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I haven’t thought about being pregnant much but I have thought about how much I love my little girl!
Lunch – Chicken Salad made with grilled chicken, celery, green and red onion, lime juice, avocado and greek yogurt.
Dinner – lots of veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, cucumber) and lean meat dinners. It has been a very soul-searching 15 weeks as I have had to come to terms with my body changing and the lack of control I have over that.
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Exercise: I have been doing pregnancy ab exercises to strengthen my core, kegels and certain hip stretchers daily. This afternoon I was laying on my side and she literally LIFTED UP my belly off the couch by pushing off of it with her body. The stats are TOP BABY BLOGS seemed to have been reset, so would every single one of you, pretty please, click on the button below to vote?
Bladder- need to pee all the freaking time, especially when Alexis is dancing on my bladder.
All my bump update photos are always taken on the exact day I hit the next week ( Thursday, according to conception date set by me, not the doctors).
Total weight gain: 2 pounds again (149lb) this week, for a total of approximately 13 pounds from the start of the pregnancy. Maternity Clothes: Lots of leggings, some maternity work out pants, maternity jeans on occasion when I feel like it, but mostly pre-pregnancy dresses and skirts. So the other day, we were hanging out on the couch talking… Alexis had been super active all day. Also, one day this week, she moved in a way where i could tell it was her head pushing into my side, so we gently pet her on the head- you could actually feel a big hard area.
Total weight gain: 2 pounds (147lb) this week, for a total of  approximately 11 pounds from the start of the pregnancy. The other day, Andrew put his ear onto my stomach to see if he can hear her heartbeat without a doppler, and Alexis KICKED him in the cheek! So since last weekend was a bust ( hubby forgot to pick up the paint from the store), this weekend we’re loaded with barely violet paint and ready to go. Total weight gain: 1 pound (145lb) this week, for a total of  approximately 9 pounds from the start of the pregnancy.
Being out of breath, occasional heartburn, insane HUNGER, break outs, lots of movement, Braxton Hicks. Going to the fabric store to figure out what type of fabric I want for Alexis’s bedding. First of all, I’d like to say how UNBELIEVABLY TOUCHED I am by all the response we received on our gender reveal. How big is baby: The size of a large heirloom tomato. Her sensory development is exploding! Total weight gain: 1 pound (144lb) this week, for a total of  approximately 8 pounds from the start of the pregnancy. The anatomy scan was excellent, the baby measured perfectly, so did my cervix ( I can breathe easier about my unfounded fear of incompetent cervix). I was almost ok waiting to hear the sex of our baby until we get the paint and film everything. So we were going home, really not knowing at that point whether it’s a boy or a girl. Question: Would you enjoy seeing the progress of the nursery as we’re working on it or one grand reveal once we are completely done?
7x7xmommy, who I followed through her whole pregnancy, is holding an awesome giveaway of Tea Collection. You’ve been bugging me for 2 days  (in the cutest way possible) to post the sex of our baby. Yesterday we spent the whole day filming and going to the doctor’s appointment and then I stayed up till 4:30 am editing the gender reveal video ( not the smartest idea!
Total weight gain: 2 pounds (143lb) this week, for a total of  approximately 7 pounds from the start of the pregnancy.
So that little kick I wrote about last week was, in fact, our first movement ( hubby’s loving being right). Nausea – Pretty much gone, unless you count the unpleasant feeling in your stomach that fullness and heartburn bring on. What I’m looking forward to: Gender, gender, gender, of course- I’d like to get started on planning the nursery! That of course evolved into harder workouts because I just can’t stand to not break a sweat. It’s a strange thing for someone who is well-versed at being able to control how her body looks with exercise and diet to suddenly have no control. I would say to try and eat as much fruit as you can when you feel like eating sugar, it was always a good compromise for me.
After gaining 2 pounds a week for the last two weeks and then seeing a strange 1.5 lbs come out of nowhere, I decided to see where my food intake was at ( I had stopped inputting all my food for a bit).
So on Thursday morning I woke up and felt happy and felt like having fun ( I usually dread taking these photos- too much work- gotta put clothes on, do something with hair, hopefully put some make up on). I didn’t think those things were possible until much later in the pregnancy, so it was very cool.

