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January 30, 2014 By Admin Whether your child has a medical condition that requires him to regularly take medication or you’re treating a temporary illness, you’re probably aware of the lengths that some kids will go to in order to avoid taking medicine. One of the most common reasons kids resist taking liquid medication is the unpleasant taste. Just as imbibing adults tend to chase strong liquor with something that helps the brew go down a bit more easily, your child may benefit from a dose of juice to ease the nastiness of a liquid medication.
For fiercely independent kids, the majority of the medication battle can be based upon a simple refusal to take part in a process over which they have no control.
When your child is old enough to be verbal, a simple explanation may be enough to help her take medication without a struggle.
Unless they’re of the chewable variety, it’s not always wise to crush pills in order to hide them in food or liquid. In a moment of desperation, a parent will call medicine anything other than what it is in an attempt to coerce a reluctant child to take it.
If nothing you try seems to have any effect on your child’s willingness to cooperate, it may be time to contact his pediatrician in order to make more reliable arrangements for treatment. One time I held my breath for so long that I threw up, and then I decided to move back to Tennessee, and then we recorded some rap music.
When I was a kid, I begged my parents for a dog, promising to walk it and feed it every day.
My parents, being generally sensible people, figured that it was unlikely their elementary school-aged son would actually take full responsibility for a live canine. Most importantly, Zenbo functions as a smart home hub like an Amazon Echo, able to control media, thermostats, and other smart home features by voice command. But for all those features, Zenbo will need to overcome some major obstacles in order to succeed.
It appears to run a proprietary operating system, meaning developers will have to build apps specifically for this robot.

So a critical mass of consumers will have to buy Zenbos at first in order to tempt developers to build apps and cross-compatibility for it. Zenbo also lacks a standout feature (besides, possibly, emoting) to distinguish it from bigger-name competitors in the digital assistant space. And those devices don’t have to ponderously follow you around the house to work properly. Though the worst thing about this product is definitely Zenbo’s awful helium-child-robot voice. A private hospital which accepts NHS work has instructed its doctors to artificially delay operations on non-paying patients to encourage them to pay fees.
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From tantrums to evasion or downright refusal, there are almost as many weapons in a kid’s anti-medication arsenal as there are reasons behind his reluctance to take the medicine in the first place. If you’re in the habit of diluting fruit juice for normal drinking, providing an ounce or so of pure juice may be more effective.
Instead of using a syringe to squirt medication into your child’s waiting mouth or holding a specially-designed medication spoon for her, let your child take a bit of control over the administering of her own medication.
Without one, you’re simply asking her to swallow something that tastes bad for no discernible reason. Depending upon the type of medication, crushing the tablets may affect their efficacy or cause irritation to your child’s stomach lining. The last thing you want to do, however, is tell a child that you’re giving her “candy” or a “treat” when she’s being given medication. She may also be able to provide you with alternatives to oral medications you can administer at home, or have other ideas regarding ways to encourage your child to take the medicine he needs. Sleek, chrome-colored, and able to wander around a bit and bark, it filled the pet-shaped hole in my little heart — for about a week.

Contributors please note that this site is archived in the National Library of Australia in perpetuity. Before you resort to force-feeding, threats or bribery to get much-needed medication down your child’s throat, consider these methods of making the process a bit less of a battle. Cranberry juice is particularly useful when it comes to masking unpleasant flavors, but it’s tartness may just compound the taste issue for a picky child. Talk to your little one about why she has to take her medicine, how it will help her to feel better and that she’ll be able to start doing the things she likes again when she’s no longer sick. It’s best to double-check with a pharmacist or your child’s pediatrician before you take matters into your own hands when it comes to administering tablets. She added that "other aspects of differentiation" would be introduced over the next few weeks to make NHS treatment at the hospital relatively less attractive.The Health Department condemned the move. Many pharmacies keep a supply of flavoring syrups on hand to make liquid medication more palatable for finicky kids, and your child may be more willing to take his medication when he’s been able to choose the flavor himself.
This approach may be more effective when it’s paired with one that makes the medication more palatable, but it’s not one you should ignore.
Be clear about what medication is, why it’s used and that it should never be taken unless it’s administered by an adult. You may also be able to get liquid versions of medications your child is taking in pill form, but you won’t know unless you inquire about alternatives.
Just be sure that the medication your child is taking isn’t prone to loss of potency before mixing it with anything acidic like orange juice, applesauce or soda.

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