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For others of us, however, the "trying-to-conceive stage" of starting a family can last longer, sometimes much longer, with month after disappointing month of negative pregnancy test results.
Increasingly, couples are turning to natural, doctor-designed fertility enhancement options like FertilAid before resorting to costly and invasive fertility treatments.
The following are actual reviews submitted to us by couples who’ve achieved pregnancy with FertilAid after trying to conceive for an extended period of time. My wife and I had been trying for six months to have a child after six months she went to the dr to make sure there was nothing wrong and the dr confirmed there was nothing physically wrong. I started taking this as soon as I received it in the mail on April 17th 2016, which also happened to be day 2 of my cycle.
After almost two years of TTC, we decided to try the fertiliaid value pack as a last effort before seeing a fertility specialist. I ordered some of this for me and my husband after trying for about 2.5 years after our 1st child.
My wife and I are in our mid-30's and we've been trying for 10-months after having a miscarriage. I was told by numerous doctors that I wouldn't have children, my chances were little to none!
I have Pcos and back in 2013 me and my husband tried for over a year to conceive and nothing worked my periods were always late for months.
I start taking fertilaid Feb 29 2016 and I got bfp ond April 7 2016 and I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant on April 19 2016.
Started taking this in February of 2015, adding OvaBoost beginning in April, and I'm 5 weeks 2 days pregnant now!
Started taking after my cycle in February to regulate my hormones after coming off of Depo in December.
After trying for over a year after my surgery for endometriosis, we found out my husband had male infertility. Often times it seems that for these couples, no sooner has the decision to have a baby been made than pregnancy is achieved. It's well known that sperm counts have dropped dramatically over the last 75 years due to dietary and exercise factors, as well as exposure to environmental toxins.

While not all couples experience success with FertilAid, many do – and some of them in dramatic fashion. My boyfriend looked over my shoulder at the test 1 minute later and asked "what do 2 dark pink lines mean?" I squealed and spun around as fast as my body would allow and saw the lines!
Went to a fertility doctor and almost had a hysterosalpingography, But I missed my period! My Husband was diagnosed with low sperm count back in January of 2016 we went and met with a Fertility specialist. Took this for 1.5 months and FertilAid for 2.5 months and we are now expecting our 3rd child! Ovulatory disorders are on the rise as well, causing an estimated 15% of all infertility cases in the United States. However, I was receiving very faint lines the week prior that I just did not take seriously.
Both times we began taking the pills ( not really regularly) and about 3 months later a positive pregnancy. I couldn't believe it, we held hands and cried and I called the closest OBGYN and my primary doctor to schedule an appointment.
We had been seeing a RE to go over our options and were set to start IVF one week before finding out we were pregnant. My wife has one blocked Fallopian tube and was taking FertilAid women and FertilCM as well as serrapaptese. I went on to see my OBGYN almost a month later (too long of a wait if you ask me) and heard my baby's heartbeat! Within two weeks of starting pills I got my period on day 28 usually 35-40 day cycle and continued using the product, didn't get my period on day 28 next cycle so thought maybe I was just going to get it on day 35 again so didn't think anything of it until day 40 no period took a pregnancy test and got a BFP!! We tried to conceive for 4 months before giving this product a try, and got pregnant the first cycle using it. I read the ingredients label online and saw that it included every herb and supplement for fertility that I had read about for well over a month! It was the most beautiful moment of my life until the day I gave birth to my first beautiful, healthy, smart baby girl!

After reading testimonials and doing further research into the product, I decided to give it a try. One after being on the pills for one month, another after being on them two months and the results went up. I began taking it again when my daughter was almost 2 and became pregnant with my 2nd beautiful baby girl after 3 weeks of taking it! Fertility saved my life, gave me 2 beautiful little girls and I could not thank them for this product enough! After 7 weeks of taking it and my period being almost 2 weeks late, I though "eh, what the heck, I'll get a pregnancy test" I was sure I wasn't pregnant, but had to check! Even with all of my health issues and trying for 3 years, once I found and began taking fertilaid it changed my life. I went to a local grocery store and bought a clear blue test and brought it to my best friends house to use it. We drove home excited to take the test and I kept saying I knew it would be negative but something wouldn't allow me to ignore taking another test.
I definitely would love for you to share my story to help encourage others into trying your products! I know how awful and hopeless i felt when i believed i wouldnt ever have children of my own and would love to help and encourage others to not give up!
Fertilaid helped me to have these two little angels, the most beautiful gift I have ever received! I am done having children now, but would love to go back on fertilaid just for the health benefits again!

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