
The deceased was found and reported dead by the husband in such a setting that there was seemingly a case of foul play. The mechanism of death was intra peritoneal hemorrhage and shock No history of pregnancy was noted in the inquest by the police. However it may be precipitated by blunt force, trauma associated with coitus and even bi-manual examination. Regarding the duration of pregnancy our case appears to be quite early as ampullary ruptures are commonly reported at about 8-12 weeks. It is important to establish beyond reasonable doubt the cases where the death is natural or accidental in nature. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy is one of the causes of sudden and suspicious death in women revealed at autopsy.
It can masquerade as homicide especially when the victim is newly married and dowry related problems are alleged. It is essential to read this journal - and especially this paper as it contains several tables and high resolution graphics - under a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 dpi or more, and preferably on a 17" or bigger monitor.

Anil Aggrawal, Professor of Forensic Medicine, at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi-110002. As of June 30, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revised the rules on the labeling of prescription drugs, meaning that doctors have more information and women can expect better advice.
Until now, studies have yielded conflicting results; sometimes suggesting that there is an increased chance of maternal illness or death.
As part of an international expert panel, Amant meets colleagues from around the world at five-year intervals to discuss the diagnosis and management of cancer in pregnancy. Or you may have just discovered that you are pregnant and wonder if the medication is a risk to your baby. You and your health care provider can work through these factors and try to determine what course of action is best for both you and your baby. This means that medications have the potential to pass through your body more quickly than usual.
Incidence of ectopic gestation is common, leading to a number of deaths in obstetric emergency. The inquest report revealed that she belonged to a middle class family and was married three months back. Suspicion is important but objective scientific investigations often can prevent the miscarriage of justice. In the UK, you can visit the public health service's NHS Direct site for "a comprehensive on-line health encyclopaedia".
Though amenable to treatment by surgical intervention, early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is of utmost importance. The husband had given history of abdominal pain with gradual weakness and collapse followed by death .The man was alone at the time and was suspected of obscuring something, not making an attempt to consult a doctor and giving unconvincing reply to some pertinent questions. Given the socio economic reality of our country marital discords are more often than not due to dowry related matters. This important fact is exemplified by the present case, death due to ruptured tubal pregnancy presenting in a rare manner masquerading as homicide. It is strongly advised to switch over to this resolution to read this journal - and especially this paper. This is a case report of a sudden and suspicious death of a newly married female masquerading as homicide. On the basis of the complaint lodged by the parents of the deceased a case was registered with charges of murder (section 302 Indian Penal Code). Police records revealed that body was found lying on her bed with clothes and hair unkempt. There was evidence of full-thickness rupture of ampullary region of the right fallopian tube. A reddish brown swelling with finger like tissue attached to the wall of the tube (Figure-1).
The product of conception was inside the lumen and adherent to the wall of the ampullary region (Figure-2).
The uterus was observed for sign of intrauterine conception keeping in mind the chance of heterotopic pregnancy. Kidneys showed bilateral congestion and scattered cortical pinpoint hemorrhage Tissue was preserved from site of rupture and the product of conception to confirm by histopathology.

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