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Tanya, infertility is so heart-breaking and it's wonderful to hear about the variety of treatment options available. Amazing isn't it that you could change eating habits, and give yourself a pelvic massage and you've now increased your chances to conceive my 25 percent!? We don't take into account the healing time, the healing reactions, or the financial implications. I also realize just how lucky I am to have all of these things in my life, and how whole they make me feel, every day.

Facebook and Twitter because the emotions that will come from seeing all of the pictures and comments will be too much.
My hope is struggling men and women find traditional Chinese medicine trained acupuncturists before they begin family planning.
Holistic medicine will be the way of the future - it will be needed to assist modern medicine from it's pharmaceutical driven approach. In the traditional Chinese medicine hospitals part of the therapy includes the injection of herbal decoctions; including the treatment of allergies, diabetes, osteoarthritis, acupuncture injection therapy (into the meridians) for pain, cold and flu, etc.

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