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Traditions of Kathakali and Mohiniattam are very art forms which have developed from their origins evolved popular classical dance forms developed. Witch Dance heavenly Mohiniattam is characterized by graceful movements of the body and limbs, and facial and hand gestures that convey a range of emotions. One of the most important painters of India, Raja Ravi Verma (1848-1906) developed a technique entirely new art in India.
Some of the well-known dishes from Kerala are: appam, puttu, pradaman, Payasam, fish moilee, Nadan kozhi curry, meen pollichathu, curry shrimp and Kappa.
Upendra Yadav has revealed online articles, blogs, whitepapers, travel Blogs and DIY guides on topics starting from luxury train trip travel guides to the remotest places in India.
Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala government has made elaborate arrangements to monitor restaurants, hotels and other food businesses within the State and also the inflow of food items from outside the State during the festival season.
The government had banned products of some milk companies from Tamil Nadu citing its poor quality.

The Minister said the Health and Food Safety Departments were prepared to meet any emergency situation regarding food safety during the festival season. Temples of Kerala display exquisite carvings, sculptures and architectural features, demonstrating the ability of the craftsmen who created them. Kathakali is characterized by elaborate costumes, including several layers of clothes and ornate hats.
He used the technique of western oil painting to describe the characters of Indian mythology and paint portraits of the royal families of Kerala, Mysore and Baroda.
Kerala tables are customarily consumed finger from a plate consisting of a fresh banana leaves.
Sivakumar said checking had been made more stringent in the border check-posts of Amaravila in Thiruvananthapuram district, Aryankavu in Kollam district and Meenakshipuram and Walayar check-posts in Palakkad district.
Large quantities of milk from the neighbouring States reached Kerala on account of the increased demand for milk during the Onam season.

Exquisite sculptures, music and dance forms can be seen in the historical development of cultural traditions of Kerala. Some of the well-known temples of Kerala known for their design and sculptural excellence are Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum and Guruvayoor temple in Thrissur district. Coconut and coconut milk curry liberally used to thicken and legendary spices of Kerala adding a bit of flavor to various dishes of Kerala cuisine is sure to leave licking your fingers and ask for more. Heroic characters in Kathakali faces are painted green, the villains and demons are painted black and female faces are painted yellow.
Every community in Kerala, the Brahmans, the Nairs, the Thiyyas, the Ezhavas, Muslims and Christians have their own special dishes made their festive occasions.

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