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Women who cannot conceive naturally are keen on getting these treatment to have a healthy and safe pregnancy In-vitro fertilization or IVF is one of those fertility technique where an egg is fertilized outside the body and then planted in the woman’s uterus for further pregnancy.
The process of IVF dates back to early 70s when test tube babies were brought in the world using the same technology.After the success of these test tube babies,the process became popular and was adopted by more and more childless couples. In vitro or fertilization outside the body often results in multiple births or more than one or two babies. Most of the people believe that IVF has a very low success rate, which has been held true in plenty of cases.
IVF is an expensive treatment procedure which may run heavy bills till the completion of the multi stage process.
An IVF pregnancy is considered to be risky as the process is artificial and not a natural one.
A woman pregnant with IVF needs to be monitored periodically and has to be kept on progesterone support to help retain the pregnancy till a safer stage. If your IVF is a success and you conceive after the whole process then it surely is a big thing!.
You need to take proper care of your pregnancy diet and nutrition to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy.Also, you will undergo a lot of prenatal tests and monitoring a little more than those who conceive naturally.This is done to make sure every thing is going well inside and you deliver a healthy baby after nine months! Since 1985, after starting the Stanford IVF Clinic, we have been providing state-of-the-art infertility treatments including In Vitro Fertilization, male infertility treatments, egg quality treatments, donor egg IVF, and embryo banking in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California. Over these years, we have seen close to two thousand In Vitro Fertilization babies conceived and born. We hope that after you browse our website and talk to our staff, you will decide that Bay IVF Center is the best place to conceive your baby!
Natural, holistic approach to reproductive treatments to mimic spontaneous conception as closely as possible.
Careful selection of the most appropriate treatment to maximize your probability of success. Unrivaled clinic environment: our compassionate and dedicated team will spare no effort to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We look forward to meeting you at Bay IVF Center and helping you achieve your pregnancy as soon as possible! In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is the most effective treatment available to help infertile patients achieve pregnancy from their own eggs and sperm. Because we strive for the highest embryo quality and to minimize the probability of ovarian hyperstimulation, our IVF ovarian stimulation protocols are gentle and always individualized.

The goal of Preimplantation Genetic Screening is to increase the probability of a successful treatment outcome by decreasing the likelihood of transferring genetically abnormal embryos. PGS has been proposed for patients at risk for having an increased likelihood of genetically abnormal embryos, including women of advanced maternal age and those with a history of recurrent early pregnancy loss, repeated IVF failure, or severe male factor infertility.
It is believed that approximately 10% to 15% of all men are born with some degree of male infertility, and approximately one third of the time, infertility can be solely attributed to male infertility. In recent years, the prospect of being able to conceive one’s genetic child has increased considerably for men with male factor infertility. The egg quality factor refers to frequency of genetically and biologically "perfect" eggs present within the ovaries.
This frequency begins to decrease at the age of approximately 32 and by the age of 40, a great majority of high quality eggs have already disappeared from the ovaries. In 1988, our patients were some of the first in the San Francisco Bay Area to have an option of Donor Egg In Vitro Fertilization treatment. You should consider Donor Egg IVF treatment if you cannot or should not, for genetic reasons, conceive with your own eggs. Children conceived from "fresh" or frozen donor eggs are genetically linked to the male partner and the egg donor, but the female partner is the one who becomes pregnant, nourishes the baby throughout the pregnancy and experiences the childbirth.
Some couples may delay starting their family so much that by the time they decide to have children, it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to conceive. Embryo Banking consists of retrieving eggs from your ovaries, fertilizing them with your partner's semen, cryopreserving the resulting embryos, and storing them for your future use. When living cells are frozen, the water component of the cell forms ice crystals damaging the cell. In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Egg IVF, and Frozen Donor Egg IVF treatments can result in the creation of more embryos than you may wish to have transferred.
The complexity and cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer treatment is less than if you were to repeat a full In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Egg IVF, or Frozen Donor Egg IVF treatment. Emily and Jay have been our good friends for a couple years now, and we are so grateful for them both! Annie Jane Photography provides custom maternity photography, newborn photography, and baby photography and serves the Greater Binghamton area including Vestal, Endicott, Greene, Windsor, Owego, Norwich and Cortland. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
However, with the advancement of science there are a lot of fertility treatments and procedures which could be a boon for childless couples.

Since then IVF is one of the most popular method to conceive artificially and produce babies.
Roughly the success rate of IVF pregnancies is as low as 20-30%.This success rate also depends on a lot of factors that includes the woman’s age, quality of sperms, quality of eggs, reproductive health, genetic factors and of course the expertise and skill of the doctor performing the IVF and the embryo transplant. The drugs, specialized equipments and the surgical procedures used in the IVF process are expensive because of which each cycle may cost up to thousand dollars too.
Utmost care has to be taken after IVF as the risk of miscarriage almost doubles in this type of pregnancy.
She also needs to undergo regular blood tests to monitor the HCG levels in the body to ensure a safe pregnancy. An IVF pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy and needless to say your doctor would flood you with tips and precautions to keep the pregnancy a safe and smooth one throughout the gestation period.
Your appointments with us should feel like visiting a friend instead of a medical facility.
In situations, where patients had to use a sperm donor in the past, we will now almost always be able to use the partner’s sperm to fertilize the eggs, even if the male infertility is quite severe.
With few exceptions, Donor Egg IVF will be needed if you (female partner) are 43 years or older.
It can be a highly successful treatment typically used for patients who no longer have high quality eggs within their ovaries.
Embryo Banking can be used to postpone having children while pursuing your educational and professional goals. It is typically possible to freeze (vitrify, cryopreserve) these "extra" embryos and store them in liquid nitrogen. Many of these men can have their sperm aspirated directly from their testicles or from the epididymis (tightly coiled tubules, attached to the top of the testes) that stores the sperm prior to an ejaculation. Most men who had a vasectomy can have sperm aspirated from the epididymis above the point where the sperm delivering tubes were severed by vasectomy.
Multiple pregnancies are often called high-risk pregnancies and involve lot of complications and dangers for the mother as well as the babies. The physical definition of vitrification is the solidification of a solution at low temperature, not by ice crystallization but by extreme elevation in viscosity during cooling.

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