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Your cat must have a nutritionally balanced diet, including constant access to fresh water. Warm-blooded feline, carnivorous mammal domesticated as a catcher of rats, mice and as a pet.
Besides the fact that there is a great overpopulation of cats without homes, there are many other good reasons to get your cat spayed or neutered.
Cats, unlike dogs, are true carnivores, which means they thrive on meat-only diets and require no vegetable, grain or dairy supplementation. Most cats will exercise on their own, dashing through the house, leaping across the furniture, chasing a bug or swatting at the family dog. A female cat can go into heat as often as every two weeks until she is either pregnant or spayed.
Cats were first domesticated in Egypt, where they soon spread to Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.
The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. Just like human being, in the first cat facts, you can recognize that a cat really loves to hear some music. Cats are known as being a carnivore, but you may need to know that some cats also eat grass for some reasons.
This entry was posted in Animals and tagged cat and body position, Cat and love catnip, cat and music, Cat and running, Cat facts, Cat purrs, Cats and dream, Cat’s glowing eyes, facts about cat, Grass eating cat, Sleeping cat, Tapeworm on December 6, 2011 by admin2. Owners don’t often realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a one-way ticket to trouble.
When I was in the Marines every one and their dad was crying PTSD and all they did was sit on base. Unaltered male (and sometimes female) cats may start to spray their urine around your house to mark their territory.
Cats that are kept solely outdoors need to have some sort of shelter provided, such as a barn. Litter boxes need to be scooped daily and thoroughly changed and cleaned at least twice a week. In general they will take care of their own grooming needs, grooming themselves with their rough tongue.
If you think under the same thought, you should notice that garlic can give ineffective treatment. These cats need proper medical attention to check for worms, parasites, respiratory problems and any other diseases. Millions of cats suffer and die because their owners give them free reign to roam the neighborhood. They will not hesitate to demand whatever they want, be it food, play, or to be left alone.
The intact cat's urine is especially foul-smelling and can never be completely cleaned from things such as carpet, upholstery, bedding or wood.
Cats do not like to eliminate in dirty places, therefore, if you do not keep the litter box clean to your cats liking, your cat will find other places to go.
It is placed in the genus Felis, which represents the domestic cat lineage—the second oldest branch of the Felid family tree.

The cat facts in the list are interesting to read since you can educate yourself about the unique and special characteristics of an animal. In addition, when the cats purr, they will feel some beneficial effect like some bones, muscle, or even tendon relief from any pain. Such sleeping process is used by the cat to return the energy, fix the skin tissue, and also develop their memory. The first thing you must do is to outfit your cat with a collar and ID tag that includes your name, address, and telephone number.
Train your cat to refrain from undesirable behaviors such as scratching furniture and jumping on countertops. So for the people who actually do have it, it takes time and money away from them just so the fakers can get it easy.
A cat that suddenly stops grooming itself may be showing signs of illness and should be taken to the vet for a checkup.
There are many great toys made just for cats, however things such as a rolled up sock will also work. Eye problems—if your cat is squinting only in one eye there may be something in its eye. The gestation period for a cat is typically from 57 to 69 days, with the average of 63 to 64 days. Cats are the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poison, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles.
Some are the quiet type, while some meow all the time, some are fussy and very selective about food and people and some will eat anything and want attention from every person. One farmer reports that he had a rat in every stall of his barn until he brought cats into his establishment.
Be sure to pick a high-quality food, with the main ingredient being a meat and not a meal or by-product. Litter size can vary from one to eight kittens with the average litter size of two to five kittens.
Both long-haired and short-haired cats need to be groomed to remove as much loose hair as possible. Some like to be held and to sit on laps and some are loners and do not want much to do with people.
In several countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, there are more cats than any other pet. When cats groom themselves, they ingest a great deal of hair, which often leads to hair-balls. When a cat wants to get your attention it will either endlessly meow at you, rub against your leg or follow you around. Unaltered cats have an urge to roam far from the house looking for a mate and may travel great distances in search of a mate, risking dangers from cars, cat fights and possibly upsetting neighbors. Cats cannot be kept in cages such as rabbit hutches; they must live inside your home or free outside.
They have a higher protein requirement than many other mammals and are unable to adjust to a low-protein diet and will use body protein to satisfy their needs. Domestic cats now live on every continent except Antarctica and have evolved into over fifty distinct breeds.

Cats do not need the same level of exercise that dogs do, but you must set aside time to play with your cat.
Some really seem to be paying attention to the world around them—watching, listening and taking in all that is going on as if they really understand it all. Studies show that spayed and neutered cats have average life expectancies twice as long as those of unspayed and unneutered cats. If you plan to keep your cat outdoors first consider the area you live, as some areas are not safe for a cat to live outdoors. Cats with conjunctivitis tend to have a discharge from their eye(s) which can be clear and watery or thick with a pus-like appearance. The proteins in cow milk are too large for cats to properly digest which can cause intestinal upset, diarrhea and vomiting. Bite wounds and abscesses (mainly in outdoor cats)—can usually be prevented if antibiotics are given within the first 24 hours after the wound is inflicted. You can tell if your cat is relaxed by lifting it up; a relaxed cat is loose and light, and a scared cat is tight and heavy. If obesity is a problem, or only canned food is fed, scheduled feeding, that is, feeding a specific amount of food at specified regular mealtimes, is recommended. Cats with live with Feline herpes virus (rhinotracheitis virus) is a very common upper respiratory virus of cats, especially for those that live with multiple cats or those that are in contact with new cats.
Some like to sleep in places like high cupboards, secluded and out of the way, while others like to be right amongst all the action. It replicates in the upper respiratory track affecting the tonsils, nasal area and the conjunativa of the eye is often also affected.
Cats have a tendency to sharpen their claws and they may do this in places you do not wish them to do so, i.e.
When a cat is stressed or exposed to new serotypes (different strains) of herpes virus, the ocular disease can recur.
Giving the cat a place where he can sharpen his claws such as a scratching post and keeping the claws cut short is recommended.
Keeping cats that are affected with this virus on a natural supplement called lysine can stop an outbreak or cure an existing one.
Giving your cat a scratching post covered in carpet is not always the best idea as it will be teaching your cat that scratching fabric is OK, i.e. It competes with another amino acid, arginine, that herpes virus must have in order to reproduce.
It is that virus that often spreads among farm cats causing them to get respiratory issues and goopy eyes. With some effort, cats can be taught that the scratching post is the designated scratching area. A declawed cat can no longer properly grasp, hold or establish footing for proper walking, running, springing, climbing or stretching, and therefore should never be let outside of the house. It will no longer be able to properly defend itself or climb a tree to get away from predators.

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