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They stayed an unmarried couple until after Aunt May was shot by the Kingpin's assassin after Peter unmasked. Its been hard for her to let Peter go, but she has come accept that Carlie Cooper is now his girlfriend. MJ, Glory Grant and her new boyfriend went out dancing at The Wake, not knowing that it was a hideout for Adrian Toomes.
The shooter also nearly killed Aunt Anna and MJ refused to have anything more to do with Spider-Man. MJ has been supportive of the relationship, even though she would like to be first on Peter list of loved ones when there is trouble.
Mary Jane got suspicious of the young thuggish teens that seemed to have enhanced strength.

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They thought back to their wedding day, and how Peter was late for it after catching an escaped criminal from Electro's gang.
She left for the West Coast and started dating actor Bobby Carr, until she discovered his addiction to Mutant Growth Hormone. MJ was late in developing spider powers during Spider Island (when the Jackal and the Queen infected the people of Manhattan with a virus that gave them spider powers and then changed them into human spiders) but did so just in time to avoid being made into lunch by a mob of man spiders. She had gained an immunity.) Later, she held off the man spiders while Peter mentally controlled Dr Octopuses tiny octobots, who were delivering the "Anti-Venom cure" to the infected.

She soon arrived at the church where Anti-Venom had been curing citizens of their mutations and protected them from the still transformed human spiders. My body is going through plenty of changes and this entire preggers thing is one huge adventure for me.

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