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Join us for an afternoon as our experts from Thomson Fertility Centre share on the fertility treatments available to help you get started on fulfilling your Baby Hopes. Years of expertise in fertility treatment: India is currently becoming one of the top centres for treating infertility in the world.
IVF in India has become the sole reason for many foreign patients, visiting India and showing confidence in our treatment standards.
Meet the experts who make Srushti as one of Indiaa€™s Top Fertility CentreUncompromised personal care, a trait of Srushti helps build an unbreakable bond of trust between us and the patients.
Doctor Sajitha is a gold medalist with treasured 10 years of experience in ART and gynaec services.
With the guaranty of no payment on top here you can find the ALL INCLUSIVE package which includes, except for air tickets, all what is needed during treatment, even all prescribed medication. To make your cycle comfortable and stress-free treatment is fully coordinated by ARLETA IVF Ltd as an agent and a treated couple stays in beautiful Prague to combine treatment and enjoyable moments, too.
For those who need an egg donation we've launched an online egg donors database of our active donors. Incubator in the embryological laboratory substitutes the environment and function of the ovarian tubes during the first 4 days after fertilization. Execution: The ISM intervention is done using exactly the same catheter which is used during a transfer. I've just got back from arleta and I can't begin to find words that will express how wonderful they were.
My experience thus far with the level of care of all the people that my husband and I have received on our journey thus far with Prague has been exceptional. With every 6th person facing infertility issues here, the number of clinics offering IVF treatment are increasing day by day. The clinics where IVF in India are practiced, comprises of doctors and surgeons with more 35 years of experience in this field.
Medical experts in the field of fertility have been conducting years of research and this is how IVF in India has grown over a period.
The surgeons should be trained and highly experienced, and also a thorough consultation and research in order to improve their techniques and appeal to more and more couples.
Samundi Sankarihas secured a reputation as one of the most respected medical experts in the fertility field.She has been awarded numerous honorary posts, published countless scientific studies, and offered her knowledge at conferences and symposiums around the world.
Divya Sivaraman is a highly skilled medical professional with the procreating acumen like her mother Dr. She is extremely articulate and can empathise with patients with her expertise to produce best success rates, under the leadership of Dr.

The reproductive medicine centre specializes in Egg Donation IVF, IVF with Own Eggs and Embryo Adoption, among others, all of them with an outstanding personal approach and impressive success rates. We selected Arleta, based on previous reviews from couples, success rates, and overall cost. The purpose of such a concept is you could consider a suitable donor comfortably while you are at home. After a very long journey of 7 years through infertility and a lot of money spent through IVF in the UK naturally we were anxious about the egg donor procedure as this was going to be our last attempt. It is quite a pride for India as thousands of women are getting a new lease of life every year with this treatment. IVF in India is for all those parents who have been trying for many years to conceive but without a touch of luck.
Preshanthan is a dynamic management post graduate , with brimming ideas to reinvent and sculpt Srushti fertility centre into a No.1 service provider for all fertility treatments in India. Right from our initial enquiry to completion of our treatment we felt we were supported 100% all the time. Leading experts confirmed a profit in methods like selection of sperms for assisted fertilization (PICSI), benefits in selection of embryos prior to the transfer using a method called time lapse and also monitoring what kind of material the embryo itself produces into the cultivation medium.
If we implement similar Implantation Support Medium artificially into layers of the endometrium in 48 - 72 hours after fertilization the chance for the woman to get pregnant increases by 20%.
I cannot praise the hospitality and professional care that we were expressed throughout this process enough both by the clinic and Tom who immediately took care of all our needs.
The fact that the success rate of IVF in India has been quite high has drawn many international patients to try their luck of parenthood with top centers of IVF in India. IVF in India has been praised by the top surgeons all over the world and it is on its way to become one of the most reliable fertility treatment hubs in the entire world. He is also a tech savvy with enterprising concepts, working to provide world class technology to our patients. Our questions , queries and any fears we had were always answered promptly and excellent guidance provided in relation to medication. Both above mentioned methods - PICSI and online monitoring of the embryos from fertilization till the transfer (using the program Primo Vision) are successfully used in our laboratory. If firsts impressions count then this company and the way they treat you as an individual and a human being are first class and I would strongly recommend them to anyone wanting to undergo IVF treatment. With multiple treatments growing and treatment standards becoming high, IVF in India is getting a lot of support from the government as well as from people all over.
K and as a rich academic background to deliver latest technology in ART to give best results to our patients.

Newly since August we have also been orientating on the third influencing point - what the embryos produce into the cultivation medium.
Looking forward to seeing Tom and the gang at the clinic again really soon and here's hoping that the IVF works for us as so far in England , after spending thousands of pounds and a year or treatment we have had no luck at all. Unfortunately the 1st pregnancy ended at 6 weeks, however our second resulted in the birth of our beautiful baby boy this September 2015. We stayed a little longer than expected due to a slight complication from our side but even this was not a problem for Tom or the clinic who again took care of all our needs. We cannot recommend this company and its staff highly enough - excellent, professional, and truly caring people. Another advantage is that instantly prior to an embryotransfer we insert a catheter into the uterus, which increases the chance of a smooth embryotransfer a few days later. The Primo vision at the time was not included in the package but this process allowed the clinic to select the top quality eggs that were transferred and this was god sent at the time as non of the other embryos survived so we had the best chance of success from the start. There were no hidden costs and even with the distance during the process the communication from the clinic was excellent and very personal which made us both feel confident and relaxed that everything was taken care of. The clinic promises 2nd fresh transfer when following the egg donation route, and we are hopeful that our next cycle will be successful.
Only two embryos of ten mature eggs survived and was high rated, I got those two, and now I am pregnant, very early, but yet!
No matter what my results are I would wholeheartedly recommend Arleta over and above any other clinic in the world. There's a totem pole in the arleta garden which Dr Dolezal made himself for the arleta annual children's party.
I would highly recommend this clinic despite our negative outcome on conceiving a baby at present. I mention this because Arleta is more than a IVF factory it's a community and family centred place that values it's staff and clients, past and present. It's all a personal choice but I would suggest you give Tom a ring at arleta before choosing any other clinic. He's not a salesman but an understanding , informative support who will do his upmost to make your IVF journey comfortable.

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