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IVF is the fertilization process that requires the removal of some eggs from your ovaries and later to be mixed with sperm in a laboratory dish. The first "test-tube" baby, following IVF procedure, was born in 1978 and thousands of babies followed.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Artificial insemination by a non-spouse (AID), or even by the husband (AIH) if the sample is obtained and handled by non-licit means (masturbated specimen).

Appropriate (usually surgical) correction of mechanical blocks to tubal patency (the state of being open). The Church supports morally sound treatment to help married couples have children, rejoicing that “many researchers are engaged in the fight against sterility.
Time intercourse on the days of presumed (potential) fertility for at least six months before proceeding to medical interventions. Seminal fluid samples can be obtained from a non-lubricated, perforated condom after normal intercourse.

While fully safeguarding the dignity of human procreation some have achieved results which previously seemed unattainable” (DV, 8).

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