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Before I decide to start a new workout routine to get the 6 pack I always wanted (and it is not beer), or buy myself the convertible sports coupe or to take a year long sabbatical and travel round the world; I might as well come clean as a person and as a Dad. My motto in my youth was ' To strive , to serve and not to yield' loosely translated to ' Diam Diam Zho , Mai Kao Peh'. When I was in my teens, I made a list of 10 questions or conversational topics when it comes to making conversation with the opposite sex. I made a speech to my class during my uni days that reverse the stage fight, the topic was my best friend.
I tried to avoid cleaning your poo and at times pretend to sleep so Mommy will clean up for you.

I may appear strong and nonchalant when both of you choose Mommy over me when it comes to playtime. Thus I would like to use this opportunity to pen down 40 random secrets I hold true to my heart till this date. It was my turn to speak, but I stood there on stage facing 1000 students and going blank for a full minute. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ' Empowerment is stronger than spoon feeding.
It had served me well in my youth especially in the army , but nowadays I adopt the 'Take it Easy' attitude.

In reality, I am grateful for it for giving me periods of break to rest, to eat and to watch TV.
It is time for your old man to take the leap of faith and start his 40s with a clean slate.

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