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An article published on the website of the American Association of Pediatrics states that a yearly check-up by the family pediatrician is necessary for the health of the child. Whether it is for a routine immunization or due to illness, a doctor’s visit could mean pain from injections, long wait times, and general fear due to uncertainty.
You as a parent can do a lot to prepare yourself and your child before going to the children’s hospital in Hyderabad for the appointment.
If you are going to the children’s hospital in Hyderabad because your child is ill, prepare a list of questions in advance.
Prepare for a long wait by taking some distractions such as paper and crayons, a favourite soft toy, or some books. When you return from the children’s hospital in Hyderabad, be sure to wash your child’s and your hands. If you have a child who is three to four years of age, then you know the worries that can cause your child when you tell them you are going to the doctor’s office.  Whether they are going to see their primary care doctor or a specialist for a routine exam, illness, or special problem, children are most likely to have fears.
Your child may be feeling guilty and might think that you are taking them to the doctor because they did something wrong or it is punishment.  Reassure your child that this is nothing like that and that everyone falls sick.
Help your child understand that even parents go to doctors just like children do and that the doctor’s job is to help people stay healthy and fix any problems. Once again tell your child that the visit to the doctor is not because they did something bad.  Telling your child ahead of time will calm them down and your child will start trusting you too. Another great way to prepare your preschool child for the doctor’s visit is to involve them in the process.
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Disclaimer: It is intended for parents, educators, healthcare professionals and other well-wishers for children of Indian origin only. Start by making sure you've chosen a great dentist who has experience in working with children.

Another option for preparing your child for his or her first dental cleaning is to have him or her come into the exam room with you during one of yours.
Finally, there are all kinds of great children's books out there that are written to help children feel better about going to the dentist, so consider stopping by your local book store or library to let your child pick one or two out.
If your child is terrified of needles, tell her why she needs the injection and that she will be rewarded for being brave. Hospitals and pediatric waiting rooms are full of germs, so it makes sense to wash hands thoroughly on return. Young children often fear that their parents may leave them alone in the doctor’s room and wait in another room. Preschool children sometimes imagine that a medical problem they have is much worse than their parents are telling them. By exposing young children to dental visits and routine cleanings early on, parents can set their children up for a lifetime of great dental hygiene.
From there, consider bringing your child into the office for a visit that doesn't involve any dental work.
Of course, you'll want to check with your dentist ahead of time to make sure this is okay with the staff. From there, you can read the books together before bedtime in the days and weeks leading up to your child's first dentist appointment.
With the right amount of preparation and by choosing the right dentist, it can go very smoothly.
If your child is ill, let her know that you will take her to the doctor, who will help to make her feel better.
Here’s how to help your preschool child express these fears and overcome them as a parent before going to the doctor’s visit.
The fear of separation at such a young age from the parent during strange examinations is most common in children under 7 years old.  This is further augmented by the doctor being an unknown for the child.

A young child may misinterpret qualities such as speed, efficiency, or a detached attitude and view them as strict and dislike them.  Young children need to be taken to doctors who show empathy, kindness and affection. It is not intended as medical or healthcare advice or to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or for any individual problem.
For those preparing a small child for his or her first dentist appointment however, things can be difficult. During this visit, your child can meet the front desk staff in addition to dentists and hygienists. If so, then having your child see you go through a dental exam without issue can be a great way to build his or her own confidence and put the mind at ease.
It is important for you to stay calm while talking to your child about the doctor’s visit; children often pick up on the tone of the voice, and will be calm if you are also calm. If the treatment is likely to cause some pain, let her know that, and that you will be holding her hand and helping her to be brave. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider or qualified experts regarding any medical condition or before starting any new treatment or intervention. Fortunately, there are a few steps parents can take to reduce anxiety in children and get them excited about going to the dentist. Your child may even be invited into an exam room and be shown the various tools used during exams, making him or her feel more comfortable before the day of his or her actual checkup.

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