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A 64-year-old Colorado man who may have been trying to get his dog off the road, was hit and killed early Friday, along with his dog.
DUCHESNE — A Colorado man who may have been trying to get his dog off the road was hit and killed Friday, along with his dog. The death marks the seventh person involved in a fatal crash on Utah roadways since Monday. Procedures such as eyebrow lifts and eyelid lifts, which rejuvenate how guys look and feel, are becoming more and more accepted among men.

C-SPAN producers are in Provo June 3-8 to meet with locals and discover what makes the town special.
Pat is a veteran police and courts reporter for the Deseret News and KSL and has covered some of the biggest stories in Utah for the past two decades.
A co-founder of the Women's Social and Political Union, she directed its militant actions from exile in France from 1912 to 1913. Reed, 64, of Steamboat Springs, who had pulled his truck and trailer to the side of the road, was on the main road when he was hit by a Ford Focus.

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