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Beachlife apparently feels that my concern about the policing of pregnant (and even potentially pregnant) bodies is equivalent to celebrating and heartily condoning FAS. I would have Googled but I didn't think it would be safe to search for "Tila Tequila's boobs" at work.
I think you could just google her name, since she's pretty much always dressed that way so they're visible in most pictures of her. I got a kick out of seeing bthyb post the picture followed immediately by "Are you kidding me?
Perhaps someone got bisexual (which she is, according to the reality show she was in anyway) with transsexual somewhere along the line?
TMZ or someone, I wasn't paying attention when I saw the link elsewhere, posted pictures of her within the past couple of days shopping in a grocery store in a practically non-existent dress, shoving a watermelon under the skirt like she was pregnant (is, was, whatever in this case). Please tell me someone pulled a post, because I'm totally confused about who introduced the topic of FAS. The internet is buzzing about Selena Gomez’s alleged sonogram picture — showing the singer is carrying not one but two little Justin Bieber babies! The first, and maybe the most important factor in this sonogram situation, is that the sonogram in question was taken at St.
The original report from eBuzzd also claims that the sonogram took place while Selena was in Austin with Justin for his performance at SXSW, but that was on the night of March 10, not March 11.

The fact that Selena was in New York on the same day this sonogram was taken in Austin should prove to you that it doesn’t belong to her. A personal blog written by a woman named Elle in March 2009 features an identical sonogram.
The text on the original sonogram is the same where the technician marks the babies heads for the parent.
So it looks like an internet trickster is just trying to get everyone in an uproar over a possible Jelena baby.
And next time the photoshopper should at least use a picture that doesn't have a pattern that's easy to match up. Unless I'm totally missing it, she's not holding a drink here (I see what appears to be a clutch purse but nothing else), and I think the source of outrage in the OP was her supposedly being very thin whilst pregnant, thereby possibly malnourishing the fetus. The first time I saw a picture of her my immediate involuntary response was pity and concern. Whomever it was, I can understand the confusion, since her freaking name is an alcoholic beverage. Whatever-- if she is that thin, she probably isn't a good candidate for IUI, or any kind of facilitated conception, which is to say, a doctor at a clinic would tell her to get to a healthy BMI before he'd attempt implantation.
We even spoke to a doctor who made a very interesting point about the sonogram picture in question.

You’ll notice that only some of the information has been altered, such as the addition of St. She's claimed via Twitter that she is a surrogate for her brother and that rapper The Game is the father. If she's going to try to get pregnant turkey-baster fashion (what a Lesbian couple I know refers to as "the old-fashioned way"), good luck, because women with very low body fat are often infertile, temporarily, at any rate.
I would think someone who went to extreme measures not to, like diet pills, vomiting, I shudder just thinking-- would almost certainly have a miscarriage. This sonogram showed not one but two babies, meaning that if Selena was expecting with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, they were expecting TWINS! Because on March 11, Selena was photographed on the streets of New York City doing a photo shoot for her upcoming adidas neo campaign.

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