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The nine months of pregnancy are not only momentous but also a challenging period in your life. Mercury can affect the central nervous system and brain development of the fetus.  While canned foods are considered safe, it is advisable to avoid frozen fish as they may be contaminated with microorganisms. Uncooked and undercooked meat should be avoided as they may be contaminated with microorganisms. You should also stay away from foods like mayonnaise, hollandaise salad, meringue, mousse, homemade ice cream, salad dressing, cookie dough and egg nog as they may contain raw eggs.
Soft cheeses should be particularly avoided during pregnancy as they may contain organisms like listeria that can cause miscarriage or still birth.
Liver contains substantial amounts of vitamin A that can be potentially harmful to the baby. Consumption of caffeinated beverages during pregnancy has been a highly debatable issue over the years. It is also important to note that food poisoning and nutritional toxicity during pregnancy are rare.
A well-balanced diet plays a significant part for you as well as the baby during pregnancy.
However, certain foods can cause infections in the mother or hinder the growth of the fetus.

These organisms may cause intestinal infection and toxoplasmosis that can cause severe damage to the fetus.
It is also prudent to wash the utensils and kitchen counters after preparing meat.  Meat consumed should be thoroughly cooked and particular care should be taken for meat varieties like pork, minced meat and sausages.
You should, however, wash them thoroughly with plain water  before eating to prevent bacterial and parasitic infections.
Most studies suggest that it is safe for pregnant women to have caffeine in moderate amounts (equal to one cup) every day. Consumption of alcohol does not only make you susceptible to various health problems but it can be fatal to the unborn too.
Excessive consumption of alcohol can interfere with the development of brain leading to several physical and mental defects collectively known as fetal alcohol syndrome.
While you would have received a fair list of the foods you should eat to maintain your health and aid fetal development, it is prudent to be aware of the foods you should avoid during this crucial period. Some foods should be strictly avoided during the earlier stages while others should be avoided throughout pregnancy.
Sword fish, king mackerel, shark and tile fish contain high levels of mercury in them and hence should be avoided.
Hence, it is safe to avoid liver or other liver products like sausages or pate during pregnancy.

However, keep in mind that consumption of coffee, tea or cola can increase the risk of miscarriage, still birth and premature birth of fetus. Further, caffeinated drinks contain large amounts of compounds like phenolic acids that may interfere with absorption of nutrients like iron.
While your body undergoes constant change, it is important to watch what you eat for a safe and successful pregnancy. Scroll down to find a list of foods you should be wary of consumption during this important phase. It can lead to premature birth, facial abnormalities, heart and kidney defect or even cause damage to the central nervous system. Raw Meat: There is a risk of contracting bacterial infections when you eat raw or undercooked meats. Always make sure that you wash your veggies and fruits properly under running water before eating.

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