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While all published IVF success rates will show the outcome for a year of treatments, they may show the number of pregnancies or the number of live births – which are sadly very different.
It makes sense that most clinics in the UK have success rates clustering around the national average. Most clinics are quite small and only treat a limited number of patients a year, meaning that an average is less meaningful and it’s harder for them to predict your chance of success. Often, the IVF success rates you’ll be looking at will relate to a period of treatment a year or two before, so they may not be accurate.
We believe you should ask for detailed data regarding IVF pregnancy success rates, live birth rates and multiple pregnancy rates from any clinic you are considering for IVF. Although some might appear to offer you a better guarantee of a successful pregnancy, unfortunately it’s just not that simple.  The figures you read can never the same as your individual chances of having a baby at any particular clinic. By partnering with of the best IVF clinics in Europe, we can offer you success rates comparable to fertility clinics anywhere .  It’s worth bearing in mind too, that in some cases, a clinic with a slightly lower overall success rate may offer a better chance of success at your age and with your fertility problem. Simply 'Like Us' on Facebook or Google+ & you'll be helping tell others about the benefits of IVF abroad. We use discreet high strength, weather resistant, burst and puncture proof packaging, to ensure that your secret never gets out!
To get straight to the nitty gritty, IVF works best for women under 35, women who’ve had no previous IVF treatment, women who have had a previous spontaneous pregnancy and those with a body mass index (BMI) of under 30.
If the clinic is willing to accept couples who’ve had unlucky cycles elsewhere, and whose chances are low, that will be reflected in the success rates.
It’s just as important to look at location, its staff and the services it can provide.
Thats one of the reason we offer our IVF guarantee success or you’ll receive your money back. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilise the functionality of this website. The clients at one particular clinic may have generally better health than at another clinic, which in itself can improve IVF success rates.

Success rates start to decline over 40.  But significant numbers of women do have success up to 45, where the picture starts to change.
It’s our unique combination of passion for quality for our care of our patients, abroad and in the UK and quality of all the different medical aspects that make up up treatment, that ultimately offers you both the best chances of success with IVF,at the very best IVF centres in Europe. Any IVF programme can provide this information in writing and InterTrust will gladly answers any questions you have. E-Stim Systems built on their existing knowledge and expertise and came up with what is now the most powerful and versatile electro sex power box in their range. Some patients amy find the Success rate tool useful, but please bear in mind there’s no substitute for the basic fertility tests! If other clinics refuse, or make excuses about why they can’t give you details in writing, we’d suggest that you consider going to another clinic. Like any statistics, IVF success rates can be hard to understand and even harder to compare. Also, do exercise or other activity to help reduce stress level in give you a better night sleeps.
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