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The I'm NOT Having a Baby Shower is a health and wellness conference for Shelby County teenagers to learn about teen pregnancy, STDs, healthy relationships and more. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. PUPPP usually comes on during the last part of your pregnancy, the third trimester, and it usually involves the skin of the abdomen, an area which is getting larger. The good thing is that PUPPP is not dangerous, and there are no pregnancy problems associated with PUPPP.

Usually PUPPP can be treated with moisturizers, oral antihistamines that have been determined to be safe during pregnancy (like diphenhydramine), and corticosteroids to rub into the skin. If the rash is very severe, steroids can be given by mouth but this is usually not necessary. While you can get the rash on your arms and legs, it rarely involves the face, hands or feet. The raised red spots and patches can be dry, or there can be larger red areas with red, raised bumps and blisters.

If you do not have a typical case, a dermatologist (skin specialist) might also need to check the rash.

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