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Subscribe to the newsletter to receive my free 2016 SEO Keyword Planner and to stay up to date with all the latest from Singing Through The Rain. Because time is short before my husband deploys I will be having a few people guest post for me so that I can spend more time with my husband before he leaves. Disclosure: This is not something my husband and I have ever struggled with or are currently struggling with. First, I want to give a list of some practical tips that have really helped me in my quest to become a mother. I have noticed that when I don’t pray in the morning, my heart has more of an opportunity to become self-centered, prideful, and ungrateful. Did you know each egg you make is different, and that you only ovulate that one egg once in your life? You and your husband need to pray about how far you want to go with fertility treatment, should it get to that point.
I am currently in a two-week-wait as I type, the first two-week-wait of a new treatment we’re trying. I mentioned earlier that I would say a little bit more about Tricare and navigating the waters of insurance with fertility.
Diagnostic services to identify physical illnesses or injuries to the reproductive system are covered for both men and women.
Therapies covered by TRICARE include hormonal treatment, corrective surgery, antibiotics, administration of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) or radiation therapy depending on the cause.
Okay, I might be a bit biased, since I am Ashlee’s Mama, but this is a great article!!
My mom told me that with her second two (my little sister and brother) they tried for about 3 years for each, and found out she was pregnant with both when she went in to meet with a doctor regarding fertility.
TCM treatment for infertility focuses on devising herb and acupuncture formulas for the specific Pattern of Disharmony, differentiated by signs and symptoms. Traditional Chinese Medicine may be used alone as a treatment for infertility or combined with Western medicine.
All couples that fail to conceive should undergo a complete medical examination by a physician to determine the cause of the infertility. Use ear acupuncture to treat not only affected Zang Fu, such as the Liver and Kidneys, but according to biomedical diagnosis as well, using points such as Endocrine, Uterus, Testicles, and Ovaries. Herbal medicine treats infertility on the basis of a careful differential diagnosis and combines herbs into formulas to resolve underlying Patterns of Disharmony. Herbs such as these are combined carefully with other herbs to match the signs and symptoms as exactly as possible. Because many of these herbs, particularly those used for treating Blood Stasis, should not be taken during pregnancy, patients taking them must discontinue the treatment as soon as pregnancy occurs. This is Part I in a series of available Infertility Treatments in recognition of National Infertility Awareness Week. Other medications used to treat infertility include thyroid medications (for thyroid dysfunction), parlodel (for elevated prolactin levels) and  antibiotics. When sperm production is low or sperm motility is a problem, urologists or fertility specialists use medication to increase sperm produced. Medical therapy in men can also include the identification of sexual problems such as the need for behavioral therapy or medicines to improve premature ejaculation or impotence. I’ve chosen to write my guest post about infertility, and particularly infertility among military couples, because I want to be a blessing to those out there who are also struggling with this, and because God has really laid this on my heart! To make a very long story short, it would be impossible (short of a miracle, and let me assure you, they DO happen!) for my husband and I to get pregnant, and stay pregnant on our own, without treatment. It’s very easy for us as women to get downhearted and depressed over infertility, and to be honest, I was 95% in the dumps for a good 9 months.
All of those things can push you farther into a depression, or push you over the edge if you’re not already there.

