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First, her body will spend the weeks leading up to her period developing and maturing her egg. Usually, it will be several days before the woman will have the opportunity to become pregnant again after her period has ended.
This will occur if sperm is present at the end of her period and when it survives long enough for the egg to be released again.
Bug bites are a common thing that children must contend with, especially during the summer.
When your toddler isn’t feeling well, it is likely that they will develop nausea which can lead to vomiting.

Toddlers develop a fever from time to time in response to an infection that their body may be fighting. Some women may have cycles that last 28 days, but others may have them that are much shorter or longer than this. During this time, sperm will need to reach the egg and fertilize it in order to create a pregnancy. However, for women who have shorter cycles, it is possible for her to become pregnant immediately following her period. However, in order for this to happen, a woman’s cycle will need to be significantly shorter than usual.

If the pregnancy does not occur, the egg will expire and the body will shed the uterine lining.

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