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We provide real solutions for common pregnancy problems and use proven techniques to reduce the need for induction and move a baby who is determined to stay in the wrong position. Our therapists can help with many common symptoms such as heartburn, nausea, fatigue, water retention.
We have years of experience dealing with structural problems such as lower back pain, pubic bone dysfunctions and sciatica to name a few. To increase your changes of having a natural birth we have a tried and tested program of acupuncture to promote cervical ripening and reduce the risk of induction. You can even see a midwife or Doula to help with birth preparation, answer any concerns and even attend your birth.
Physiotherapy – Our physiotherapists’ specialise in the treatment of pregnancy problems such as back and pelvic girdle pain. If your pelvis is out of alignment the birth path of your baby may be restricted making a more enduring or longer birth possible.
Acupuncture – Acupuncture has tremendous benefits at all stages during your pregnancy also acupressure, which uses pressure instead of the fine needles we have at the clinic. Acupuncture and acupressure is also a proven treatment for reducing the need for induction and for speeding up a stalling labour.

Studies show acupuncture increases the chances of a breech baby turning and staying head down.
Reflexology – Reflexology returns the various systems of the body back to working at their natural level. Homeopathy can help with all common pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness, indigestion, skin complaints etc.
There are many things you can do for yourself to make pregnancy a more enjoyable experience and prepare your body for the best birth possible. There is no reason to put up with pain, we will treat you with a combination of manual therapy and give you specific exercise suitable during pregnancy to strengthen and protect your body.
We have helped many women with back pain, sacroiliac joint (SIJ) problems and symphasis pubis dysfunctions (SPD) go on to enjoy their pregnancies and postnatal period. It is extremely helpful if you are suffering from aches and pains in the back or pelvis, nausea, respiratory problems and heartburn. Some people fly through pregnancy with no symptoms at whilst others may experience one or more problems. We also remedies for the babies birth to help with pain management, slow labours, anxiety, breech babies.

Many symptoms of pregnancy are alleviated or improved with acupuncture, these include: nausea, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, swelling and water retention, back pain, anxiety and emotional problems.
Later in the pregnancy there may be aches and pains and tiredness all of which may be aided by reflexology. The more in balance a pregnant mother is the smoother labour is likely to proceed, and the greater chance of giving birth to a healthy vibrant baby.
And go on to help with postnatal problems such as wound care, breastfeeding problems, exhaustion and much more. If you need any advice, please contact our class advisor who can point you in the right direction. Towards the due date it might be beneficial to have regular weekly treatments to help prepare the body to give birth.

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