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Why Are You Considered of Advanced Maternal Age and High Risk If You’re Pregnant Over 35? The official answer is that some studies, including data collected by Parkland Hospital that examined pregnancy complications from 235,329 deliveries between 1988-2007, indicate that after age 35 there is an increased risk of complications, especially pregnancy-induced diabetes and hypertension.
Babies with chromosomal abnormalities, like Down syndrome, are more likely to be born to younger women, since more young women give birth. But many health care providers I’ve interviewed point out that 35 is an arbitrary number.
You don’t automatically morph into a high-risk person the day after your 35th birthday. And we all know women in their late 30s and early 40s who are less sedentary and much healthier than women much younger than they. When I sat down with two forward-thinking obstetricians and two forward-thinking certified nurse midwives in the Boston area to talk about the current state of obstetric care, I was surprised how forcefully they insisted that 35 is a meaningless number. Instead of upholding the idea that women over 35 are high risk and should be treated accordingly, these medical professionals told me stories of how invasive medical intervention on women over 35 has caused problems. In the mid 1970s the test actually carried a greater risk of having a miscarriage than the moms had of having a baby with Down syndrome.
But by the time she was 35 in 1984 amniocentesis had become the standard of care for “older” moms. She wasn’t sure what she would do with the information (that is, whether or not she would have an abortion) should the test come back positive for Down syndrome.
It would be much more logical for pregnant women to be assessed individually for health risks, they said. But if my friend’s mom had had her at 25 maybe my friend would have been sorry for a different reason. I would encourage any healthy, secure couple to have a baby in their early forties if they want to. One can’t at all make any kind of generalizations as to whether having a baby after 35 is a good idea or not. Our daughter was 36 when she gave birth and she has a perfectly happy and healthy baby girl!
At a quick glance, a lower age of consent for sex seems to correlates somewhat with lower teen pregnancy rates. What today’s infographic does tell us is that teen pregnancy is a health hazard for both mother and child. After a quick stint in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tim moved to Austin, Texas at the ripe age of one. After my son Ronan was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease, a terminal illness that would claim his life before the age of 3, I immediately wanted another child. The fertility doctor I got to know the best was utterly patient; every month or so I would step into his office with a new plan and burst into tears. A year after Ronan’s diagnosis, after my marriage to his father was over, I sat on the couch and watched the DVD I’d been given by the fertility clinic about how to administer the hormone shots for IVF.
Since the moment I got pregnant with my second child I have been nervous, excited, disbelieving, joyous, ecstatic, worried, grief-stricken, crazy-feeling, and thrilled, sometimes all at once. I am a mother who, when she hears her little girl cry for the first time, will also remember the cry of her brother, and how each child was and is singular and only and precious to me.

Role Reboot regular contributor, Emily Rapp, is a professor in the University of Cailfornia-Riverside Palm Desert MFA program and the author, most recently, of The Still Point of the Turning World. But the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome increases with age (from about 1 in 1,250 for a woman who is 25, to about 1 in 400 for a woman who is 35). The doctor would palpitate the belly, pulling the fetus’s head back as best he could with his hands. But she was sure that the anxiety it would produce and the risk to the fetus from the test itself was not worth it. A friend was telling me recently that she always hated it that her mom (who had her at 40 and her youngest sister at 45) and dad were older than her friends’ parents, and acted like fuddy-duddies.
And even if she were in middle age with children of her own, maybe Dvora Meyers would still not be ready to be caring for her aging mom.
A close look at the developed parts of the world will show that it is actually sex education and access to contraception which attributes to lowered pregnancy rates. With similar populations and geographic placement their pregnancy rates couldn’t be more different. Access to education and medicine are crucial to keep women healthy no matter their county’s poverty level. If all goes well (something that isn’t easy to say and even more difficult to fully believe), my daughter, due in March at the end of winter, will be just over four months old. Like the change in seasons, these facts cross my mind inevitably and cyclically, impenetrable facts moving across meaningless borders that can still land me in a fit of tears, sometimes rage or confusion, or a stunning combination of the two. With the exception of other mothers with terminally ill children, everyone advised me against this, but the need was powerful and pressing. He would listen, speak to me about my options in his thick Texas accent, and then take me to the person who could explain those options in detail. I opened a bottle of wine, put on The Cure (in retrospect, not the best choice), and cued up the DVD. I wasn’t ready until I was 34, and even then, motherhood—its intense sacrifices, long nights, and total commitment—wasn’t an easy adjustment.
I’ve listened to doctors tell me various things, all of which seem to have a coded message behind them.
I am a woman who has found love I never imagined would exist for me, a companionship that feeds my intellect, my body, my mind, my soul. I will imagine the ways in which we are all connected through the simple hello and goodbye of our chance and temporary meetings—as friends, children, parents, spouses. This matters tremendously, more than even your doctor is telling you (because, despite his best intentions, your doctor has not been educated about preventive proactive medicine and good nutrition). I was saddened to read this essay by Dvora Meyers, a young woman whose mom had her when she was 42. I have noticed that health follows wealth in the US, both in big cities like Dallas and in rural areas. The first-world-countries with lower ages of consent usually have a more rigorous standard for healthy sex education and contraception access. If her brother Ronan had lived, he would have turned four years old just a few weeks after her birth.
Although we are older than the “average” couple, age is also an inaccurate measure of ease in fertility.

I would drive home from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on I-25, the land brown all around, and feel like I was driving off into the world. I don’t consider myself someone who falls in love with every baby I see; I don’t consider myself a “maternal” person in general, although this description seems to be erroneously associated with gooey sentiments and women who want to get in the face of every child they meet.
I was thinking about how to square my artistic ambitions with the realities of being a woman. There is beauty and terror in that imagining, as there is beauty and terror in every aspect of life worth pursuing. She feels like her mom got old and frail before she was ready to be caring for an elderly parent. Did they control for SES when they made the “35 is advanced maternal age” determination?
Some states have almost outright abandoned abortion access, and supply no help for young women on contraception costs.
Mothers are fierce and practical; that was what I began to understand about my own identity as a mother, which developed as Ronan declined.
I am a childless mother who is ready to be a mother again, even though there are no guarantees, no set-in-stone promises that my life will suddenly look like a Subaru commercial and I’ll be successful and loving and loved and never get another zit and always have the energy to pick up the nursery every night even though I’ve risen at 5am to go for a run before working on my award-winning novel. If what I’ve learned as a result of reaching advanced maternal age is that no loss is without an attendant and unexpected rebirth, and that no joy brings with it unadulterated happiness, that instead we’re all of us always on the brink of saying goodbye to everything and everyone we love, then I will own it. Last month, I ran Boston and re-qualified and just found out I was actually pregnant when I ran. Talk to any couple and you’ll learn about their route to parenthood or their decision not to pursue it. I loved my child from the moment I met him, and it is also true that I did not fully appreciate the force of that love until I knew that I would lose him.
Bad girl!) What I’ve felt behind all of these statements were these questions, partly shaming and partly accusatory: What were you thinking, geriatric mom? I was figuring out how to be a friend, how to love my body, what sex and relationships were about when the ego wasn’t playing such a leading role. India on the other-hand has had extreme population booms the last few decades much attributed to the lack of sex education and contraception for small village populations. I didn’t find any easy answers to those questions, but I have no regrets about the ways in which I chose to explore them. A term for one kind of border, but hardly a definitive statement about what it means to cross from one place to the next.
I never wanted to be a single parent, and I realized I could not go through the intensity of a fertility treatment on my own while caring for Ronan.
My plans were tabled, and I assumed that my desire to be a mother again would remain unfulfilled.

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