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Babies could be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes if mother drinks around conception, according to animal study.
Women who drink alcohol around the time of conception may put their babies at increased risk of type 2 diabetes and middle-age obesity, say researchers.
A University of Queensland laboratory-rat study found that the equivalent of five standard drinks consumed around the time of conception altered the development of the fetus. They will now look out for the possibility of preventative interventions, such as giving a nutrient to the mother, even in later pregnancy, to see if changes caused by the early alcohol exposure can be reversed.

Infertile women may one day be given stem-cell injections to repopulate their ovaries with eggs.Therapy hopes follow experiments in which sterilised mice produced eggs and gave birth to healthy young after having stem cells injected into their ovaries. The procedure may lead to treatments that extend fertility beyond menopause and help younger women whose eggs have been damaged by cancer therapies or disease. Scientists, led by Ji Wu of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, extracted what they believed to be stem cells from the ovaries of adult and five-day-old mice.
They then injected 10,000 stem cells into both ovaries of sterilised mice.Eighteen out of the 22 mice that received stem-cell transplants from newborn mice gave birth.

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