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At the Ottawa Fertility Centre, we continuously analyze our own success rates to identify trends important to the care of our patients. Types of Prenatal VitaminsPrenatal vitamins are essential for the growth and development of the fetus.
Best-Prenatal-Vitamins-for-Pregnancyprenatal vitamins for pregnancy help boost the mother's ability to withstand the course and nature of gestation. Online Pregnancy Quizpregnancy quiz is a tool to assist the need of a woman to ascertain the possibility of pregnancy. What-IS-IUICheaper but less effective than IVF, the IUI treatment can be the first option in the treatment of infertility. Pregnancy after Tubal Litigationpregnancy after tubal ligation happens only, when a woman decides to undergo a reversal operation.
Is There an Abortion Pillabortion pill is a pharmaceutical product that can effectively terminate a growing fetus inside the pregnant mother's womb.
How to Test Fertility in WomenFertility tests can be done at home or in the presence of a doctor.
What Causes Infertility in WomenInfertility in women involves a problem in the hormonal and reproductive functions. What Causes Infertility in MenInfertility in men is common to those with stress, infection or abnormalities in their reproductive function. Infertility-Treatments-for-MenInfertility in Men can be easily treated with healthy eating. What-Causes-InfertilityAging, Stress and unhealthy lifestyle are the leading causes of infertility in adults. Diseases and Disorders that Can Cause InfertilityCertain disorders in both men and women can lead to infertility. Nutrition During Pregnancy and LactationNutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation is very important for the health of your baby. Dietary considerations during Pregnancy and LactationDiet during pregnancy and lactation should be chosen carefully as it is responsible for your child's health. Things-to-Help-you-Get-PregnantSay no to certain things and yes to others, to increase the chances of pregnancy. Chinese-Remedies-for-InfertilityChinese medication is renowned for its treatment of infertility. Ovulation Predictor KitsOvulation Prediction can help ascertain the right time to get pregnant. Tips on Getting PregnantGetting pregnant can be very easy if you follow the important cues. Fertility-and-Pregnancy-after-40Fertility and chances of pregnancy reduces drastically once a woman reaches 40 years.
Risks of Being pregnant Over 40Being pregnant Over 40 and delivering a baby has its own risks.
What is Birth Control Used forBirth control methods are basically used to avoid any unwanted pregnancies, but hey have their other uses also. All about Birth Control PillsWhen it comes to contraceptive pill women want the one that is the most effective but sometimes it’s all about how they use them.
Types of Birth Control for WomenThe two major types of birth control methods are based on how they work: hormonal methods and non-hormonal methods. Preventing Stretch Marks During PregnancyStretch marks appear in most women during pregnancy and you will probably try to prevent them or erase them later. Ultrasound for PregnancyUltrasound scan can help doctors identify possible problems and give some precious details about the developing baby in the womb. Pregnancy After MenopauseMenopause usually comes in your 50s, sometimes earlier but it marks the end of natural pregnancies although you can conceive thanks to IVF treatment.
Morning Sickness and Its RemediesDuring the first semester pregnant women experience nausea often associated with vomiting. What Is IVF and How Does It WorkIVF is a fertilization treatment that requires adequate preparation before going through all the major steps of the process. Can Birth Control Stop PregnancyCombination of sexual intercourse with birth control can prevent pregnancy, while the reverse is also true.

