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But two negative pregnancy tests later, my period finally arrived TWENTY-SEVEN days later and I am soo not pregnant. The hard truth is that when I was pregnant with my first child, I was convinced it was the worst thing to ever happen to me.
If you ask me now, I would tell you that my daughter and my son are the best parts of my life. It is apparent I need to lie down on somebody’s couch and sort through some unresolved issues from my first two unplanned pregnancies (man, that was a sad sentence). You’re right that we should be able to feel over the moon about the possibility of carrying another life. There should be joy when you find out you are pregnant if you are in the position to bring a life into this world.
My husband has no children and says eventually he would want one but I still have mixed feeling about having another child.

I LOVE (in bold letters) my Emma, but like you she wasn’t planned and she came in the middle of planning a wedding. However like you said, you are definitely in the position to do so and still don’t feel happy. My first (my daughter) I did get excited about it after a few weeks, but that didn’t last long before I just wanted the pregnancy over.
As someone whose period has been like clockwork for the past three years, scared doesn’t even begin to cover it. Both of my pregnancies were unplanned; when I was a scared, 19-year-old and when I was 28 and married. So when I got pregnant the second time around when my daughter was not even a year old, I was angry at the plus sign on the pregnancy stick and with myself.
The second time, I resented the pregnancy from the start to although I never resented my son!

I know that now, if for no other reason than living through the drawn-out anguish I found myself trying to cope with while I waited to see if I was pregnant or not. I’m sure I would love another child as much as I love Emma, and there is no question there I just felt like how could this be happening again!
I have never been happy to see a positive pregnancy test, and while there will probably always be a part of me that wishes I had that experience, I’m not willing to get pregnant again in order to find out.
If not having another is something you’re serious about though maybe you should look into more permanent options. Sure I could afford a baby now, I’m married and in my 30s, but I feel that my family is complete.

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