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A fitness fanatic mum of five who uses her kids as squat weights wants to show you can have a dream body after pregnancy.
Simone Gately, 34, has five children all under the age of nine years-old but still manages to fit in two work outs every day.
The full time mum, from Halifax North Yorkshire, starts her daily routine at 5am with a gym session, followed by a dog walk or hike - and even uses her children as weights for squats and press ups.

Simone's claims her impressive physique and fitness regime does not rule her life and wants to show other mums they can ditch the baby fat too. Her husband, Professor Paul Gately, 45, and their kids, Minnie, two, India, five, Blossom, six, Chester, seven, and Summer, nine, all exercise together, with both parents influencing the children to walk long distances from an early age.

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