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Species: There are over 50 species of rabbit including the European, Emami, Alaskan, Brush, Broom Hare, New England Cottontail, and Pygmy rabbit. Lifespan: Though pet rabbits can live as long as 8-10 years, a wild rabbit meets many hardships and usually live between 1-4 years. Size & Weight: The largest species of rabbit is a domestic breed called the Flemish Giant, which can grow to be over 14 lbs! Diet: Most species of rabbit eat shoots, leaves, grasses, flowers, and various other vegetation. Whether you are a new or experienced rabbit owner there are a few little facts that wea€™d like to share with you about the benefits of veterinary care for your bunny. If your rabbit shows any of the following signs please contact one of our veterinarians immediately. Teeth a€“ Rabbits are constant chewers because their teeth grow all of the time, kind of like our fingernails. An exam is just one important part of ensuring that your rabbit lives a healthy and happy life!
If youa€™d like to learn more about rabbits, please feel free to check out the House Rabbit Society website. Rabbits are small and furry mammals belonging to the Leporidae family of the Lagomorpha order. Though there are many species under the common name of rabbit but in here we provide information on general about these mammals.
It has been observed that about half of the global population of rabbits is in North America. They are found almost all over the globe with some minor exceptions of southeastern islands of Asia, Madagascar, West Indies and southern parts of South America. While trying to hide from predators, they dig small burrows and hide their faces inside that hole thinking that the predator cannot see it anymore.
They sense the sound waves in which they are spoken to or the anxiousness in respiration around them, to which they respond accordingly.
Maximum life span of these mammals in the wild has been recorded to be between 10 and 13 years. These adorable little furry beings chance upon a wide range of predators in the wild that range from larger mammals to avian animals as well. Their long ears help them to listen to potential predatory movements from quite some distance. Position of their eyes on the two sides of their heads virtually enables them to see at 360 degrees and locate potential threat. Housing: House your cute little bunny in an iron wire maze which should be big enough for the mammal to hop and play around.
Feeding: The furry, fluffy, little mammal can be fed any leafy vegetable and also a few chewy vegetables as well as fruits. These mammals can be easily affected by many diseases like Escherichia coli’ and Bordetella bronchiseptica. Even though the rabbits reproduce at a rapid pace and in short time span, still many species are existence threat. In many cultures around the world, the left hind feet of rabbits are considered as good luck charms.
It was believed, earlier, that if one injects urine of a pregnant woman into a rabbit then the animal dies. Rabbits need to have their nails clipped short so they do not get caught on the wire cage or scratch their owner’s arms.
A pet rabbit should be fed good quality pellets, fresh alfalfa, timothy or oat hay, water and fresh vegetables.
Rabbits are generally healthy animals, however, rabbits can develop hairballs, diarrhea, bacterial infections, respiratory or intestinal problems, respiratory damage—caused from wood chip fumes.
The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Jack rabbits, for example, live in desert cliamtes, wheras the Arctic hare lives in cold, snowy climates.