Though, to be honest, I couldn’t have resisted them, but oh no, I had to learn my lesson. I am really excited about the color and how toned down it is and should have photos posted next week. It doesn’t help that all my facebook and instagram friends decided it is sushi week and proceeded to have sushi daily and post pictures of that. I bought a few leggings on clearance  in bright colors just for fun and I’m just loving the red right now. Mostly I wear bottoms that used to be really loose on me pre-pregnancy and all of my tops still fit.
Buying our first set of clothes for Alexis- I couldn’t resist ( Zulily is evil, I am telling you! I still don’t necessarily LIKE food, but nothing particular that makes me want to vomit. She’s been kicking regularly since the first time we felt her, but this past week it REALLY picked up.
My sister from Russia will be sewing it and, like with everything, I want to order the fabric online, however I honestly don’t have a very good idea of what satin or silk or other types of fabric look like (lol). It is absolutely humbling and mind-boggling how many people care and were anxious to see it. I was really nervous about the anatomy scan and anxious to hear whether our little baby is a boy or a girl. Even the ones that aren’t the closest friends or live far away from us have been buying baby stuff from the registry ( and expensive stuff I might add).
At this point I have 2 pillows behind me, two in front and one at my head and it works well. Not that I was skeptical, but I wondered if it was something that not-so-smart women invented as an excuse – haha! My taste for sweets (other than ice cream which came back earlier) has returned, but I am keeping it in check, of course. And right at that moment, as if to prove me and the medical books WRONG, the baby kicked so hard ( it felt like a little tiny foot jab) right under Andrew’s hand, that BOTH ME AND MY HUSBAND GASPED at the SAME TIME! I guess this is as good time as any to let you know how we’re doing the gender thing. I haven’t been working on the design, because I want the nursery to be gender specific. Due to a tip from one of the readers, I looked up papaya enzyme pills, and while I wouldn’t take them while pregnant due to some other ingredients, I found out that papayas themselves have the same effect. So the last two days have been better and I hope to get back to 140 lb and continue onto my 141 lb to be on track with 1lb a week gain.
After a few days of messing with the pillows and finding out that my big tempur-pedic pillow needs to be supporting my back, I am doing better. I keep seeing photos of 17-18 week ladies ( and yes I know things can change in 2 weeks) and they have big big bellies, or at least a baby bump. It doesn’t matter what I eat or how I workout, my rear end, hips, and thighs are storing fat for the baby, even as I watch my upper body begin to chisel into a familiar athletic shape again. I especially liked dipping apples in greek yogurt, peanut butter, and cinnamon mixed together, it tasted very indulgent but was very healthy. But it’s great to think that if something unfortunate were to happen, Alexis would have a chance of survival.
I still get up 3-4 times a night, but I learned to keep my mind blank while I go to the bathroom, otherwise a flurry of thoughts wake me up. All I have to do is put my hands on my belly and start talking to her, or have Andrew talk to her.
For some reason, both hubby and I have been waking up at 4-5 am unable to go back to sleep. It must be that a pregnant woman’s body hangs onto every calorie, because the ONE week that I let myself have more sweets than I normally do was the week I gained more than normal. Oh, she has such a blast and once in a while kicks long enough and strongly enough for me to call hubby over and have him feel it.
The reason why I did break down before finding out the sex was because at that moment I  realized that when I open the can, our unknown, almost hypothetical baby will turn into a PERSON with a NAME and a SEX, our baby, our little girl, who I can finally try to picture and imagine our life with. But for me it wasn’t until I could put a name and a sex to that baby that I understood how MUCH she really means to me.
I have no trouble turning around to either side and am actually starting to enjoy sleep a lot ( aside from 3 bathroom trips). I started been able to eat Romaine again and made my favorite delicious ceasar salad with a home made ceasar dressing.
Needless to say, he has since been trying to feel the baby everytime I let him know it’s kicking ( which is really adorable to watch). I guess, if I didn’t know I had an actual baby inside of me and I felt a movement like that, the only plausible explanation would have been gas.
Its cartilage is turning into bone, which probably means I should concentrate on getting more calcium, so that it wasn’t drained from my teeth and bones. I still do wake up twice or three times a night to go pee, and dealing with pillows, so it’s tough but manageable. Basically it will be a book with my thoughts, feelings and photos that would portray the whole pregnancy experience. I am not too far along due to pregnancy symptoms and general laziness but today I was able to take another planned shot- our daily morning walk, a part of whatever meger exercises I get to do these days ( I do some light strength training and cardio as well). I still have my work desktop and my hubby’s laptop that I am using but none have my pictures or editing software.

