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The team kct - khayelitsha community trust, As such the team supports the ceo in formulating there was a thumbnail-sized picture of me that i had proudly uploaded a few days before to accompany my. Sore peeling fingertips skin itching & rashes, What sore peeling fingertips indicating? Last night I felt some weird tinges in my uterus, and I have had sore boobs on off and on, but again it could be wishful thinking. The thing is even with this test I have never gotten an evap line, creepy I know but I have even pulled one out of the bathroom trash to double check. The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. This Site and third parties who place advertisements on this Site may collect and use information about your visits to this Site and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Well, it is possible to get pregnant coming right off of birth control, but it is rare to an extent. Question, Ive been on the depo for almost a year, but Ive missed one Appointment, a while ago, and it took me a few months to get back on it, but Im due for another shot, and I missed my appointment, and I usually bleed a few days before Im due for another shot, or a few days after, and its been almost two weeks and I still havent bled, Ive only gotten the shot 3 times, and Im worried either there is something wrong, or am I pregnant? I know that it usually takes a while to get prego while on the depo but Im stopping it because of the weight gain mostly and I need to let my body do its own thing. I have no one to go to about this, I missed my Doctors appointment, and I dont have a regular doctor. Every drug has a risk factor for pregnancy: ie- pregnant women may take Tylenol, but should not take Motrin.
So many people have been on the shot not knowing they were pregnant and had healthy babies.
If you decide you want to quit your birth control, ESPECIALLY Depo, your hormones rage and you have a higher risk of becoming pregnant.

Usually if you have been on birth control for a year or more, it takes about 6-12 months to get pregnant. I got pregnant with my third son after having been on the shot for over 2years and having been taken off for only like 4 months! It is completely impossible for the baby to be aborted while taking the Depo-Provera Injection because it is a hormone. If so, it would be unlikely you are pregnant - but no birth control is 100% and you could, rarely, get pregnant. Being that depo messes with your reproductive hormones, it's risk factor is high, and if already pregnant while receiving the the shot, it may cause harm or, in extreme cases, a miscarriage. Some religious arguments will say otherwise, but this is regarding the fact that we don't know when the soul enters the fertilized egg. I hope its good news for you :) you could always give your doctor a call and see if they can get you in for bloodwork to know for sure and also get checked out with the spotting.
You have more of a chance of becoming pregnant coming off birth control, than not even being on birth control to begin with.
I dont feel prego, Ive just noticed that Im not bleeding, and Its kinda freaking me out, My tummy has gotten bigger, and its hard, I have the urge to go pee all the time, but I dont have sore breast, and I dont have morning sickness, how ever my lower back does hurt?
The hump that took me off the shot didn't know me or my history and told me the same thing; that at the LeASt it would take a year before I could get pregnant!
It cannot harm the baby in any way because what the shot does, is that it tries and almost always stops the egg from being fertilized. A few weeks later, she went to the doctor because of pain, found out she was pregnant while still on the shot, the shot caused her to have a miscarriage, so yes it IS possible to have a miscarriage while on it, she was TOLD it was the shot that caused it. However, it would never be prescribed to a patient wishing for abortion, because it's effectiveness for that would be no more than a maybe. The sperm actually meets with the egg and it fertilizes (if you have sex with out a condom), and what the birth control does to you is abort the child while it already started to divide but (of course if you think that its not a baby till 9 months but only a embryo) then you prob won't think I'm right.

Just in case this does not work, it then makes it very difficult for the fertilized egg to attach to the uterus (which sometimes happens normally without birth control, but would never be regarded a miscarriage). Depos effectiveness is only intended to last for 3 months- you MAY become pregnant immediately following. Now, I have heard with the depo shot it can take months to get pregnant, so I haven't been so concerned. However, with this particular bc, most women take up to 8 months after to fully gain back fertility. Generally, conception is understood as the moment when the sperm and ovum (egg) merge into a genetically complete individual. I would always spot for a little over 2 weeks each month, this I have also heard was common.
I believe in my heart that If I take a prego test its going to be negative, I know my body is doing something strange it just doesnt feel like Im pregnant. At this point, you may not realize you are pregnant and if you are on time for your next shot, your doc won't test you.
I been to many doctors and got the truth out from all of them, some of them didn't want to admit it but that's actually what they told me. I'm going to school to study all this thing and there is so much people don't know and think they know everything about birth control. I don't care if they don't even have hands or feet, its still a baby, its just wasn't finishing growing.

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