Unlike the dog and cat, rabbits are prey animals, which mean that in the wild, they are an animal that is hunted by other animals where as the dog and cat are the ones doing the hunting.
Rabbits have a very high metabolic rate and if they become sick they can lose weight at a drastic rate and a fatality can occur within days. A fluctuation in the weight is often a firm indicator that there is an underlying problem occurring. We also like to discuss your rabbita€™s diet, husbandry, and any possible behavior problems you may have. Ita€™s a great website where you can chat with other pet rabbit owners, exchange recipes for rabbit treats, or tell your bunny story.
Other native lands of their distributional zone include Southeast Asia, parts of Japan, South America, parts of Africa, and southwestern European. Some of the places which are not their native lands like New Zealand, South America, Australia, and Java have also become their home-ground over the last few centuries. In most parts of the globe the mating season stretches from February till October, but in Australia and New Zealand the season is between July and next January. Some of them might even die within just 1 year, depending on the food  and pollution in their habitat. Hawks, owls, eagles, various kinds of canids, falcons, numerous felids, many mustelid species and ground squirrels are all natural predators of Rabbits. It can be let roam around in the house, out of its maze throughout the day, if there is no other bigger pet in the house. IUCN has listed 2 species as Critically Endangered, eight species as Endangered, four species as Vulnerable and six more species as Near Threatened. Contrary to popular belief, rabbits are not rodents, like rats or mice; they are lagomorphs. With over 50 breeds of rabbit, there are rabbits as small as guinea pigs and as big as small Spaniels and everywhere in between.
Most rabbits are kept in outdoor rabbit hutches, however keeping in indoor rabbit is becoming more and more popular.
Rabbits will enjoy freshly picked grasses, clover, herbs (be sure what you pick outside for your rabbit is pesticide free!).
The dominant doe fights the other does for the best nest site within their system of burrows and tunnels. This trait is extremely important when understanding rabbit behavior and how a rabbit will hide the fact that they are sick or experiencing signs of pain until the disease has progressed for many days to weeks. Due to a rabbita€™s natural prey behavior a physical exam is important to do every 6 months in order to detect any changes or possible abnormalities which can lead to illness. In severe cases the teeth can over grow to the point that it enables the rabbit to eat properly and they can starve to death. Unlike cats, rabbits can not vomit and excessive swallowed hair may cause a fatal abdominal blockage. We are proud to be a small animal practice that have 2 Veterinarians who are experienced in Rabbit Medicine, they are Dr.
Meadows, forests, woods, grasslands, wetlands and desserts are widely inhabited by these mammals.
The rabbits graze voraciously in the first half an hour of their eating, during the next half an hour they become choosier about their food. The female kits become reproductively matured at the age of 6 months and the males at the age of 7 months, approximately.
Water should be fed in a gravity driven bottle that hangs on the side of the hutch or cage. Be sure to only let your rabbit run around in bunny proof areas (rabbits WILL chew) and where they will not be harmed by other animals such as the family dog. We are also checking for any abnormal masses that can be linked to cancer and possible infections. Some species like Marsh rabbits and Swamp rabbits are good swimmers, thus they are semi-aquatic.
These vertebrates usually stay outside of their nest for long hours and keep grazing in small intervals.

Rex fur is denser than normal fur and the guard hairs are about the same length as the undercoat. If a rabbit is kept outdoors in the winter, you should have several of these water bottles, rotating them with a fresh bottle several times a day as the bottles freeze.
Portable outdoor fencing can be purchased and set up to allow a save place for your bunny to run around. During the entire span of their grazing, they keep on excreting as well in order to intake as much food as possible. You can give your rabbit toys to play with such as a cardboard toilet paper roll stuffed with hay or a small cardboard box to jump on. Rabbits that do eliminate in their bedding will have to have the bedding changed every other day or so depending on how dirty it is. As the rabbit gets older fewer pellets should be fed and fresh hay should be available 24 hours a day. Pine and cedar wood chips should be avoided as the fumes from these beddings can cause respiratory damage. Hay is important to a rabbit's good health; it provides roughage which reduces the danger of hairballs and other blockages. Expectant mothers will pull fur from their belly and line the nest box just prior to giving birth. If you allow your rabbit to roam free in your house or outside for that matter, be sure to keep things you do not wish the rabbit to chew out of his reach. Some outdoor rabbit houses have self-cleaning wire bottoms which allow the urine and poop to drop through the bottom. A lot of rabbit owners with Angora coats choose to keep their coats cut short for easier care.
It is important to have your rabbit spayed or neutered, especially if you have more than one rabbit. Outdoor rabbit hutches have an indoor area where the rabbit can get out of the elements and an outdoor area where they can go and lie in the sun. Angora fur should not be clipped right up to the skin as the coat provides natural protection against heat, cold, and anything that may injure the skin. A rabbit’s diet of plants is hard to digest efficiently, and it will poop out lots of undigested nutrients. Rabbits, like cats will groom themselves, however in doing so they are prone to hair balls. By eating their poop it gives them a second shot in using all of the nutrition in their food. Because most rabbits do not like to be held and cuddled, a rabbit may not be a good choice of a pet for very active children who may not be careful when picking them up or playing around them. Rabbits are unable to absorb the vitamins through the intestinal wall, but can absorb them by eating the poop. If your rabbit is dirty in only one area only wash that area as bathing a rabbit can be very stressful for the bunny.
A happy rabbit will sometimes jump up into the air twisting and flicking its feet and head. Rabbits will show they are unhappy, startled, or warn of danger by thumping their back feet. If a rabbit grunts or squeaks when you touch it, it may be telling you it does not wish to be touched or it may be displaying territorial behavior. Rabbits that are territorial can become aggressive when you suddenly stick your hand into their territory. If your rabbit gets fleas contact your vet for the best way to eliminate the itchy bugs from their fur. A rabbit that has never been caught by a person may squeal in fear as it is picked up from the ground.

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