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If you’re considering this question right now, here are a few things you should know.
While there are some moms that fall very strongly on one side or the other of this question, the majority of moms agree that this is a personal decision you make based on your unique situation. If you think you want to try for an unmedicated birth (or even if you’re on the fence), take a class on the subject. Epidural side effects can include a drop in blood pressure, headache, backache, itching, and shivering. Getting an epidural will almost always mean you’ll need to stay in bed for the remainder of your labor.
The benefits of un-medicated childbirth include an easier time pushing and a faster recovery. Whatever happens during your labor and delivery, stay focused on a good outcome (healthy mom, healthy baby) and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Big thanks to Raeanne Brazee from Boston Baby Beginnings for fact-checking this article and giving it her stamp of approval! Some body lotions contain cocoa butter and vitamin E, each of which can help restore the skin's elasticity. Although there is little that can be done to prevent stretch marks in some cases, such as those that develop due to an illness or genetic factors, avoiding rapid weight gain whenever possible can stop them from developing.
Stretch marks typically start out as red streaks, but usually fade to pink or white over time.
Depending on the severity and location of the scar tissue, removing the layers of dead skin can help minimize their appearance. If exfoliating the skin by hand does not improve the appearance of striae, a more intensive treatment called microdermabrasion may help.
Many different creams and lotions claim to improve the texture of the skin and make scarring less noticeable. There are prescriptions creams available from a dermatologist or other medical professional that can improve the appearance of stretch marks.
Several types of laser treatments have shown some success with getting rid of stretch marks or at least improving their appearance, although these methods are often quite expensive.
Fractional laser resurfacing, also called fractional photothermolysis, works by causing microscopically small wounds in the skin, prompting the body to make new collagen. The only guaranteed option to completely remove stretch marks is through surgery, although this is not always practical, depending on where the marks are. I'm a volleyball player and I just got stretch marks on my inner thighs so I am extremely embarrassed to wear spandex to play, help? I have stretch marks on my hips, inner thighs and they go al the way down to past my knees.I can't go swimming and I'm so embarrassed!Nothing works! I was a competitive swimmer in college and had stretch marks all over my hips and butt since the age of 12. I am trying to figure out why some women don't have any, and some have them all over their body. I am thinking of getting a tattoo over some saying, "The body is temporary" or "I am the soul." So that every time I look at them, I remember, my true nature is the soul.
I was still not OK with this, because I am a perfectionist and I feel that most people who are saying the Vita-K worked for them, are people who maybe got pregnant and considers "faded" to be fixed. It almost feels like I've grown new skin that is more taut and healthy and the old skin with the scar tissue has shed itself, if that's more easy to understand? Response to 685: If you read my post under yours you will find excellent advice on how to treat stretch marks. These tips are excellent and can help you have more confidence and feel more comfortable around others. You can get lazy after you have gone through puberty and age 23 you can see how your body will shape, but watch your weight please. I also have a major thing for everyone: if your siblings have them you are more likely to get them so please prevent, prevent, prevent. To make this aspect of my life short, throughout high school I wasn't fat, but due to my size, the little weight I gained was tremendous on my body.
I will never forget this moment: my junior year of college, I went to go visit him and I was carrying up groceries up stairs and he says, “what is that on back of your legs?” You should have seen his facial expression.
Present day I was hitting 145 pounds and that caused me to have stretch marks behind my arms. I now have small to medium stretch marks on my hips and I can’t wear tops that I used to wear. I now have deep, deep stretch marks on my breast but the positive thing about it is you can only notice them if I lift up my arm.
But the thing is the ones on back of my legs are the ones that really, really, really bother me. Hopefully many will read this post and my story to prevent others from going through this as I did.
The overall feelings of this are my stretch marks were my fault and they could have been prevented.
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But realizing that my mom had been able to do it and hearing her many points in favor made me want to try it. I’ll spare the details, but in the end I finally took the epidural, with both my mom and my husband cheering the anesthesiologist on.
The drugs are injected locally, and a very negligible amount (if any) will cross the placenta. This means that you cannot easily change positions, and you will need to push lying on your back.
Also, the stress hormones produced by the body in response to the pain of labor are present in the placenta and umbilical cord, which may be evidence that these are useful in preparing the baby for life outside the womb.
A healthy diet and regular exercise can usually stop a person from becoming obese or gaining a lot of weight. Although it is unlikely that they will ever go away without surgery, for most people they become much less noticeable after a few months to a year. Manual exfoliation of the affected areas may be helpful, particularly with newer stretch marks. This treatment involves using a device that shoots tiny, rough particles at the skin to remove the top layers. Some will provide limited results, but most preparations are effective only on newer scars, if at all. Prescription strength glycolic acid and tretinoin cream, which contains the acid form of vitamin A, can increase the production of collagen, which is what makes the skin flexible. In most cases, a surface peel using alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid may even out the skin tone, but is unlikely to do much to get rid of stretch marks. Pulsed dye laser therapy penetrates the top layer of the skin to stimulate the growth of new tissue directly in the dermis layer, where the marks are found. Studies have found that this method is effective in reducing the appearance and texture of stretch marks in the majority of patients.
Those on the lower stomach can be removed with a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, in which a portion of the skin on the abdomen is cut away. I've tried Bio oil, and it works to an extent but not completely, but you just have to realize that no one notices them, or cares, as much as you.Also, i found mine tanned with the rest of my chest recently and it helped the appearance. I need help -- please give me tips.And I'm not overweight but i heard that it can be genetics and my mom has stretch marks too!
