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If he actually DID marry you, it would be largely against his will and he’d end up resenting you for it. And if you twisted his arm to get married and he resented you for it, it would probably not be a very happy marriage. I know you just wrote me a three-paragraph email and I’m telling you to completely erase the past seven years, but, well, what were you expecting? In fact, I’m going to guess that what I’ve just written only goes to confirm what you already know deep in your heart. The fact is that he doesn’t want to move in with you or marry you – if he did, he’d have done it years ago. Unless you want to write me this same exact email in one year, which is exactly what I predict if you don’t break up with him NOW.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. There is an interesting Freakonomics podcast about Time as an investment, and the longer people spend on something, the less they want to walk away even if it’s not what they want. If she’s a regular reader of this blog, then she KNEW what EMK would say, and he certainly delivered. How did they manage not to figure out over the course of seven years that they want completely different things out of a relationship? If marriage is what she wants (and it is clear to me that she does) she should leave, but in the speculative world of your PS, why is this LTR any more doomed than another based on what you know from the OPs letter? But if she is looking for a marriage then she is out of luck, he isn’t going to marry her.
Right up front, let me say that I’m not an advocate of marriage as a goal in and of itself. I am thinking, would it be easy, if you are 40 and have three kids, to find a new man who would be willing to marry you?
Otherwise, I do understand the desirability to be married: it tells the world that he did finally choose you, above all other women. I have a friend, who is a divorced mother of two, and she has a boyfriend who almost lives with them – very similar situation, except he is an accountant and not an artist.

He keeps all of his clothes at my house sleeps there every night and spends his down time there even when I am not home.
I recently said I want him to fully move in because I think it would be financially better. Financially better how? Is he not contributing to the household expenses?  Do you want more of a contribution? If you really aren’t happy with the relationship as it is, then yes you should move on. Whether one believes in marriage or not, I think it’s important to remember what it means when someone decides to get married.
He has a relationship completely on his terms, and you didn’t have the guts to walk away in Year 3. If you NEVER want to get married and are content with this arrangement, you can keep seeing him, but you know what?
I’ve seen plenty of my male friends go from hardened bachelors to family men as soon as they met the right woman. You said in your letter you had a huge disagreement before he agreed to move in as it would be financially better for both of you. There is another guy out there who will love you and your kids and want to commit to a life together without you having to argue them into it. For a number of reasons related to my and his children, and to his career, neither of us would’ve been able to move for another few years. What if he decided a long time ago he doesn’t want to get married and what if she is OK with the current arrangement?  Why are you so sure that relationship would end any sooner than any non-marriage LTR. He may love her and want to be with her, but 3 kids (none of his own) is a huge commitment. Marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness, especially if you go into it expecting that your now-spouse will change for the better.
He wants to keep it the way it is.  He keeps saying he will lose himself and everything he loves to do if he moves in and gets married. They are saying to that person that I want to spend the rest of my life with you and doing everything that I can to make you happy and forsaking all others because you are the only one for me!

He’s STILL going to break up with you eventually, so you might as well begin the healing process now. You can either get real, and choose to accept your guy and the relationship for what it is or you can walk away and start over.
True, some people will flee something that might be worked out when they hit a hard point if they are married, but after 7 years, no doubt they have seen a few of those already. Being responsible for them as a physically, emotionally and financially is a tough pill to swallow.
She’s better off getting out, spending some time healing and looking for a man who CAN offer those things. He sounds to me like a man who knows what he wants out of a relationship, and is able to articulate it.
Finding another man willing to marry her with these circumstances is not going to happen easily either.
I agree with Zann that marriage certainly does not guarantee happiness but when a man wants to marry a women (for reasons of love) it is the ultimate expression of love and you have to admit that it carries way more weight than a man saying I’m happy as things are ie. So, I would encourage her to ask herself why it’s so important that they live together or marry.
If she is happy being in love with a guy that ticks all of her boxes as a woman, keep it as is. As Evan has said many times when a man wants a women he will do everything in his power to keep her and make sure no other man gets a look in! If she is looking for a daddy and to share half the financial and parental responsibilities then she should look elsewhere- this man is not interested in a kid- living arrangement at this time and why should he be ? I think most people aspires to this sort of security with their partner in life and Cahnie is one of them.
But I am suggesting she look at her reasons for leaving a good relationship (if it is good) based solely on the fact that she sees marriage as a must.

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