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A few weeks back I had to start wearing my glasses full time because whenever I put my contacts in, it feels like I’m wearing tiny pieces of sandpaper on my eyes.
While I’m certainly more than ready to meet this new little person who will make our family complete, there is also a small (and growing smaller with each passing day) part of me that says to just appreciate this time while I have it.
First Vu Imaging is located in Plano, Texas and proudly serves the entire North Texas area. When I was pregnant with Frog I remember looking at her due date much as one would look at a deadline. A little research tells me this idea of all pregnancies lasting bang on 40 weeks is a fairly modern phenomenon. I can completely understand a woman’s eagerness to give birth once she reaches the end of her pregnancy. Where I live in the UK you are closely monitored if you go beyond ten days past your due date. Again, Ina May Gaskin points to the fact that many of the babies she has delivered were to Amish women in America, who often carried to 43 weeks. As I said, I’m hoping to avoid an induction and have my fingers crossed that, like his or her older sister, this baby will make an appearance before I have to face being induced. I’ve heard acupuncture and reflexology are both great natural ways to start a labour. My first born was one of those rare babies who actually put in an appearance on their due date – having gone into labour the day before, failure to progress ended in an emergency section.
I didn’t reach my due date (by one day) but then I was on a 28 day cycle and at 7lb9oz, Toby was clearly ready and fully cooked!
This happens when my allergies flare up, but what could I possibly be allergic to in the dead of winter?  Apparently my eyeballs are allergic to being pregnant. Please note that our 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women who are under the care of a physician and have already had a diagnostic ultrasound.

After all, if I was happy to ignore the calendar I didn’t want other people putting the sweats on me instead. The date is based on a 28 weekly cycle (a cycle that not all women share, by the way) and a scan at 12 weeks.
And, in fact, the research into letting pregnancies go beyond 42 weeks is a little hazy anyway, because so few women go beyond this date. And, in the meantime, I’m going to continue to waddle around, doing bits of yoga and listening to meditation CDs while eating chocolate and taking naps. I’ve gone passed 40 weeks with all three and the first time that two week waiting from due date to induction was not good, I felt like such a cracking failure and that my body was letting me down yet again. Hoping this one will make a timely appearance before I have to make any decisions about an induction. I was terrified of this, and they do put the pressure on to induce when it’s not what you really want. My eldest was induced at 14 days past my EDD and when they examined me they told me I was nowhere near ready to deliver. And I think it’s a good thing if attitudes to the whole 40 week pregnancy thing are changing. Mum, journalist, adventurer, interiors addict, juggler and lover of posh kettle chips and cold glasses of wine. It seems to me that everywhere you turn in this country there’s an idea that a pregnancy lasting beyond 40 weeks is abnormal.
The idea that we all take exactly the same amount of time to make a baby just doesn’t make sense does it? This is where you'll find a collection of my thoughts and photographs on all things mum life related (and some not).
And, as the brilliant blogger and inspirational midwife Clemmie from Gas and Air told me once, less than five percent of babies actually arrive on their due date anyway.

But, for me, the idea of hurrying along this baby before it’s ready feels like a betrayal of trust in my body. Surely if the monitoring showed mum and baby were fine, there shouldn’t be a rush to begin an induction?
Doesn’t sound like the way to make a heavily pregnant woman relaxed – which is what you need to be to give your body the best chance of going into labour! However I truly believe that she was ready to come and after just one dose of the gel I was quickly in established labour. Expect opinion, travel inspiration, interiors lusting and plenty of other stuff that doesn't easily fall into a blog category.
You get to 40-plus weeks pregnant, and then we’ll just see what you consider to be a reasonable argument. Induction is a pretty big deal after all – all the evidence shows that once you start a labour artificially there is more chance of needing further interventions as the labour progresses.
Another acupuncture tip too – I’d definitely rather acupuncture than being induced at hospital! You would have thought, then, that the¬†notion of going beyond 40 weeks wouldn’t be such a big deal to some people. The fact that she was born by emcs I believe is due to the intense nature of the contractions as they’d been artificially started. Luka was a natural labour at 41+4 and that’s why I know my body is just not made for short pregnancies!

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