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He doesn’t have much room in there now, so no more flips or crazy yoga moves in there, haha!
Most of his physical basic developments are now complete, next few weeks he will just be putting on weight! Back aches, I get them at night more than anything, a couple nights I did take tylenol to help. Mike and I have our 5 year anniversary today and are celebrating with a dinner out Saturday!
I am looking forward to just trying to do everything I want before baby comes, just little things like taking a long bath, organizing some photos, and just enjoying quiet moments until we are a family of four! Well I got Baby G some cute stuff off this fab boutique that my blog friend Kjirsten has created, so proud of her! Now, she was so sweet to offer one of my readers a 25 dollar credit to go shopping on the site too!
I’m grateful for being able to work for a company that allows me to work from home when I need too, like I am today. I mentioned before that I am going to be doing placenta capsulation and really excited to see if it benefits me!

Mike got some when we went on date night last weekend and oh man did my craving and want kick in!
She is 38.5 weeks and went to the doctor yesterday to find out she is dilated 1 cm and 50% effaced!
I mentioned chic pipsqueak before on here and wanted to share the cute stuff I got thanks to her for giving me a 25 dollar credit to shop! I am however a professional wine drinker ; ) Affiliate Links and Sponsored posts may pop up on HDL. It is our one year wedding anniversary tomorrow and I can truly say that there is no other man like him! My husband, my family, my friends, our apartment, good coffee, writing, being able to run and be active, the sunshine and warm weather…the list goes on!
It’s such a simple thing, but I realized the other day how fortunate I was that I had access to so much good, healthy food. I hope I can until the baby comes at the end of June : ) I am grateful for my job and first born coming soon! Mike said he would get me sushi after the baby comes one night at the hospital, oh I hope it works out and he does!

And I would definitely be missing sushi too, not much longer till you can have it again right?
2 beautiful boys, a beautiful home, an awesome partner in crime, a great family to support me.
I did tell him that I promise I was not a killer and was not planning on being dexter and chopping up bodies, lol. One thing I am grateful for in the wake of this OK tragedy is the safety of my friends and family. Watching how excited he is for our baby girl to arrive has been one of the best parts about pregnancy!

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