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No woman can escape from household chores, one of the main causes of damaged and chipped nails.
Nothing can worsen the look of your nails than chipped nail polish for we all know that manicures don’t last.
Nails just like the skin is prone to dehydration especially with excessive use of nail polish remover on a regular basis.
She is an IT marketing manager for a consumer goods company, and lives with her husband and 4 year-old daughter in a house valued at £700,000.
In a nation where the average salary is around £27,000 and the economy is just now recovering from slow growth woes, the plight of the Sharmas might not really strike a chord.
In a later article by the Evening Standard, however, Sharma did express gratitude for her privilege and high income, and empathy for those with financial difficulties. Meanwhile, the FT article went viral on social media, and responses were unsympathetic, to say the least. Although the report was an in-depth analysis of the current outlook for families with reasonably well-paid jobs in the UK, netizens sifted through the financial advisor-speak to go straight for the jugular. Weeping for Nisha Sharma, income of just £200,000 and at the mercy of the grasping poor. Resercahers found that fibre helped the process of 'successful ageing', which includes an absence of disability, drespiratory disorders and other chronic disease such as cancer. Eating a diet rich in fibre, that includes breads, cereals and fruits, may help you live a healthy and longer life, a team of Australian researchers has claimed. Researchers from the Westmead Institute for Medical Research in Australia found that eating the right amount of fibre can help us avoid disease and disability into old age. According to Associate Professor Bamini Gopinath from the Institute's Centre for Vision Research, the study is the first to look at the relationship between carbohydrate intake and healthy ageing, and the results were significant enough to warrant further investigation. While it might have been expected that the level of sugar intake would make the biggest impact on successful ageing, Gopinath pointed out that the particular group they examined were older adults whose intake of carbonated and sugary drinks was quite low, researchers said.

The research appears in The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. It is as important as any other part of a woman’s body and should therefore be kept clean and hygienic at all times. It is always advisable to use gentle cleansers rather than harsh soaps that strip the hands of their natural oils.
A solution to this problem would be to wear a pair of rubber gloves when doing household work which prevents the hands and nails from getting worn out. However, using clear nail polish gives the nails a smoother glow and finish and does considerably well in hiding those chipped nails to an extent where no one will be able to tell the difference. So it is always good to keep the fingers and nails moisturized to keep them from drying out. Their family was however caught in the middle having to pay for everything, she said, adding that the cost of living, and the cutting down of all benefits, including pensions, for high-earners put a strain on them.
As she herself said in the report, their household income places them in the top 5% of the United Kingdom (UK) population. Using data compiled from a study that examined a cohort of more than 1,600 adults aged 50 years and older for long-term sensory loss risk factors and systemic diseases, the researchers explored the relationship between carbohydrate nutrition and healthy ageing.
An apt choice is a nail hardening polish which if applied daily strengthens the nails and keep them from breaking.
It brings the secret of ‘a flat belly in less than a week’ to you.This diet plan is essentially for 7 days but the initial 5 days are the most crucial.
In these days, you not only shed extra kilos but also, you flush out toxins from your body and regain a healthy glow.How to start –Day 1 – Since this diet plan is inspired by much famous GM diet plan’s English menu, it also includes a heavy intake of fruit on day 1.
Barring banana, you can eat any fruit you want to, however it’ll be more beneficial to eat fruits from melon family.
Most women desire strong, long nails but more often than not have difficulty in maintaining them.

The key is to follow simple hygienic steps and you could have beautiful looking nails at all times. It keeps you energised in lack of essential carbohydrates.Day 2 – Next day of this dieting menu includes nothing but vegetables. We Indians are fortunate that we have ample amount of vegetables available in almost every season. To kick start second day of dieting you can rely on a plate of fresh green salad as your morning grub. For evening snacking, you can again rely on a bowl of salad prominently comprised of tomatoes and cucumber.Note – increase your water intake by one or two glasses. You can eat veggies whenever hunger forces you to eat something.Day 3 – On the third day of ‘flat belly diet plan’, a surprise awaits you.
You can take the needed dose of carbohydrate on this day by eating a whole boiled potato with a dash of butter.
For a balanced food intake, you can divide it into four eating schedule and keep two bananas and a glass of milk for each schedule.Note – For mid meal hunger, drink unsweetened lemon water or zero calorie butter milk. Intake of 12-14 glasses of water is a must on this day too.After five days of this diet plan, your body evacuates a major portion of toxin and brings a healthy natural glow on your face. On 5th day you can take your slimmer day’s t-shirt and can rejoice seeing yourself fitting inside it perfectly. Although, the real pressure of dieting lasts on the 5th day, you need two more days to enjoy the lasting impact of this weight loss program.

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