My twin brother has them all over his back and on his arms from lifting weight and his growth spurt. Nothing worked and I pretty much gave up hope and just said screw it and decided to live with it.
I was exactly like you the only difference is that I am nine years older and went through all of that.
Wear a bikini that covers your stretch marks- like me I wear a bikini that are with little shorts –they do a good amount of covering a good majority of my stretch marks. I recently bought Coppertone sunless tan –I already see results –they minimize on how my stretch marks look-sense mine are white and mature it makes them less obvious. I would also suggest using stretch mark lotion even if you really don’t have any, right after a shower because it absorbs better due to moisture and will retain better. I went to live with my future husband and literally did nothing all day and I didn’t eat healthy whatsoever.
I do have them all over my breast, very visible, but lucky by the grace of god, a bra covers them up but if I bend down you can see the deep deep stretch marks in between my breasts.
I am going to be moving to the Washington d.c area and I am going to opt for laser surgery.
Here's an update: Week two of using The Stretch Stops Here Kit and I can already see a difference.
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I'm scared to tell my mom just cus she doesn't really like my boyfriend but they get along and I just don't want to hear and bitching and being judged by my mom cus that's how she is.. We took a 12-week class in the Bradley Birth Method, since I liked the idea of my husband learning how to be a really integral part of the experience.
Maybe you have some other extenuating circumstances that make an epidural impossible (or absolutely necessary). You’ll get to practice relaxation techniques and your partner will learn some massage and pressure points. Some studies show that babies whose mothers have had epidurals have a more difficult time latching on to the breast, but this is not universally true. Sometimes this can lead to more interventions (like forceps, C-section and vacuum delivery), particularly if the baby is not positioned well and you can’t move around to try to get the baby to relocate.

Homemade exfoliation treatments using ingredients, such as oatmeal or baking soda, or commercially prepared products may be effective for gentle exfoliation of the skin. Topical treatments, including those that contain vitamin E and vitamin C, may help to moisturize and promote healthy skin, but are unlikely to completely remove the marks.
These creams can damage the skin if not used correctly, however, and tretinoin should not be used by pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. A peel using phenol, also called carbolic or phenic acid, may be more effective, as it penetrates very deep into the skin. This method may cause bruising and change the color of the skin, and may need to be repeated for best results. Side effects include some redness and swelling, and it usually takes several months for improvements to be seen. If the person has striae from gaining weight quickly and has since lost weight, stretch marks may be removed along with loose skin with body-contouring surgery.
I will admit, that sometimes I get sad that I can't wear dresses, because the stretchmarks are now all over my calf. I got them when i started puberty (i was about 10) and you can't get rid of stretch marks completely, but vicks vapour rub makes them much less noticeable. I came across a website by chance a few months ago and decided to give it one last chance without much thought because it sounded like crap, but I have actually had success with it and am extremely surprised. My mother told me to us the cocoa butter formula and it is not working at all and i can't go swimming with my boy friend in a bathing suits. It wasn't until I saw many young girls with stretch marks on back of their legs – I was in shock I wasn't alone. I hope that the laser surgery can do something but as previously mentioned I don’t want to get my hopes up. I then got my wisdom teeth pulled about a year later and I dropped about 15 pounds because my jaw had locked. The more you breastfeed the higher your prolactin levels and the less you breastfeed the lower your prolactin levels.
By the time we finished that class, we had an airtight birth plan and a no-epidural attitude. My next two births, I went with a different doctor at a different hospital, and things progressed much more according to plan.
During a period of weight gain, moisturizer should be applied to keep the skin soft and hydrated so that it stays at its most elastic.
Some studies suggest that, if repeated regularly, microderabrasion may allow the body to repair scars — such as stretch marks — that are deeper in the skin. Studies on pregnant women using creams that contained a combination of ingredients — including Gotu Kola, vitamin E, panthenol, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and menthol — did show results in reducing the occurrence and severity of stretch marks. Surgery is often the most expensive of treatments, and will require a fairly extensive recovery time.
Since i got my stretch marks i have grown to love them as part of my body because all body shapes sizes and colors with all different types of marks are beautiful! I am currently using a stretch mark control cream during the day and an oil like substance at night. Sun causes skin to scar so don't think a tan will make the problem away because it will make them worse. We want to have another child, but aren’t sure when we should start trying again, especially if it takes another year. Now that your daughter is 8 months she will breastfeed less and less, instead getting her calories from solid food.
If after another year of trying you still have not conceived then see your doctor to have your fertility assessed. Despite its popularity as a treatment, many studies show that creams containing cocoa butter have little effect other than moisturizing the skin.
In addition, this type of peel may cause scarring or infection, and should only be performed by a qualified medical professional. Before resorting to cosmetic surgery, patients should discuss all appropriate treatments with a dermatologist. I have been gaining weight slowly for the past five years and in the past few months gained over 20 lbs. I am a runner so when my friends and I go jogging, i have to wear pants and i am the only girl in my family that has stretch marks on her boobs so i need help like really bad. I also have stretch marks under my butt and thighs that are highly visible those are from years ago. My parents wouldn’t let me go anywhere so all I did was gain weight due to low activity and food consumption. Both of those were incredibly intense, painful experiences, but for me, the benefits of mobility during labor and the quick recovery time more than made up for the discomfort.

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