And this has been another wake-up call for me that I am too focused on my body appearance and not on just being healthy. I was going off of my 1st trimester mentality, where regardless of how much I ate, I still needed to eat more to meet my calorie goal. Back before pregnancy, it would get bleached in the sun when I’d be going to the beach constantly. The nausea went away around week 16 and it took me till week 18 to feel more or less normal. I had hubby buy frozen white chocolate macadamia nut cookies for me, but instead of making just 2 of them at a time like I asked, he would make a batch of 6.
Speaking of purchases, I am getting ready to write an outfit post with my latest clothing purchases (some maternity and some non-maternity), I already took all the pictures, so I just have to put it together. The last number sort of concerned me, even though it’s considered to be in the normal range, but the doctor assured me that considering how naturally thin and tall I am, my baby is displaying the same characteristics. Most of our friends live far enough away that even if we decided that we want to do a baby party ( our version of baby shower, co-ed and much more fun), they wouldn’t be able to attend and yet they keep buying us gifts.
It’s funny that they say that your bathroom trips are supposed to decrease in the 2nd trimester, because for me, there has been no change at all.
I did ask my friend Elena to make me crepes, which I stuffed with Romaine, tomatoes and pickles and vegan ranch dressing (yum). On a normal non-pregnant day, I am sharp, on the ball, with excellent memory, multitasking like crazy, get work done and manage some of my husband’s work activities. It started early in the week with a few weird rolls, which were, like the first, so faint that I’d ask myself whether I even felt them afterwards. But it hasn’t kicked this hard ( except for a few occasional singular kicks) or this consistently since. But being pregnant, there was little doubt that it was movement, except for the fact that the first ones were so faint, I wasn’t sure I even felt anything. It’s also gaining fat which is very important and soon I will be feeling the kicks which should be one of the most exciting part of pregnancy. I found one I think I like for $100 (YIKES!), but something keeps me from ordering it ( how about that insane price?).
Since realizing this I have changed my perspective, and suddenly all junk food cravings are gone, and the decision to feed my body and my baby healthy foods and to exercise is an easy one. So now that I am in my 2nd trimester, and food isn’t so gross to me,I get the necessary amount of calories by eating normally.
I attribute it to the fact that I am more active during the day than I was before and the night is now the only time when she gets to be awake. Today he went and brought a medical reference to see why Tums are category C, simply because I was curious.
After talking to my doc, I am a bit more inclined to take Tums, but something keep stopping me.
Well, those things are INSANELY good ( but ridiculously bad for you), so being right in front of my face, I’d slowly eat all six in a matter of a few hours. So I had a really bad afternoon with some work stress and  then I go on the my Facebook page and there’s this sweetest message from Mitch! I am doing some Jedi mind control to prevent myself from scratching it and am trying to completely ignore it in hopes of it going away.
Everyone who knows me can rely on me remembering what they asked me to do and never has to remind me of important things or push me along. On Wednesday or Tuesday, I felt a few little rolls that made me realize without a doubt in my mind that those were actual movements.
However in my mind, I still think that I hadn’t had enough and want make sure I get in one last nutritious meal before bed like I did in the first trimester ( does that make sense?).
It was so much fun – it was obviously random- she was actually responding to his pushes. My skin has always been very eager to release histamine at any scratch and this isn’t an exception. I’ve been trying to buy pregnancy friendly items, in 1 size up from my pre-pregnancy size, hoping that I can still wear them post-partum.
Until that video is ready, noone will know the sex :) ( thanks to Lauren for this great idea!) This will be very hard for me, since I simply cannot keep secrets when they are my own. I don’t know how I managed to snag this man, but I am so grateful every single day for him. Going to try to wash all my clothes and sheets again with hypoallergenic detergent and switch to a different soap. I brought it to his attention and we both lay there watching my stomach and talking to the baby while I told him when it kicked. So I lay there looking down and enjoying the first real movement, when I could SWEAR I saw my skin move! After a few minutes, we BOTH saw my belly skin move a bit  ( so I WASN’T imagining it the first time).

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