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The previous 2 nights I had terrible pain in my lower belly and a total of 4hrs sleep for both nights. Dr L once again agreed to the a€?gentle caesareana€? which we went over the elements that were important to me.
I had come to terms with the possibility of a c-section weeks before, but this was something I wasna€™t prepared for. If you have just found out about your twin pregnancy , or if you already have twins, this site was created especially for you. This site was lovingly founded by a mother of twins.on the basis of offering the best and most up-to-date " twin specific " information and support on all aspects of twins - from finding out about your twin pregnancy, through twin birth, raising twins and beyond. I could hear the doctors and nurses talking about their latest vacations, somebodya€™s new pet and not once was I addressed. If Dr L couldna€™t or didna€™t want to do the gentle cesarean, then she should have said so. Parents and families in this situation, along with the ones who already have twin children , want good information and advice pertaining to their special circumstances. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
I also had plenty of pressure from family members that were pushing me to fall in line with Dr La€™s plan.

Her nurse came in and I had a little giggle that he looked just like Alton Brown from the Food Network. I just kept expecting them to ask where we had vacationed last or how many dogs we still have. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The nurse holding me thought that a good topic to talk about to distract me would be working out. So I kept asking a€?sooo, whata€™s going on over therea€? and the response was a€?still going through layersa€?.
They do this all day everyday and forget that this is a momentous, once in a lifetime occasion for us.
My hubby had to take care of me AND the boys a€“ but that is another post all in ita€™s own. The anaesthesiologist came in and I told her that I wanted my doula in the room to take pictures. They dona€™t think of how terrifying it must be to be stuck on a table, naked, with the epidural making it so I cana€™t feel my chest and Ia€™m wondering if Ia€™m still breathing. Two minutes after E came into this world, M was out, screaming, and was promptly handed to a nurse.

How much one needs to be reassured that everything is going great, as you hope and pray that your babies will be ok.
Ia€™m guessing they werena€™t a€?walked outa€? and I know the cord cutting wasna€™t delayed and I KNOW they werena€™t handed to me first thing. It takes about 30min to a€?put everything back ina€? and I didna€™t want to not have pics of the first 30min of their life!
Seeing and hearing my boys on the other side of the room coupled with feeling violated a€“ a feeling so instinctual came over me.
I needed MY boys, and all I could do about it was reach for them and beg for them to leave them alone, not to clean them, and to bring them to me. She looked a little stunned and once again said no, I repeated my new mantra a€?thata€™s fine, I can sit in this room all daya€?. By the time they were brought to me, the only skin to skin that was possible was their cheek on mine.
She agreed that once the babies were out, that my doula could come in, I took the compromise.

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