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My Pure Delivery has created a variety of Maternity and Nursing Wear essentials that will make your pregnancy and post-pregnancy time more enjoyable. Our Belly Bands enable you to keep wearing your favorite jeans for as long as possible and our lounge sets keep you relaxed and fashionable even when you’re feeling exhausted. Relax, run errands, or discretely breastfeed in your new stylish and incredibly comfy lounge sets. Our fashionable, comfortable and convenient maternity gowns allow for easy breastfeeding and easy access for IVs, blood pressure cuffs, epidurals, and monitoring. Say goodbye to itchy, chemical smelling, faded hospital gowns that have been worn over and over again!
Willow Maternity Dress (Midnight Blue) - Maternity Wedding Dresses, Evening Wear and Party Clothes by Tiffany Rose.

Made from softly draping shimmering jersey with added stretch in midnight blue - and a matching shimmering sash. Our Willow V neckline maternity dress is fully lined, fabulously comfortable and a dream to wear for all occasions. The lovely wide neck to the front and back of the dress shows off a sexy decolletage and helps to nip in waists for a smoother form. You’ll adore the softness of this versatile dress with ? sleeves to showcase a glistening bracelet. My Pure Delivery will help you feel more confident and comfortable as your body changes for the baby.

Wear on or off the shoulders, with gentle drapes smoothing down over your bump for a flawless silhouette.
The quality is decent enough, it does seem a bit over-priced for such a simple dress, but with such limited choices in maternity dresses I was reasonably happy with it.

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