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Personally, we did the Bradley Method as we wanted to not only try for a natural childbirth, but I wanted my husband to be as prepared as I was. Even if you just go to a single day workshop at your hospital or with your midwife, anything is better than not being prepared at all. For me, we did the Bradley Method so that my husband could be my number one advocate and support. Not only is pregnancy brain a completely real thing, it’s great to have a portable system with you.
Having a birth plan, especially in a hospital setting, is going to help everyone know your expectations. At my daughter’s birth I had both my regular one and one for if I needed an emergency cesarean (I knew this might be a real possibility going into the situation). Those are just some things to consider as you are researching and writing our your birth plan. Pregnancy is like a marathon and even if you start training late, any physical and dietary training is better than none! When I was a new mom, the was a mom and me class sponsored by the hospital and it truly was a lifesaver! When preparing a bottle feed, it is important that the water is boiled and left to cool for 30 minutes. If you have any concerns about how much milk your baby is having or how often they are feeding, speak to your public health nurse or doctor. Give your baby breast milk or formula milk as their main drink until they are at least one year old. Cooled boiled water is the most suitable drink if your baby does need extra drinks between feeds. 23rd February 2016 By Skint Dad Contributor 1 Comment Having a baby not only changes your life in every way possible but it also has a huge impact on your finances, especially for new parents. I’m expecting my first baby this summer and the amount of information I’ve been bombarded with is crazy. Until recently, I never fully appreciated the burden many parents have (especially women) with job security, flexible working and childcare choices. One of the first things I looked into was Maternity Pay, which affects everyone differently.
Partners are also entitled to 1-2 weeks paid paternity leave, again this is dependent on service so be sure to ask.
Talking it through with your employer, an HR contact or even colleagues familiar with the process should help you understand things better. Saving any additional income you can now to bridge the gap between maternity pay and your usual income is also a great idea, having a little nest egg of money (however tiny) provides some reassurance. I’ve got my eyes on lots of nice things but the only way I’ll allow myself to buy them is if I can get a deal.
I’ve joined every supermarket baby club going to ensure I don’t miss out on promotions and I’ve signed up to brand websites like Pampers and SMA to gain free coupons. A useful event to attend is The Baby Show, held in London and Birmingham throughout the year (I’ve even seen free tickets about).

It can seem overwhelming and with pregnancy brain, it can seem like you are going to forget something… something important. Find all of my pregnancy and newborn resources and go through the checklist to help you plan the pregnancy, birth, and newborn experience that suits you and your family best. In the end, when our first daughter was born, even though we had an emergency cesarean I have always said that we could not have done half of what we accomplished without going through the Bradley Method. Take notes, keep a journal, and prepare as much as you can physically and emotionally for the wonderful even you’re about to experience. Statistics show especially in hospital births that doulas can play an important part in getting you as close as possible to your desired labor and birth experience. You can keep copies of doctor visits, notes from childbirth classes, and printables from online in it. My nurses all stood around reading it and any time a new nurse came in, they were directed to the birth plan.
Your desires for labor and delivery are important, but so are your desires for once your child(ren) get here so just don’t forget those steps! Work on improving your nutrition by providing the necessary amino acids, proteins, and more to help give yourself engery and help your sweet baby grow. Your baby will develop their own pattern of feeding, which can vary a little from day to day.
Babies may not always want to feed at regular intervals (for example, every three or four hours). Aim to replace all bottles with a cup or beaker by the time your baby is about one year old.
Also, if you receive certain benefits you may also be eligible for a Sure Start Maternity Grant and all parents normally qualify for Child benefit which starts at ?20.70 a week.
Nowadays there are many options for families such as shared parental leave and adoption pay for adoptive parents – it’s always worth checking what you may be eligible for.
There are far too many products and gadgets out there to tempt us and if it’s your first child you will naturally go a little overboard.
I like nice things but I don’t like paying full price, so I’ve done a few things to help me sniff out the bargains.
Freebie websites like LatestFreeStuff often feature baby-related freebies too, last month I got a Bepanthan sample through the post and a self-sterilising bottle.
It’s also a great place to get inspiration and see everything you could possibly need under one roof. They are going to need to understand that babies are going to be noisy, won’t be able to play with them at first and are going to need a lot of your attention while they are very small. So if you are wonder what you need or how to prepare for a new baby, I am working on and have compiled a 28 day checklist on how to prepare for a new baby to make sure you get everything done and don’t forget even the smallest detail. Whether you are a first time mom or a veteran parent, it should be something to help everyone as I am compiling it now with my second child. Be honest with yourself and know what you need in your labor and if someone in your life is known to be a little more negative rather than affirm, it might be best to leave them off your birth team.
In fact, if you followed along my weekly pregnancy class reviews, you saw that I have several free printables including birthing positions that help with specific types of pains.

BUT always think positively and know that they are just plan B’s in case you need them. It may contain bacteria like E.sakazakii and Salmonella - that could make your baby sick, causing vomiting, diarrhoea and, in rare cases, meningitis. The last thing any new parent wants to worry about is money when they’ve a baby to fuss over. Maternity pay is usually a combination of Statutory Maternity pay and Company Maternity pay which is often dependant on your length of service. I frequently call my utility providers to negotiate better deals, I make sure credit card interest is always at 0% and I’m never loyal to the same supermarket.
I’ve set up deal alerts on HotUKDeals to notify me when a deal is posted that contains one of my key words, so that might be things like ‘nappies’ or a brand such as ‘Tommee Tippee’. We found out she was frank breech because of that and my doctor was only willing to schedule a c-section.
Looking back, I wish I would have sought out other pregnant moms and local moms groups just so that I wouldn’t feel so alone. Keep track of what you eat, the supplements you take, the water you drink, and the exercises you do. At this temperature it is hot enough to kill harmful bacteria that may be in the formula powder and cool enough not to damage a lot of the nutrients in the formula.
There are plenty of great picture books aimed at introducing the idea of a new baby, so consider buying one to help your toddler understand what you're talking about.
I had no contingency plan and this meant scrambling to find a new provider ans switching at 38 weeks. I did find a milk moms breastfeeding support group soon after birth, but that was more for my breastfeeding sanity than for close-knit community. Writing it all down and calculating it all is great motivation to either do better or keep up the good work! It’s probably a good idea to start broaching the subject around the same time you tell everybody else – any sooner and the concept will likely seem too far away for a young mind to grasp!
In addition to minimizing any initial feelings of jealousy, this will make things a lot easier for you as it can spare you having to deal with change-induced tantrums towards the end of your term!Getting involvedBefore the arrival you can get your toddler involved in preparations in small ways.
This will help stop your toddler from feeling left out, and their involvement can be continued even after their sibling is born. Another idea is to let a relative look after the younger child so you can spend some one-on-one time with your toddler. She is a great believer in, and advocate of, attachment parenting, breastfeeding and babywearing. In her spare time she runs a sling meet, where she helps parents in her area learn to safely carry their babies.

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