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If you have a success story that you would like to share, please see our Fertility Family page for information on the best way to do it.
I am Vijaylakshmi, married at very young age when almost I did know nothing about sexuality or marital life. I had my pregnancy test on 11th Day of the embryo transfer and also checked for hormonal levels. I wish every couple who undergo treatment here a very good luck and also positive thoughts for their dreams and I am thankful from my heart to each and every member of the Institute. I was just 19 when I got married, ours was an arranged marriage and we both are from a small village in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, though for our studies we stayed in hostel at Hyderabad.
At this point I was feeling very isolated and depressed and thinking that I am only fighting the battle of infertility. My husband and I agreed to go for only one IVF cycle as we were both emotionally and monetarily drained. I am 41 years old and had undergone three failed IVF cycles with my oocytes, with different fertility clinics in USA.
We agreed with them and gave our consent, we sent them the possible characteristics we were looking in the donor.
We were waiting for the b-hCG blood report for confirmation of the pregnancy and by God’s grace and Dr.
Going to infertility specialists is not something one can discuss easily with family and friends.
Bhavana and I were married for 6 years and were trying to conceive from the last 2 years.
We were very impressed with the information furnished by the institute’s website and we decided to give it a try and contacted them via mail with our case details.
There is no greater reward than a patient sharing the success that they have had at Reproductive Partners.
I was just 18 and very next year I got pregnant and one fine day suddenly I developed unbearable abdominal pain and went to my gynae for the same. With doctors best efforts my hormonal levels were maintained through exogenous hormone Supplement.
We wanted to delay our pregnancy and we followed safe period (as my period is regular 28 days cycle) and male barrier (condom) method.
During my first visit to the doctor Rama Devi - she explained me the technical points and emotional aspects of infertility. The stimulation medicines worked well and as per the embryologist my embryos were excellent.
Rama prescribed me medicines to synchronize my cycle with that of the donor  and she asked me to get all the pre-investigations done at our place in USA only.
Rama and her clinic staff for helping us build a complete family and fulfill our deepest desire to achieve parent hood.
It is a difficult decision to make and it means that both husband and wife have to accept reality and make a joint decision to seek advice and help. After not conceiving, we decided to visit our local gynaecologist, she did all the tests and prescribed us some medicines, we tried for 6 monhts.
Rama’s Fertility clinics was a perfect blend of professionalism mixed with gentleness, kindness and compassion. Here is a collection of some of the happy patients and their stories of success with IVF treatment.
We had done the Clomid, tried the IUI's unsuccessfully and even spontaneously conceived only to discover it was a tubal pregnancy.

We look forward to staying in touch with you through the years as the two miracles you helped us conceive remind us everyday how blessed we are! During our 4th cycle we decided that this would be our last chance and we also started thinking of adopting a child, because my husband never wanted me to suffer physically, mentally or emotionally.
My husband is 8 years elder to me and as a part of his job he had to leave the country for 2 years. They showed us a video presentation of their hospital which was very simple, impressive yet very informative and accurate. During all these mail transactions and phone conversations the staff of the hospital and Dr.Rama herself told me to keep a positive approach and encouraged us not to loose hope. This saved us a lot of time and money as we came to India just a day before the oocyte pick up procedure. Our struggles with infertility were an emotionally and physically  trying time, however the warmth and personal attention felt at every office visit, and on every telephone call gave us the encouragement we needed, to never loose hope. Through Dr.Rama and her staff we have been blessed by a unique gift of life and we are truly thankful and grateful to Dr. Rama’s advice and she and her team did their best to keep my hormone levels under control. Since all the time after our marriage we spent in fulfilling our family responsibilities as my PD’s family is large and he is the eldest of his six brothers and sisters. After seeing the presentation I took the email ID of the hospital and contacted them and mailed my case history. Then we decided to visit a fertility specialist, I surfed the net for the top fertility specialists in Hyderabad and got the address of Dr. Wisot read our charts and gave us options - he was not quick to recommend one route over the other as he was confident we WOULD be parents one day. In emergency she had to remove one of my tubes and also gave me bad news that my second tube is scarred tube.
I was happy to know that someone is there to share my feelings and to treat my infertility. They promptly replied and considering my age and failure of 3 IVF cycles with my own oocytes advised me to go for oocyte donation. With the treatments we had previously attempted, along with the increased risk of another tubal pregnancy, we opted to try IVF. This feeling was out of the world and words were not enough to express my joy and happiness. Few months later, after seeing an advertisement in Women’s Era Magazine, I called up the number given.
I started thinking of having a child and being so young I thought I can be a mother anytime. We felt that we were receiving the best possible care and attention with you as our doctor. The procedure went on smoothly and all the while the doctor took great care for preparing my endometrium for the implantation. I was satisfied after talking over the phone and decided to visit the centre at Hyderabad.
We never had time to think about a child until we saw our friend’s children growing up in front of our eyes. It was diagnosed that I was suffering from severe oligospermia with only 20% motility and Dr. Doctors prescribed me medicines for healthy pregnancy,  I was so relaxed with all the doctors there that I decided to stay under their care till my delivery, because I knew no body else could treat me as best as Dr.

As per their instruction I visited the centre on 3rd day of my period with 3-4 days absence from sex (they told me, it is requires to have proper semen analysis). One day when I visited my Aunt she told me about fertility treatment, I was really happy. My all reports were normal but to out surprise semen analysis reports showed the total count to be 2 million with 10% progressive motility.
Wisot and his team not only for their expert medical guidance, but also their empathy and compassion to couples who are experiencing infertility. Staying in a very small town we were unaware of developing science and treatments available for issueless couple. All these years I was visiting different temples and Gurujis for their blessing so that I could be a mother. The problems of our life got solved one by one- my PD’s brothers and sisters got married and settled in their lives. My wife was kept on long protocol hormonal therapy and mature oocytes were retrieved from her and the embryologists performed the ICSI procedure with my semen sample. The nursing staff handled our questions and concerns with the utmost urgency and kindness - support that we will never forget receiving from you! I named her Ramashree as she was a priceless gift from God passed through the hands of Dr. After completion of medicine course, my husband repeated the test and there was no real improvement.
That following month I underwent IUI cycle and for the first time my periods got delayed. Doctor advised us to directly go for IVF-ICSI in this procedure the embryologist inject a single motile sperm into a single egg for fertilization and the resultant embryo will be transferred to my womb.
My health, pregnancy and emotions were taken care by Dr.Rama, my PD and his family members.
During my first visit to the institute I was educated about fertility, reproductivity, fertility treatments and most importantly about positive attitude. It was just a miracle and my miracle baby is now 3 years old and she is luck to have three mothers me, my sister-in-law and Dr.
From counselors to pathological lab staff, all were very cooperative and made me feel that I am special. After my first consultation, I was completely satisfied with the doctor’s approach and also promised her to visit her centre on 3rd Day of my period along with my period. As I was in a hurry to be a mother now and considering my age factor and also my husband’s semen analysis reports showed severe oligospermia, we decided to go for an IVF cycle directly. Even today when I see everybody in the hospital, they enquire about my health and feel very much happy for me. They again checked my tubes through HSG and came to the conclusion that IVF will be the best option for me to conceive.
Inseminated with my husband’s sperm, nine oocytes fertilized and all nine turned into beautiful embryos.

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