What is surrogate motherThere can be a traditional surrogate mother or a gestational surrogate mother. What is surrogate motherhoodParting with the child, once it is born is the most difficult part of being a surrogate mother. What is SurrogacySurrogacy is a term used more often to describe the practice of serving as a substitute for a woman who can't carry a pregnancy. Can Folic Acid Help You Get PregnantThe folic acid plays an important role in pregnancy as it can prevent neural tube defects and improve fertility. Most Accurate Home Pregnancy TestsTesting early for pregnancy might be normal when you are eager to know if you are pregnant or not but it might not be very accurate.
Pregnancy Blood TestPregnancy Blood Test can tell about the health of your baby in the womb. In certain cases of infertility the artificial insemination or the IUI (intrauterine insemination) could be the best solution. Intrauterine insemination also known as artificial insemination is a fertility treatment that involves a procedure of placing sperm directly in the woman’s uterus. The older types of IUI involved placing the sperm into the vagina which was easier than but not as effective as the new procedure where sperm is placed directly into the uterus. There is an option of doing the IUI at home but this means you will place the sperm into the vagina.
There are full kits available for this in the market but what you need mostly is a needleless syringe and a collection cup where you will collect the donor’s sperm.
You have to find a comfortable position, ideally lying down on your back with the hip raised. Then you glide the syringe into your vagina close to the cervix but do not enter the cervix. Treatments That WorkIt’s a myth that relaxing or “giving it time” will overcome infertility. Frederick Licciardi, MD, associate director, reproductive endocrinology, NYU Medical Center; associate professor, NYU School of Medicine. We continuously analyze our own success rates to identify trends important to the care of our patients. Because it does not involve manipulation of woman’s eggs it’s not considered an ART (assisted reproductive technology).
The procedure is older and less effective but it can be done at home without any medical assistance. For up to 3 cycles of artificial insemination with Clomid therapy, there are 10% chances per month of getting pregnant. Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, 7th ed., Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2005.
It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. The purpose of the IUI treatment is to increase the chances of fertilization by increasing the amount of sperm that reach the fallopian tube. It means the fast moving sperm is separated from the non-moving or slow-moving sperm, in the laboratory. The cost varies depending on the medication needed but the average cost of IVF in USA is somewhere between 11,000$ and 12,000$ per cycle while the IUI costs 300$ to 700$ per cycle. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.
This way, we maximize patient safety by reducing the chance of high order (triplet or more) multiple pregnancy.
If you add medication and ultrasound monitoring the price of IUI cycle will range somewhere between 1500$ to 4000$.
Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. If a woman is over 35 or has an irregular menstrual cycle, and has been trying for 6 months, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible. These tests are not the same as those your doctor gives you.  Ovulation Problems?If your doctor finds you don’t ovulate normally, medication can help.

Be aware that you are more likely to get pregnant with twins (or more!) because it makes the ovaries release more than one egg at a time. Injectable HormonesIf you don’t get pregnant after taking clomiphene for 3 to 6 months, your doctor may recommend fertility hormone shots to encourage ovulation. Surgery for Blocked Fallopian TubesIn some women, scars prevent eggs from traveling down the fallopian tubes.
It can happen if you have endometriosis (the overgrowth of tissue that lines the uterus, growing in areas it should not) or if you have had pelvic infections or surgeries in the past. Doctors can attempt take out that scar tissue with surgery, which could boost your odds of having a baby.
An Alternative to IVF: Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a popular procedure for many fertility problems. Doctors place the man’s sperm into the woman’s uterus, but not into the egg itself, while she ovulates.
IUI is less expensive and simpler than IVF (in vitro fertilization), but pregnancy rates are much lower.
You and your partner may want to see a counselor first, to make sure you’re both ready to raise a child who is not biologically related to the father. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)This option offers hope when other infertility treatments don’t work.
In 2012, pregnancy rates per IVF cycle ranged from 10% for women ages 43-44 to 47% for women under 35.   What is “ICSI”?Doctors can inject the sperm directly into the egg in a lab. This technique, called “ICSI” (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), helps when a man’s sperm count is very low or his sperm don’t move well.
When the fertilized egg is ready, it goes into the woman’s uterus through the normal IVF process. IVF With a Donor EggWomen who are over 40, have poor egg quality, or have not had success with previous cycles may consider an egg donor. If the procedure works, the woman becomes pregnant with a child who is biologically related to her partner but not herself. IVF RisksTo boost the odds of success, it’s common to transfer two to four embryos at a time. Carrying multiples raises the risk of miscarriage, anemia, high blood pressure, and other complications during pregnancy. IVF With Blastocyst TransferIn standard IVF, doctors transfer embryos to the womb when they reach the two- to eight-cell stage.
Doctors call them “blastocysts” at that stage, and they choose the healthiest one or two to move to the woman’s uterus. Using Donor EmbryosIf you have not had success with IVF or want for a less expensive option, you might consider using donor embryos.
If successful, the woman will get pregnant, though the baby will not be biologically related to her or her partner.
What to Know About SurrogacyWhen a woman cannot carry her own pregnancy to term, some work with another woman who agrees to be a gestational surrogate.
Infertility treatment is a long-term process, and you want to feel comfortable with your choice.
Now, some couples are trying this popular form of traditional Chinese medicine to address infertility. Research suggests it may improve sperm quality and blood flow to the uterus, help smooth out irregular ovulation, and boost IVF success rates.
Moving OnIf treatments become too heavy of a burden -- physically, emotionally, or financially -- it may be time to consider alternatives.
Costs range from nearly nothing, if you go the foster care route, to as much as $40,000 for a private one.

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