I promised myself, my husband, and God a few months ago that I would try my best to just relax and keep my mind off of it during my two-week-waits, and it has made the biggest difference. There is ALWAYS someone who has it worse than you, and there is always someone who understands.
Ladies, in a LOT of ways, the husband has it worse, especially if there are issues on his side.
I think I’ve had every procedure you could possibly have for fertility related issues, so I will tell you from first-hand experience how to work the waters. However, if you use the term for the actual procedure on the doctors papers, a lot of times Tricare WILL cover it! My husby and I aren’t trying yet, but I have several friends who are struggling with this. My husband and I have been trying for our second child since April of this year with no luck.
Went in for my first appointment to discuss with my doctor what we could do as far as fertility treatments, ect. I know that this was written nearly a year ago, but I definitely felt God speaking to me through this and telling me to wait on His Will. In many cases, however, whatever the cause for the imbalance, Kidney Zang should always be treated as well. Recent research in China on the fertility-enhancing effects of TCM has helped it become an important complementary treatment modality in the United States. If the cause is a congenital or structural abnormality, TCM usually does not prove effective.
The most commonly used point in this strategy is a special one on the lower abdomen called Infant's Palace (Zi Gong). While some of the herbs in the formulas have demonstrated clinically their ability to aid infertility, they are used in the formulas to correct Zang Fu imbalances.
Qi Gong routines, however, may be useful for reducing the stress, anxiety, and depression that many people diagnosed with infertility experience. Medical TherapyApril 22, 2013 by Rocky Mountain Fertility CenterPart I: What Treatments are Available for Infertility? Sometimes men have low hormone levels that need to be adjusted with medication and hormone therapy is required to help produce sperm.  Sometimes Clomiphene can improve sperm production in males, but HCG injections have also been utilized. Her post today is something she is currently going through, but is something that she gives much encouragement about as well. So, before I start, please know that you are NOT alone, that you don’t have to keep all your feelings inside, and that no matter how desperate your situation, there is still hope. Right now, every aspect of my cycle has to be controlled by artificial medication for us to be able to try, and we have been trying actively since January of 2011. And when those hormones start going crazy, we need to remind ourselves that nothing has changed. I am less stressed (and yes, stress CAN keep you from getting pregnant!), have more energy, and am able to focus more on the things I have now that I love. Men see it as an inability to provide for their wife, and it’s a major hit to their masculinity! However, correction of male infertility may be cost shared, which is determined on a case-by-case basis. Her main goal in writing is to give glory to God first, then to be a blessing to others by sharing her struggles and knowledge. It’s such sensitive topic because no one in my immediate family has ever struggled with. They did a urine pregnancy test, which came back negative (big surprise)… but the next few days after I suddenly noticed my breasts hurt SO bad. In China, practitioners of TCM regard herbal medicine as the primary treatment modality and acupuncture as the second modality.

Also, because infertility may result from many different causes, couples should consider which type of medical practice would yield the best results. For example, a fallopian tube that is blocked by a mucous plug can be successfully treated with acupuncture and herbs, but diagnostic methods used to rule out other conditions often dislodge the mucous plug. Medical Therapy0 CommentThere are a variety of treatment options available for infertility.  Medical therapy is among the most common treatments for infertility and is used to correct various infertility problems such as ovulatory dysfunction or unexplained infertility. More often than not when I am hormonal, I know the truth (it’s in there, somewhere in my head), and choose to ignore it. While I’m sure there are many strong opinions out there about fertility treatments in relation to what is Biblical, I personally cannot find anything in the Bible that would say any of it is directly wrong.
I would take a pregnancy test way too early, and get depressed because it wasn’t positive. Not to mention, they are mostly helpless in this situation, especially when the wife feels as though she can’t talk about her feelings, physical symptoms, etc, either for fear of being too personal, of for fear of getting her hopes up.
It involves Clomid, and then at the right time, a shot to trigger my ovaries to release the egg.
Remember those 8 points above, pray, commit to doing what’s right and being inside God’s Will, and you WILL be okay! Some might try and pressure you into them, but remain firm in what you think God has for you… He always knows best. I was now late by a two days, and my chest was such horrible pain… but I still held off because the test a few days ago said negative – why bother with another disappointment? It is important, therefore, for couples seeking infertility treatment to have thorough and frank discussions with their health care providers to fully understand their condition, recent clinical research, and treatment options. Gou Qi Zi (Fructus Lycii Chinensis) may be added to a formula if there is a low sperm count. When oral medication fails to provide favorable results, or when conception does not occur within three cycles of ovulation, other treatment options should be considered.
Anything you desire more than your relationship with God is not something He’s is going to encourage!
I have met and counseled many people who FEEL like they need to get pregnant, and while that is a very real and very intense feeling, it is a feeling. This ties in very closely to learning to be content with what you have!
This is very much a fertility related procedure, but Tricare does cover this because my doctor listed the actual procedure on the insurance bill instead of coding it as a fertility procedure. They have caused me to reevaluate relationships with the people who have spoken them to me in regards to my grief and I have distanced myself from those people When it comes time for them to need emotional support I will be sure to treat them as they treated me in my time of emotional support. I want to help women work through the emotions I had to work through (and yes, still work through almost every month)! I personally have a wonderful husband, an awesome house, a reliable car that’s fun to drive, two fur babies named Shade and Luna, and plenty of awesome friends to pray for me. Because of this, my ultrasounds, my medication, and my doctor’s consults are all covered. When you bottle emotion, over time you WILL become bitter… and we want to become better, not bitter! It is simply listing the actual procedure being done,rather than coding it under something Tricare would rather not cover. Trust that the Lord will do His Will in you if you are willing, and remember that His Will is ALWAYS better than what we think we want (Romans 8:28).
It was WORK to get to the point I am at now, but I want anyone reading this who struggles with this to know it’s possible to get past it!!!

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